Introducing the brand new Sports Tracker Smart Sensor


Want to get more out of your workouts? Interested in a cutting edge ultra light weight heart rate monitor? Then our newest product is for you!

The brand spanking new Sports Tracker Smart Sensor has just hit the market – and is now available in Sports Tracker online store.

ST_by_S HRMIts design is compact and lightweight (sensor weighs just 40g/1.41oz!) and has a new comfortable strap, so you won’t even notice it when working out.

What’s even cooler, you will soon (ST support coming in September) be able to use it for swimming. Just leave your phone in the locker room, the sensor will save the data to its internal memory and transfer it to the Sports Tracker app once connected again. How cool is that, huh?
On top of that, the sensor has an upgradeable software in it, so you can later on enable possible new enhancements. Stay tuned…

The Sports Tracker Smart Sensor is compatible with  phones and other devices supporting Bluetooth 4.0 (like Suunto Ambit 3 GPS watch). With Sports Tracker app you can use it with iPhone 4S / 5 / 5C / 5S / 6 / 6+ and Android  phones that support Bluetooth 4.0. Check out our online store for more details and specifications.

 Key Features:

  • The smallest heart rate monitor module on the market
  • New comfortable adjustable Movesense textile strap (length: 640-940mm)
  • Accurate real-time heart rate measurement
  • Memory function (yup, the sensor has a memory inside; Sports Tracker app support coming in September 2015)
  • User replaceable battery with long battery life (size: CR2025)
  • Sensor can be attached to Movesense compatible apparel
  • Sensor designed and made in Finland
  • Two (2) year international warranty


Now available in Sports Tracker online store (and soon at the retailer near you) – with 1 year free Premium.

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


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  2. Neha

    Amazing sports tracking product. I bought a smart band from damroobox and was good. Now i am gonna try this.

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  4. Dragos

    “Memory function (yup, the sensor has a memory inside; Sports Tracker app support coming in September 2015)”

    Is it included in current apps ? Just tried and seems that memory function is not there (at least for swimming workouts) .
    Am I doing something wrong ?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, unfortunately we are late with that deployment, the memory function should be available in a month’s time. I’m sorry for the delay.

  5. Hannah

    What a cool gadget! I’ll have to add this to my list of fitness trackers to try.

  6. John Magnus


    One of the main reasons I use your app is that it is the only one I found to give a good, consistent experience across all platforms I use, including Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

    The one thing I am currently lacking is HR monitoring on Windows Phone. I was actually on my way to order this HRM Smart before I read these comments, and I will be one of the first to do so if you confirm its functionality on the Windows Phone.

    If it is only the software support in your own app that is lacking, this truly cannot take so much of your resources that it will lose you any money in the long run?

    In the mean time, I will continue to look for good alternatives, although I have not found one which suits me better yet. Please advise me if there are any other HR monitors that would work with the Sports Tracker app on Windows Phone in its current state.

    Best regards,
    John Magnus

  7. Jari

    Can this be used at the same time with Iphone/sportstracker and Ambit3?

  8. IAN

    How long do you expect the battery to last

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi IAN, roughly 500 hours. The sensor should always be detached from the belt after a workout to save the battery.

  9. Matt

    Please, can you confirm, that it will work with sportstracker app on windows phone?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Matt, unfortunately it doesn’t. It works with Windows Phone (phones that support BT4.0), but it does not work with our app as we haven’t added the support due to lack of resources. At the moment we haven’t made decisions on the future of our WP app, so I can’t promise it’s coming either. Sorry!

  10. Lloyd

    This is very cool… but no Windows Phone support?

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