Sports Tracker coming to Android and iPhone!

It’s finally official!

We’re proud to announce that one of the biggest sports tracking communities – with over 70 million km tracked in more than 200 countries in less than a year on Nokia Symbian devices – is going to grow even bigger this spring. Make that THREE times bigger, actually.

Yes, Sports Tracker is on it’s way to Android and iPhone (fanfare!).

It’s been a long ride, but the new applications are in their final stages of development and will head to final testing soon.

The apps come packed with all the great tracking features you guys love, plus some exciting additional features enabled by the new platforms. More on those soon, but for now, check out the first screenshots of the new apps below and spread the word. It’s time to get your friends on board and start tracking!

Sports Tracker on Android

Sports Tracker on iPhone

Hope you are as excited as we are! Let us know what you think and keep up with the developments by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter.


  1. kkfung

    how can i use sports tracker on offline map?

  2. alex

    cómo se elimina una sesión?

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  4. Ant83

    SportsTraker is GREAT but there are NO PLUGIN for Sony Ericsson LIVEVIEW!
    Sony Ericsson Liveview can be a great comfort. Liveview can interface with the device to change the music and see any notifications (message, calendar, missed calls).
    I am saddened to see no Sports Tracker plugin for sony ericsson Liveview.
    Allow the LiveView to control training or to take the lap time would be a great idea.
    why not do it?

    1. Birgit

      At the moment I am using Google MyTracks with Microtracks plugin simultaneously with Sportstracker for this purpose, but I’d love to use just one app ;-)

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  7. tomas

    He instalado sport trackers en mi nuevo samsung galaxy II. Antes he disfrutado de el en el nokia 95 y en el nokia 97.
    El otro día tuve un problema(ya me ha pasado dos veces)
    cuando termine de hacer mi caminata diaria me decía que había hecho unos 15.000 km
    ¿Alguien sabe como eliminar una sesión?
    No lo veo por ningún sitio

    1. HETOR


      Vetre a “Diario de entrenamiento”, selecciona y manten presionado por unos segundos y apa<recera la oncion de: "Cargar en sports tracker y Borrar", sellecionas borrar y listo!

  8. jasmina

    [Max field length is unknown]
    Hallo, ich möchte eine Website für den Sport zu bieten. In ihm können Sie kaufen oder verkaufen, und machen Sie Ihren Online-Shop. Hier ist der Ort:

  9. iphone nieuws

    Bedankt voor het delen. Heb het gelijk doorgestuurd naar een vriend, hij was hiernaar opzoek! Mooie site trouwens!

  10. Brian

    Is there a heart rate solution for the iPhone version?

  11. Judith

    Is the app for Sports Tracker also availible for the Samsung GT-S5830?

  12. kakico

    It is available on the Android Market now:

  13. shamma

    on android market I see only version for nokia what about version for other mobile?

    1. Triky

      Se sabe algo para android?
      Me llega mi nuevo móvil en un par de días y sin sport trackers no estará completo

  14. Gilbert

    Hope they port this over to the Maemo/Meego platform. Would love to have this on my N900.

  15. oskar

    Y para wildfire y leyend que pasa menuda chapuza

  16. Victor

    I’m using Endomondo, and i don’t like it…. please hurry up ! =D

  17. Henrik

    About the Android app please! ;)

  18. Henrik

    I really like the user interface of Sports Tracker much better than the one of Endomono and RunKeeper. But the lack of news uppdates are starting to annoy me! Grrrrr!!! This app and community is a lot about communication. So Common – Communicate to us wannabee Sport Tracker users! ;)

  19. Andy

    is there no news for android . has it been a FLOP on beta testing as all i have seen is one review in spanish…or is it that good that all the beta testers are to buzy running / cycling /

  20. juan jose

    Tengo muchas ganas de tenerlo, bravo al equipo sports tracker

  21. Gameiro

    I want the beta version, I am desparate for this…

    1. ivanymarzzia

      YEEES!! I need android sports tracker beta!!

  22. sylverdevil

    I would like to participate in the andorid beta testing. So far i couldn’t find an app which is just half as good as the sports tracker on symbian.

  23. Andy

    well t seems some people have there notification via email of the BETA testing on droid . NOT ME but to those who got it lets us know how it goes

    1. Andreas

      come on how long more do we have to wait?

  24. Andy Perkins

    I get the feeling its going to be soon real soon

  25. Moshe S

    come on! i’m waiting )-*

  26. Tobias

    come on! android users are waiting!

  27. Jarkko

    Come on Jussi! Tells us of Android beta :)

    1. masamune1981

      They’re going to release the android version in the next weeks. So this means the beta will start soon, maybe next week a few chosen ones will get their hands on this :D. *crossing fingers*

      1. Andy

        SWEET thats good news i just tyed to run my nokia again but it wont upload internal error .so it looks like i will have to use my droid (beta testing is a hobby of mine lol)

  28. Andy Perkins

    How soon for Android users . The wait is to much are we talking days / weeks / or months

  29. forrestyoung

    Would the Sports Tracker team remind me when Android ST release? Thanks in advance.

  30. forrestyoung

    Sports tracker,Android needs you.

  31. forrestyoung

    Waiting Sports Tracker for Android……

    1. Vellu

      I want an Android version also…

      1. Stillwaiting

        Why is the IPhone version released prior to the Android version?



  32. Bernie

    Hi developers,
    I know it’s a hard thing to get an App working until every “luser” can handle it without errors.
    But isn’t there an approx. date when we can expect it?
    It’s not fair to get useres addicted to a SW and then let them suffer when they are changing the platform… ;-)
    Would be nice to hear something about your progress…!

    Greets Bernie

  33. W.F.K.Sto

    Can I need the Polar WearLink Transmitter With Bluetooth on iPhome 4 too?


  34. oskar

    Esto no tiene fin cada 2 semanas dicen alguna pero nunca sale

  35. Andy

    OK OK so iPhone beta is out to the lucky 50…hows about the droid user’s ( please please please please please please please please please please please please
    please please please please please please please please please please please please CHOOSE ME)
    HTC DESIRE HD Just waiting for the app

  36. Andy

    i dont mind BETA testing for you

  37. Andy

    we need this on android i just tryed ENDO MONG DOW out and its not even close to sportstracker

    1. makelele

      Andy try “My Tracks” – it has no such nicely designed interface, but does a lot of things. I am tired of waiting for Sports Tracker for android…

  38. Matheus Vogt Catarcione

    where is the sport tracker in app store? i dont find it!

    1. jiri

      THUMBP UP!! :D:D:D

    2. Andy

      how soon for the android i use sportstracker on my nokia at the moment but got a new phone today

  39. genesio-df-br

    N80, n95, 5800, N97, Defy and now iPhone 4. I can`t wait for ST (with BT belt). Hurry please!!! Great team!!

  40. Adriano Mazotti

    i just keep my n95 8gb for run sports-tracker. please release the to community soon!!!


  41. Jaska

    Had to change software to endomondo since my girlfriend has HTC and Endomondo works on both but this does not.

  42. peter

    Hallo!! Wann wird es soweit sein? Sports Tracker für Android; glaube, alle warten schon sehr hart!!

  43. pavoonurmi

    I hope it will run in the background!!!

  44. Paul Hogan

    ….. there I was looking at Android phones thinking I’d have to keep my old Nokia 5800 Just for Sports Tracker…..

    ..and my wishes have come true!

    Still, might keep the Nokia for more extreme usage, it survived my pitiful snowboarding!

  45. gianlucassistenza

    I’m going from Nokia to HTC Desire HD, but the world can do without my app
    Sports Tracker! We? When will the final output? Thanks

  46. oscar

    Comming soon bla,bla,bla,bla

  47. Richard

    Can’t wait. You guys are great. Hurry hurry hurry :o )

  48. Bruno Amaral

    Sim espero que seja breve. Somos um grupo já com 10 elementos e queremos todos ter o mesmo programa e partilhar.
    Para quando está previsto??

  49. Gurgen

    Thay said during spring this year, but spring is finishing. My bicycle season is going on, but without sport tracker, looking to try sportstracklive application for android

    1. Zami Turusta

      May is also spring in Finlanda….

      1. pavoonurmi

        Two Finnish talks:

        -what was your last spring?
        -I don’t know. I was all day drunk!


        Where is the sports tracker for android??? Two weeks, and here is the summer!

    2. Jussi Solja

      Hi! We feel your pain and spring is indeed changing to summer. The apps are being finalized as we speak and more news coming soon. Not long now – thanks for your patience!

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Jussi espoo

        Great news to get the best mobile sport tracker out there in use again!

      2. Losna

        But, when ? :)

      3. pastie

        I don’t know if it is just because I keep switching my sim card and memory from my Android phone to my old Nokia when I go for a ride but parts of Devon are showing up as being several hundred metres below sea level. Wondering if I should notify the authorities of the impending flood…!

    3. Radek

      What did you find? Recommend something ;-) I have the same problem.

  50. szczuri

    When will the iphone because I do not know if I have to wait or look for an alternative (google translation)

  51. oscar

    come as we enter the summer and there is nothing at all, thankfully it was too early

  52. Daniel

    Just to say that I discovered sports-tracker on my nokia 5800 and I love it. Know tired of nokia´s slow interaction and slowness I gave apple’s iphone an opportunity and I am amazed with it but… I still not have my sports Tracker applet for it. Hope to have it soon. Thanks for it

  53. Jesse

    How about support for iPhone

    Would make possible to use almost all possible hr-belts with software…

    I beta testers needed, sign me up! :)

  54. masamune1981

    Wow, now I’m without any sportstracking app, since Endomendo messed up their last update. Now they need full access to my phone’s contact data.
    Hope to see the android version of ST soon.

    1. Jussi Solja

      Not long now…more news soon!

      – Jussi / Team ST

  55. Peter

    Very funny! That’s the Message i DON’T want to read. Instead of wasting Time to develop the Sports Tracker for other OS, you have better should Develop it for Maemo and the N900.
    But it’s all about Money I think, right?

    1. masamune1981

      Sorry, but in my opinion it would be a great waste of time to develop ST for maemo. Maemo has been released a few years ago and yet it is already dead.
      How many devices are actually running maemo compared to android or ios?
      When they really decide to release a maemo version, then who’s next? Maybe brew?

  56. Markus

    It is really a “killer app” for Symbian, and since Nokia has “destroyed itself”, it seems like a good idea now to release an Android version too. But please don’t put too much work/effort into the version for the restricted and overpriced iPhone.

  57. Datamaanikko on aivan jäässä. Olisiko Polar RCX5 vastaus huutoon?

    […] Sports Trackerin. Kaikki toimi hienosti kunnes puolen tunnin jälkeen puhelin tilttasi. Toimiikohan Sports Trackerin iPhone versio myös vanhemmissa luureissa? Ja milloinhan se […]

  58. Jarkko

    Jussi, will ST support Sony Ericsson LiveView?

    1. masamune1981

      Great idea!

  59. Chris

    Can we expect a WP7 App?

  60. PeterPolow

    It’s excellent news, but what about the Flash at IOS doesn’t support Flash, so on an Iphone (and Ipad) you can’t see the workouts?

    1. masamune1981

      Even on my Galaxy S, with flash player 10.2 installed, I can’t open sports-tracker homepage on the phone. Like requested by others, a mobile version of your web page would be a great thing.

  61. Michael

    Hello Jussi,
    while we`re all waiting for the final release, could you please answer my question:

    Will it be possible to load offline Maps to the android app?

  62. Redox

    How about you stop being impatient and stop complaining and rushing the guys to hurry it up and rather just wait, because i’m sure they’re working their best to make it available as soon as possible. As far as i’m concerned i’m just grateful, just let as know when you’re done. GREAT JOB!

    1. Tom

      Right on!

    2. Nick

      Patience has its limits. If no press release was sent, they’d have had all time they needed to correct any errors. Without our complaints.

  63. Ariel Lim

    hmmm.. since it’s coming to iPhone i hope there would be a mobile version of this website? haha…

    and also, community testing would/has always been better than internal testing… lol..

  64. Dani Lanza

    Please!! I want the app for my android device!!

  65. Miten iPhone muuttuu sykemittariksi? « Raparipa rassaa maastopyöriä

    […] vaan sen tarjoaa nykyään ex-nokialaisten perustama yritys. Ohjelmistosta pitäisi ilmestyä myös iPhone- ja Android-versiot […]

  66. Philipp

    Read something, that the iPhone version will not support the Polar BT Belt – is that correct ?

    thx, Philipp

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Philipp!

      Yes that is unfortunately correct. It’s due to Apple’s strict approach to supported Bluetooth-devices.

      – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

      1. Apple

        F*c*i*g Steve and f*c*i*g Apple policy. You should make a version for jailbreaked devices with support of Polar BELT ;)

        1. Tobias Mayr

          My words :)

  67. Jarkko

    Come on guys! :)

    1. Jussi Solja

      We are on it, trust me :)

      – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

      1. cobra

        Hmm, sounds to me the app is coming “very” soon :P

        1. Jussi Solja

          Doing our best…”all hands on deck” :)

          – Jussi

  68. bugsbunny8

    Still EAGER Waiting for Android version Sports Tracker,
    Any update for it?

  69. Nick

    Is this how it works?!?

    2011-03-23 “Coming soon!!!”
    2011-04-27 “Still waiting…”

    I wonder how long it will take before you launch a beta…

    1. CDPreen

      Yeah – some information would be EXTREMELY useful, and improve the publix image of the ST company, as it is going down and down, the longer we keep asking for some kind of information and keep getting no response. Am considering very strongly changing to a different app for Android, which I know is not so good, but atleast works and has support.

      Very frustrated, considering leaving

      1. cobra

        Which different app do you mean?

      2. Jussi Solja

        Some more info coming later today in a blog post. Sorry you feel that way and hope you stick around – we are doing all we can to make sure it’s worth the wait! :)

        – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

        1. cobra

          Hmm I’d make a guess. Today you’re gonna tell us, the app is coming “really really” soon!

          Haha, just kidding. But seriously don’t let us wait too long, this waiting is really a pain in the ass :)

        2. cobra

          Sorry for spam, but I’ve forgot to send you all of my karma in my last post. ;D
          So here you are. Phew, need to rest now…out of karma.

        3. Nick

          This is quite frustrating. There are promises that are made ​​are not fulfilled. I wonder what this does to your credibility…

          1. masamune1981

            Today, I’ve received an e-mail, telling me that a new version of Sportstracker can be downloaded via the android market. I was so excided, but soon I realized it’s not the tracker I am waiting for :(.
            Come on guys how about releasing the beta now?
            In my opinion it can’t be worse than the latest endomondo version :D

  70. Martijn


    Great news Sports Tracker is coming to Android!
    I just switched from a Nokia to a HTC Desire, so I can’t wait till I can use Sports Tracker again.

    Is there any news on when it’s going to be released? Or a Beta version?


  71. Salobre Almaz

    ya me gustaria que saliera pronto en android y de paso que pudiera cargar rutas en formato GPX por ejemplo… salud y fuerza.

    1. oscar

      pues estan en ello pero an soltado demasiado pronto la libre… nose si sera para esta primavera jajajaja

      1. Antxon

        Habeis probado oruxmaps?

        es una aplicación fantastica y made in spain.

        Con sooporte para mapas offline y carga tracks en gpx

  72. FredFriendly

    Will this be compatible with Zephyr HxM? That HR monitor seems to be very popular with Android users, and most other Android sports apps are Zephyr compatible. Just ordered that HR monitor myself, but I prefer your app over the current Android front runners.

    1. Matijs De Jonghe

      I’m also looking @zephyr HxM or polar BT,
      i’m quite interested in the zephyr so it would indeed be interesting to know if it’s supported or not…


      1. Jussi Solja


        Unfortunately the Zephyr belt is not supported on Android. Sports Tracker supports the Polar BT belt.

        – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Gregor Haiduk

        Thanks a lot! That’s what I was looking for.

  73. Francis Gagarin

    This is really exciting! Cant wait for it to be available!

  74. BeJa80

    Glad to hear!! This app was the only app I was missing before my switch to Android. I was always a big fan of Nokia and Symbian, but will never get a Windows-Phone :( Thanks for making this app available on other platforms!

    1. pastie

      I’ve kept my old Nokia just so that I can switch my sim and memory card each time I go for a ride! Was reluctant to shift to Android just because of this app… Soon would be great!

  75. dzat

    Miss this apps, its the best… stuck wt another which is not that good since moving to androids. Can’t wait!

  76. Dov

    well, when? we are waiting……….

    1. antti_engineer

      When the android version is out? Will it also support Polar Bluetooth heart rate transmitter?

      1. tjengo

        yes, it will be supported. but not on iphone ;-)

  77. Ola Neckling

    Can’t wait untilo I get my hands on ST. Use it for tracking with dog and can’t be without it.
    Possibility to partizipate in alpha, beta trails?
    Please publish a release date?

  78. tjengo

    didn’t you say something about a beta for android? last week? no more news here. still sure that st meets android?

    1. Jussi Solja

      Yep we are sure :) The app is in internal testing and tweaking as we speak. Details on the Beta will be published in this blog when the time comes.

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. tjengo

        thanks Jussi for clarifying ;-)
        can you be more precise WHEN time will come :-D
        i was used to st on my old nokia (best app ever :-)
        can’t wait to have it now on my android.

        1. Jussi Solja

          Hi! Unfortunately we can’t give you an exact date yet – all I can say is that the apps are in testing so should not be too long now (fingers crossed). We want to make sure the apps are in stellar shape when we release them :)

          – Jussi / Team ST

  79. Michael

    Will it be possible to load offline Maps to the android app?
    In Mobile Atlas Creator, there`s a “Sports Tracker” Setting for Download. (I guess this is the setting for the Nokia-Version) – Will this Format work for the Android Version, too?

  80. Sysco Sisco

    Hi, still waiting!
    just wanted to know where to find the promised beta? :D

  81. Caio

    When the option to Android will be avaliable ?

    March,23 you talk ” Soon “, but so far …

    Thanks !

  82. Alberto

    When will it be published? Spring is here! I would try it as soon as possible! I miss ST!

  83. oscar

    it never comes ………..

  84. Ivica Marusic

    Hi All
    Spring is almost over,…. when is it now comming?
    By the Way, i found OruxMaps, a great App for Andorid.

    In Waiting powiton, greetings to all


  85. Ced Soc


    I don’t see the gradient of altitude in web site. Are there?
    Thank you for your answer.


  86. Toni

    I hope you will have version coming to MeeGo also. Specially for Nokia’s upcoming MeeGo device that should be coming this year.

  87. Petr

    when Sports tracker for Iphone will come? I changed nokia with Iphone and I miss sportstracker :-(

  88. Karol Dragan

    still waiting! and i’m wondering if it’s really better than endomondo…

  89. Jacobus

    Great news keep us informed of the dates

  90. DirtMan

    IP67 protected Samsung Xcover & ST would be very nice combination for outdoor use…

  91. oiscar

    podrias dar mas o menos una fecha de la salida para androide de esta fabulosa aplicacion?

    1. José Luis Rubio

      Eso. Para cuándo la versión para Android? La espero con verdadera ansiedad.

  92. vnauj

    In android if there is stiff competition for Sports Tracker.

    1. Karl Johan Olsson

      But this Sports Tracker is much better than the others. I have tested both Endomondo and other apps on my Nokia.
      Sports Tracker is outstanding.

      1. vnauj

        I’m sorry and you look closely I’m talking about android, not symbian (RIP Symbian)
        I think ST has and can improve a lot. There are other app that you can learn how to configure the application screen (sports tracker live), create routes (Endomondo), indicators of “lap” at a given distance, coach (Adidas miCoach) … etc.
        I continue to symbian, pending the android version. Since the sport tracker web is undoubtedly the best.

  93. sapagd

    It’s great that you’re spreading to more platforms but it would also be great to see some improvements on the symbian app. Like the ability to add photos tho the workout, post it to twitter or see friend’s workouts and comments.

  94. tjengo

    this is what i was waiting for. please don’t let spring go by with providing your app. we need it now ;-)

  95. saulty

    I hope you can increase the heart zones from three (3) (light-moderate-hard) to five (5) heart rate. Also indicator at which heart rate zone you’re currently on.

    Thank you very much,

    Nokia N97, Polar wearlink+ w/ bluetooth transmitter and Sports Tracker user

  96. enrico

    Sports TRacker support screen low resolution like huawei ideos and samsung i5500? i hope… thanks!!!

  97. honza

    Hi guys,

    do you plan “Personal Bests” category ? Something like:
    One hour (longes distance)
    5 km (best time)
    10 km (best time)
    Half marathon (best time)
    Longest distance ever

    for running or other else sports… ?

    thx !

    1. Jussi Solja


      Great ideas :) The more advanced statistics (these included) are on our todo list and will be launched once the new applications are out.

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. honza

        thx for quick reply.
        This is one of the main reasons why I use Endomondo on my Desire. Can’t wait for testing your services ;)

  98. Jarkko

    Hi Jussi!

    Any need of beta tester? :) When ST is going to publish app to Android market? What app name will be? I just noticed that there are already several “fake” :) sportstracker etc. in market.

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Jarkko!

      We’ll post more info about the beta testing when the time comes – stay tuned! :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  99. Pietu

    ANT+ support for iPhone and therefore a support for many many HR belts would be great.

  100. Sports Tracker Coming to Real Phones Soon! | RunningDigital

    […] Tracker Coming to Real Phones Soon! The guys who inspired this blog made a quiet announcement last week about the future of Sports Tracker; She’s coming to Android and iPhone! Yes, perhaps the […]

  101. buyuzhan

    but galaxy s gps suck big time, think i still stick my ever reliable nokia n86.

  102. Arthur

    Very good, I appreciate a lot this app, end I had to go with Endomondo for Android.
    So great news.

    Any idea of the planning for Android :
    Few days or Some weeks before release.
    Any need of beta tester ?

    I have a galaxy S

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Arthur!

      Beta testing is coming. More news on that when we get closer to launch :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  103. José Rodrigues

    Great news!
    I wonder if you can add new features like training against a virtual partner or compete against a previous workout to improve our training level.
    Would like to save/store way points for later to navigate to and to load a track from other user to follow.
    Audible tones/messages should be interesting when we are crossing our defined training level (HR monitoring).
    Another important thing is your web shop to sell bike supports to several phone types and arm bands too.

    1. Jussi Solja


      Great input – and you are not alone with your requests :) Check out our support community for likeminded Sports Trackers and please do post your ideas to the system to make sure they are added to our feature request lists!

      – Jussi / Team ST

  104. Giorgio Parisotto

    Great news!
    Finally now I can say goodbye to Nokia…

    1. Matej

      From the announcement on 11.2.2011 I was hoping for this news. I switched from n97 to GalaxyS and the only thing missing is sportstracker, so GREAT NEWS!!
      I’m looking forward for the launch. Hope it will be soon.

      1. Giorgio Parisotto

        Now i’m stopped with Sport Tracker and I started width RunKeeper. :(

        Sorry guys (maybe with a Beta of ST on the table but with a “on the spring”… :-/ )


        1. Zami Turusta

          May is spring in Finland….

  105. Barracuda_de


    is it also planed to support Windows Phone 7? For my understanding is this a logical way, nokia goes to Windows Phone 7.

    Take Care


  106. smith

    Excellent news!!
    What maps are you using on android? ST’s own (/dedicated) maps or gmaps?

    I loved the maps on ST /w s60. One thing android is missing..

  107. abs

    will it support training zone?

  108. Jose Luis

    Very good news to be able to use this application on Android, will be posible to copy the tracks from my nokia E71 to my new Android phone ? It is usefull to go back in time to see what I have done up to now, many thank in advance for your application

    1. Ramón

      Where can I download Sportracker for Iphone? In ITunes I can’t find it.


      1. Jussi Solja

        Hi Ramón!

        The iPhone version is not out yet :) You still have to wait a bit before you can download it from iTunes.

        – Jussi / Team ST

    2. Jussi Solja


      If you have uploaded your workouts to the Sports Tracker service you can sync them back to the Android or iPhone application.

      – Jussi / Team ST

  109. Arrgh

    This is great news. Will ANT+ heart rate straps be added as they are supported by Android and iPhone?

  110. Nokia Sports Tracker application now also for Android and iPhone | Smartphone 247

    […] Sports Tracker Blog Tweet Tag:android, application, ios, iphone, nokia, sports tracker, symbian Author: […]

  111. wlad

    Any chance we could see a Maemo or Meego version?

  112. Richard Harker

    Good news! I’m still happily using an S60 Nokia, but a lot of friends have jumped ship to other platforms (can’t say I blame them really) so this is great news for all of us that non-S60 people can use SportsTracker too.

    Is there a definite release date yet? aren’t we in Spring already! ;-)

    1. Jussi Solja

      Can’t give you an exact date yet as we want to make sure the apps are tested and ready for some serious action before we release them. We’ll keep you posted on the progress / timeline here and via our Twitter and Facebook :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  113. Sports Tracker появится для Android и iOS | КЕДДР

    […] есть самое настоящее официальное подтверждение того, что чудо-приложение вскоре появится на Android и […]

  114. Ondřej Kubeš

    Hi there,
    what about a version for BlackBerry? I miss this app since I move from Symbian to BB, there are also some sports tracking apps for BB, but Sports Tracker was (and still is :) ) much better! ;)

    1. Jussi Solja

      No plans to add support for Blackberry at least for now, sorry!

      – Jussi / Team ST

  115. Grant

    Awesome. Love this app on my N8 & would love to use on my HTC device too. When you say it will be released in the spring. What months is this as I am in NZ. I suspect you are in the US or Europe ??. Cheers & Thanks

    1. Jussi Solja

      Yep we are in Finland so when we say Spring it means in the next few months :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  116. Sports Tracker Coming To iPhone And Android – ArcticStartup

    […] 2007, they have only supported Nokia phones, understandably due to their background. The company announced yesterday that they will be launching iPhone and Android versions of the popular application in the near […]

  117. miksuh

    From the article

    > The apps come packed with all the great tracking
    > features you guys love, plus some exciting
    > additional features enabled by the new platforms.

    Hm. Is there some plans to implement those new features to Symbian version? I find it hard to believe that application like this could have some features which are possible on Android or iPhone but not on Symbian.

    I really hope that you are going to continue development of Symbian version, or a new Symbian application created using Qt would be great.

    Is there any plans to create Qt version for the Symbian and MeeGo?

  118. vnauj

    In the images there is a change in appearance of the “app”, so too will it be for symbian?

  119. Sports Tracker laajenee muille alustoille « Rakas sijoituspäiväkirjani

    […] sitten ennakoimani Sports Trackerin (ST) laajeneminen muille alustoille on nyt lähellä sillä Sports Tracker ilmoitti että keväällä applikaatio tulee ladattavaksi myös iPhonelle ja Androidille. Hieno uutinen […]

    1. Gregor Haiduk

      Hey everyone,

      just wanted to know where to find the promised beta? :D

      1. Emi

        Does anyone know the release date??

  120. jask

    Not for maemo? ever?
    Is sports tracker made by QT?

  121. Kurt Mühlbacher

    This will be a great day for all, the most sport tracking apps on android are good but not perfect.

  122. SC

    Will it work with the heart rate monitor?

    1. Jussi Solja

      Android will support the Polar HR belt. iPhone won’t unfortunately.

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. gunther23

        sh… that i enjoy so much using :-(

  123. John McCabe

    Brilliant news. I look forward to seeing it on Android.

  124. Tonos para Celular Honduras

    nice! I was waiting this since I move from my E71 to an iPhone, Sports Tracker is simply the best tool to keep track of my work out

  125. Frank


    I was looking forward to Sports Tracker way back in the day, but sadly it was only for Symbian devices. I went with Nike+ and have been pretty happy with that and some the sister-sites that use that data in different ways (such as Slowgeek).

    Do you think there would be a way to port the Nike+ run data to Sports Tracker? I would imagine it’s just XML-stuff so I doubt it would be that hard.

    Otherwise, it’s pretty tough to leave all those thousands of kilometers behind just to switch apps.

  126. Bobo

    Great! Final doubt about getting Android solved. Would like to see audio cues and predefined workouts in the future versions.

  127. Teuvo Väisänen

    Great news, although I use a Nokia N8 at the moment.
    Hope you’ll fix the calories counting formulas in the new versions and in the Nokia version too. It gives far too big calories according to many resources I’ve checked.

    It is a really great program.

  128. Bram

    Excellent news!

  129. Mikko

    Excellent! Sports Tracker is the best of the sports apps and probably the only thing I really missed from my Nokia phone. All the other apps on iPhone fall short of it.

  130. Sam J

    Since switching from Nokia to an Android phone I’ve been using Endomondo and more recently CardioTrainer.

    Looking forward to testing Sports Tracker on Android, has much changed? Live view of workout on website still available? CardioTrainer has great ‘race against yourself’ feature – does Sports Tracker now have this?

    1. Jussi Solja

      More info on the features on the new platforms coming soon :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  131. Maria

    That’s awesome! I used to have it and then switched providers and lost it :( Nothing else has been as good since. Can’t wait to try it :D

  132. noledge

    the bluetooth-belt question is indeed the most interesting question here… would be very nice, since this thing was not too cheap ;)

    the screenshots however did not reveal any heartbeat-info.

    but good news anyway, finally i can ditch my old nokia :-)

    1. Jussi Solja

      Android = Supports the Polar HR belt.
      IPhone = No support (unfortunately).

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. noledge

        thanks for the reply.

        i assume that this is some iOS limitation – sad. so i guess my next phone will be android – sports-tracker is an important app for me and it should run well, but i feared that the shortcomings of the nokia phones would change that. happy to see, that there is a future on android :)

      2. Tuukka

        How about the Zephyr HR belt for Android phones? Me, I’m an Endomomondo man for now, but would like to give this a try!

  133. Alasdair Cunningham-Smith

    Very cool – but when I looked into Bluetooth on iPhone, I concluded you need Apple-specific hardware in any bluetooth device requiring a profile other that headset or hands-free. How is my Polar Bluetooth going to work on the iPhone?

    1. Jussi Solja

      As much as we would like to add support for the Polar belt you are right – with Apple’s current approach to BT connections it’s not possible.

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Tobias Mayr

        And how about a jailbreak? ;)
        What I mean is, if you didn’t remove the bluetooth HR feature from the iPhone-version, maybe some users would be able to get it worked for them :-)
        I know that this is not a very good solution, but it could help, at least for some users..


    Time to make one for WP7 now ?

    1. Jussi Solja

      WP7 is one of the possible future platforms for Sports Tracker for sure. Nothing is set in stone yet though :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

  135. Christof

    Very good news. I am looking for an Android phone now :-)
    Will this work with the bluetooth belts?

    1. Jussi Solja

      The Polar HR belt is supported on the Android version of Sports Tracker but unfortunately not on iPhone (not possible with Apple’s current approach to Bluetooth accessories).

      We are following the situation re HR monitoring on iPhone and aim to add support one way or another in the future.

      -Jussi / Team ST

      1. Ajdin

        any hope that android verson will support sony ericsson liveview? :)

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