Meet the team – Sirpa Maas, Management Assistant

During the coming months we will continue bringing you stories of Sports Tracker employees. They are the ones building the products you love from scratch, putting countless hours into them and overcoming challenges just to deliver great user experience and make your life easier.

Last time we brought you an interesting interview with Marko Orenius, Business Unit Director of Digital Services at Amer Sports.
Today, we are bringing you a glimpse of what we talk about with Sirpa Maas, Management Assistant.

Please tell us your story. Who is Sirpa and what does she enjoy doing aside from her daily job?

I have passion for organizing, coordinating, communications and continuous learning. I guess this applies to both work and free-time. When not working, I run and do fitness class training, organize and do all kinds of fun with my family and friends. I also love travelling.

SirpaMaas3 (1)What do you do at Amer Sports, since when do you work for the company and how does your day usually look like?

I’m a Management Assistant for Amer Sports Digital Services / Sports Tracker team. I’ve been working here for three months now. There is not really something I can call an usual working day as the days vary and I like that a lot.
Mostly my time goes for supporting the leadership team, organizing and coordinating all kinds of meetings and events, internal communication related tasks, taking care of office manager duties and whatever comes along.

What is something that really motivates you to get up every morning and come to work?

My biggest motivation are my colleagues who are energetic professionals with great “let’s achieve it together” team spirit. It’s always motivating to have enough challenges and variety in your work and that you have possibility to influence in your role and responsibilities.

What is your favorite thing about your job and working here?

I like that I can keep myself busy at all times- Organizing, coordinating, all communications related tasks and getting new challenges and responsibilities.

If you were to recommend working here to your friend, what would you say?

If you want to work in a dynamic, open-minded and multicultural environment with colleagues who have great attitude, you should join our company with amazing products and exciting things happening!

What kind of people you enjoy working with?

I very much enjoy positive and energetic professionals with open mind and good sense of humor.

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