Sports Tracker now available for Android!

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Thanks to our hundreds of amazing Beta-testers we have finally completed work on the Android app and it is our pleasure to announce that Sports Tracker for Android is now available on the Android Marketplace!

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The official press release and screenshots are available on our Media-site for all you bloggers and journalists out there. Check them out and let us know if you need more information :)

Hands on with Sports Tracker on Android

To help you get a better idea of the app we’ve created yet another hands on video with the questionable voice talent (and hands) of our very own Jussi Solja. Enjoy!

Thanks again to all the loyal fans and supporters that have stuck with us from the Nokia days and also haven’t totally lost their hope in us. We know it took longer than even we expected and we are truly sorry to have kept you waiting. Thanks and hope you enjoy the app!

Team Sports Tracker

p.s. Please keep the feedback / ideas flowing – we can’t always answer everything but we are listening and will keep your feedback in mind when developing the app and the service.



  1. mitul

    in my tab sports tracker launch very well but problem comes when i start workout by pressing continue …i got message ” sport tracker gets some hiccup finding some data ” and the application stop working .. pls let me know what is the problem with application

  2. Smukkie

    howcome sports tracker on samsung galaxy S4 doesn’t count the steps in a running work out?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Only our Symbian app has the step counter. Let’s see if we can add that to the others at some point.

  3. Flutela

    It would be great if I can export my workout from the APP, not only from the browser.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll think about it:)

    2. Gianluigi

      On my old Nokia N71 it is possible!

    3. ...

      +1 for gpx export from app. also please add ascent/descent info to app. thanks

  4. Mike

    Still no support for Zephyr HxM. Will find a different app to use.

  5. gandalf

    I tried the App on Galaxy Note:

    Google-maps are not to use, because there are no ways (on the map) where i was biking.
    Export to GPX from the App not possible.

  6. Mikol


    while I’m training with the Android system, it is possible for my family to see from home, in my account on the site, live my movements?

  7. Primo

    I installed on ZTE Bladxe and work well, just I do not know how to export workout to GPX file. Can anyone help me? Thanks

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, you have to upload it to our web service. From there you can export in gpx file.

  8. Brant Pesqueira

    Whats Going down i’m new to this, I stumbled upon this I have discovered It positively helpful and it has aided me out loads. I am hoping to contribute & aid different customers like its aided me. Great job.

  9. biker

    It is the saddest thing since i moved from symbian to android. I miss the osm maps!

  10. Unpleasant

    OSM is free and far more accurate than GMaps. Did Google forbit to use it on Android or what? Tracking when offroad is pointless with this program now. Please, bring it back as an option. Let Google know, that people can create rich, accurate, and the most important, more useful maps than they do.

    1. Markus

      Since there are no Nokia Lumias with Android, I finally got a Samsung phone now and discorvered that the Android version is using Google Maps instead of Openstreetmap.

      Unfortunately, Google Maps is pretty useless outside populated areas, as it does not show small paths and just a big green area, but OSM does. It should be possible to change the map used, otherwise I’d have to look for an alternative, or have Sportstracker running AND an app that shows my position on OSM – complicated.

      1. Markus

        … and the replacement seems to be “Locus” (Pro). The interface is more complicated, but it uses OSM (and other maps you can select freely). It it also possible there to load a track into the app (I think) and follow it, which isn’t possible in Sports Tracker.

        A bit sad, as I was happy with in on an Nokia phone for a long time.

  11. Taher Kagalwala

    Sports Tracker works! I use a Samsung Ace S5830 and this app is simply great! I don’t yet have a heart rate monitor, so I make do with a physical counting of the same, but all the other functions work very fine, thank you so much!

  12. e

    What kind of sports’ app only allows 0000 as pin for the HRM? Terrible…can’t use my Zephyr hxm.

    1. pb

      I too cant use my Zephyr hxm as the app is still showing pin 0000 with no ability to change this

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Hi, the Zephyr belt is not compatible with our app.

  13. naprimer

    Still doesn’t work at HTC Wildfire?

  14. Forest Tram

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  15. skem

    Doesn’t work on my Legend but skem will get it going eventually!

  16. Gianmaria

    Not compatible with Vodafone 858 smart (Huawei U8160) :((

  17. Ricardo Ferreira

    Very, very, very disappointed. When they say that the application runs on Android, not say anything, and no resolution, nor the version of Android. I bought a HTC Wildfire, just to play sports and does Work. What do I do now? Claim with the Sport Tracker? I sent an email to support and not getting a single response.

    Total disappointment.

  18. Washa

    Hi, please, is there any possibility to use Sports Tracker on Samsung Galaxy Mini (GT S5570) in future?

  19. vinokurov

    Samsung s5830 … :(
    Waiting for… How long?

  20. psychotrencher

    Not available for HTC Wildfire, do you need beta testers for this phone?

  21. ALEX

    Please make a support phone LG P500, android 2.3(2.2)

  22. Flanno

    Would be great if this was available for Wildfire S. Will beta test

  23. Video: Sports Tracker now available for Google Android!

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  24. vincent

    I broke my Nokia yesterday on my bike using ST… i replaced today it with a samsung galaxy mini (GT S5570) with latest android version … and it’s not compatible ?
    How disappointing :((( I took this only because i thought i could get ST…

  25. Victor

    No compatible con bajas resoluciones (pantallas pequeñas)… muy mal.

  26. Denmark-Michael Andersen

    Hi. Has been using Sportstracker on nokia E52 for long time. Now replaced phone to HTC Wildfire S.
    ___Found out that not compatible___.Please give information on when there is solution for compability with android, Wildfire S ???????

  27. MikeC

    As others have said using Google Maps instead of Open Street Maps is a real retrograde step. The old S60 app was great for public footpath walking (in UK) but this android version is next to useless as there’s no footpaths and the level of detail is much reduced. I’m back to swapping my sim between my SGS2 and my old E71 and may start looking at the competition which is a real shame:((

    1. Dan

      +1 for the OSM. Google maps is USELESS for the way I use sports tracker – biking off-road.

  28. Simone

    Sul mio HTC desire HD funziona tutto bene tranne la sincronizzazione con il mio account on line.
    Non esiste poi la possibilità di esportare gli allenamenti.

  29. Stingray

    hrmm.. ok… maybe someone can help?
    Is ST compatible with 2.3.3? (which is whats on my G S II)
    My G Tab has 2.2 on it… and allows ST to be installed

  30. Stingray

    Ok, anyone else with a new Samsung Galaxy S II not seeing Sports tracker as available in the market for it?
    I have already loaded it onto my Galaxy TAB .. but just went to go for a wlk and realised i hadnt installed ST yet .. cant see it as avail?.. is it compatible? do i need to update something?

    1. Paul

      Hi, I have a GSII and I’ve found it on the Android market place when searched on Sports Tracker. Was quite far down the list though as there are others also called sports tracker which aren’t this sports tracker. Just look out for the symbol.

  31. new1

    i dont see the app in the market; on the web (android market) its communicate that this app is not compatible with my device (SE xperia x10 mini pro)

    1. Lander

      LG Optimus One isn’t compatible eather.. It’s not like nokia’s have such a huge resolution…

  32. mario

    Non compatibile con il mio Samsung GT I5800 peccato continuerò ad usare il nokia n97mini :((((((

  33. Standamat

    I have a problem. I can connect the heart rate monitor. Applications can see it when searching but not connected to him. Paired with the phone I have it. In other applications, it normally connect. I have a HTC Desire HD.

  34. Milan

    It would be nice to support lower resolutions. I have small HTC Wildfire S … it fit great in pockets .. especially when cycling. And it is not supported :( I dont want to wear a BIG phone. Maybe if i were canoeing, i can use that big phone as a paddle. But untile then i want to use as small phoe as i can have…

  35. bordeux

    Not available for HTC HTC Wildfire, do you need beta testers for this phone? I neeeeeeeeed this app for my phone.

  36. peter

    Erstmals danke für die App!!
    Fotos können nicht mehr mit aufgeladen werden.
    Sonnenaufgang und Sonnenuntergang sind komplett falsch.
    Pedometer gibt es keinen mehr.
    Ist das alles so angedacht?

    Liebe Grüße

  37. georg

    please make a zoom- or scrollfunction for devices with poor displayresolution!
    works principally on my lgp500 but mainbuttons like “start new workout” are cut of, caused by the poor resolution (480×360) of my device.
    so it is nearly useless…:-(

  38. Gianlucassistenza

    it was time! finally I can definitely leave my nokia n95 to use and also sports a full-tracker on my new HTC HD Desire! Thanks guys … already tried this morning and it’s really OK! Thanks again

  39. Martijn

    Great news guys! I just installed it. Looks really great! Can’t wait to try it out! (HTC Desire, Android 2.2)

  40. Frank

    Thanks for making this app available on Android, as I missed it after switching from my Nokia to Android. Unfortunatly the race against old workouts is missing in the android version.
    Another thing I’d like to see is to make the layout of the screens customizable so I’m missing for example the key figure “altitude gain” and total time (including pause).

  41. Stefan

    :-) Major disapointment, it´s not compatible with my brand new HTC Wildfire. Pls,make it work.

  42. tibor

    :-( not compatible with my xperia x10mini.

  43. Andy

    Tracked a short walk this afternoon and seems to work fine on my HTC Desire S and I like that it syncs with the web site. Unfortunately for me the following are a problem:-
    1) The switch to Google maps instead of Open Street Map, OSM has far more footpaths (would be nice to be able to chose)
    2) Lack of detailed statistics in diary (need my monthly and weekly stats available on the phone!)
    3) No GPX export from phone.
    These three things combined means my N86 will still be with me for a bit longer… but its early days yet so keep up the good work.

  44. Fuxseb

    Why can’t I install it on Galaxy 3? Please, make support for older devices. It worked perfect on Nokia E52 which has a smaller display.

  45. wue

    great work.. thanks!!!
    works without any bugs on SE Neo.
    photo upload and bluetooth hr belt still supported :)
    anyway I realy miss the openstreetmaps. they are far better for off-road running & mtb.

    1. barnesin

      I agree, I have input many of the paths I use onto openstreetmap these and many others are not available on Google maps, please allow OSM to be sellected as an alternative.

  46. Pepan

    Not compatible with LG Optimus One 2.2
    I Do not see button “Start” – “Stop” – “Lap”

  47. Peter

    ThX!!! My wife used your app on her Nokia an she’s very glad she can continue using it on her Samsung Galaxy now, and with her Polar HR-monitor she specially bought a few months ago. I use a Garmin HR-watch and export the data to my Sports-Tracker profile also.

    It’s allready the best app available, and I’m sure there will be improvements in the coming months.

  48. Tobias

    PLEASE support lower resolutions!

  49. Pete

    So disappointed NO Open Street Maps. Google maps is just hopeless. Please add OSM as an option. For now I will stick with my old Nokia for tracking.

  50. hrvoje

    love this app…

  51. Joniteus

    Ei löytynyt manuaalisella haulla android marketista. Asennus webbihärpättimen kautta onnistuu.

  52. Partyaffe

    Works great with Moto Defy but also very disappointing -> no OpenStreetMaps! WHY so? So much better on Symbian…

  53. Chris

    Pictures taken during the workout are uploaded to the sports-tracker website (at least with my Sony Xperia Arc). Works great, although my calorie count was far too high…sadly :-) Heart rate Monitor battery died while riding, so perhaps that’s the reason. Will try another ride tomorrow! Absolutely great !!!

  54. Nikola

    Please, add support for 320×240 screens (HTC Wildfire)!

      1. wiewiora


  55. Chris

    Please update the version, so that it is compatible to the HTC wildfire s device!! PLEASE!

  56. LiuJia

    HTC Hero200 not compatible yet!

  57. Sanjin

    HTC Wildfire not compatible!

  58. me

    Why only Android 2.1 and higher??

  59. plaisthos

    I really miss the histogram feature for the heartbeat the S60 version had.

  60. Peter

    Galaxy S2: Schrittzähler gibt es nicht mehr, schade.
    Fotos, die während der Tour gemacht werden, können nicht mehr aufgespielt werden(auf Internetseite).
    Sonnenaufgang-Untergangszeiten stimmen nicht.
    Ansonsten danke für diese App.

  61. schnuff

    only landscape orientation doesn’t work…
    i hope this will be fixed/added soon. :)

  62. Marek

    Waited do long just to find out it isn’t compatible with my I5800. It SUCKS!!!

  63. Josep Lluis

    OOOOHHHHHH!!!!! Wildfire not supported, WHY?
    For when the mobile compatible

  64. Stingray

    I read all the B*tching, about it not working on this phone and that, how about using your manners when letting the team know Its not showing as available, or that it wont install or such … ITS A NEW APP .. stop acting like a bunch of babies and let the team work on the bugs/glitches, remember … unlike sym(crap)bian .. android is across alot of different phone and models, so of course there will be “bugs” .. let them know so the can fix them … do YOU react well to people B*tching at you?
    Sheesh people…

  65. eric e.

    Its so awesome! Thank you thank you thank you.
    is it possible to syn data from/to ?
    What do you think about integrating a ‘coach‘? who guides you during the training and gives you a training schedule?
    the last question is, if it is possible to upload photos from you mobile phone to the app afterwards?

  66. BoumBoum

    Thank you very much for the app.
    I was using it on Nokia and now I am back.
    The best sports tracking app with my Motorola DEFY

  67. skem

    Not compatible with android Eclair, not available in the market :(

  68. David

    I am excited to say I now have Sport-Tracker on my HTC Incredible, but I am having trouble pairing my bluetooth heart rate monitor due to the fact the PIN code cannot be changed from 0000. Any help?

  69. telegrafTK

    not compatible with my samsung galaxy gt i5800 …:(
    Is it change?

  70. raseiden

    I hope that lowcost android phone will be supported, I’ve supported this prog since many time ago… Now Sony Xperia Active is coming, and if this app will have problem with low res android.. I will say goodbye forever… If you want see another app like Endomondo…

  71. md

    Did anyone try to take pictures while working out ? Are the pics associated with the workout and uploaded to the site ?

  72. Ajdin

    working good on LG Optimus 2X so far , yet to see affect on battery life and gps lock time…Thanks for the app, really looks smooth and polished :)

  73. Hillbill

    Found it on market and installed it on my HTC Desire HD. It seems to be working fine. Logged in, collected data i uploaded with my old Nokia, looks great so far. Can’t wait to see how it preforms when i’m out running…

  74. gtamir

    Thank you very much for the app.
    I was using it on Nokia and now I am back.
    The best sports tracking app.

  75. Heikki

    Would be really awesome if I could move this application to my SD card.

  76. Chris

    Hey guys. Is this app compatible to the HTC wildlife s? If not please update this version so that it is compatible to the device.

  77. Kenneth

    Can’t install it on HTC Hero, however I have android 2.1.
    Quite a disappointment…

  78. joebart

    Bonjours Teste sur un HTC sensations, il marche mais une partie de l ecran est vide et je le trouve assez lent.
    Sinon une version en FR serait sympa
    par ailleur je trouve la version nokia plus complete et mieux faite donc faudrait peu etre s en inspire.


  79. Jonne Backhaus


    ettekai te ole vahingossa määrittäneet tuota appia vaatimaa 2.3 androidia sillä tuntuisi siltä että mikään laite jossa ei ole Gingerbreadia ei pysty asentamaan Sports trackeria.

    Lisäksi kotisivunne osoite marketissa on väärä: se on siellä :)

  80. Jiuy

    No support for Zephyr HxM…very disappointed.

  81. Pablo

    Not compatible with LG GT540 (320×480 pixels)… really disappointed!

  82. Falutx

    Now I can definitely move to Android :-)

  83. joe

    good! alas it’s not compatible with my device (an HTC Wildfire 240×320 QVGA). Please, make it availabe for QVGA devices too

    best regards

    1. Tobias

      its a shame that nokia 3.2 inch phones are supportet and android 3.2 inch phones not!

  84. Kev

    Not available for HTC Desire Z, do you need beta testers for this phone?

  85. JiTi

    For all :
    Supported platforms:
    Android OS 2.1 and above
    Devices with screen resolution of 480×800 and 480×845

    Program only available for runners with brick in hand.

    1. Tobias

      oh yes. big phones are really good for sport. but tablets are much better in your pocket!!!

  86. tobi

    not available for galaxy 3 gt-i5800? plz! :-C

  87. Ara

    I have a Motorola Milestone (A853) with 2.1-update1.
    And I haven’t update with Froyo yet.

    App works fine but program was crashed when I was login through facebook. So I had to login again with username and password. And it crashed again.
    At this time, I was successfully logged in so I can see my workout.

    I haven’t tried workout yet so I can’t say more about the program.
    One more thing though. It was too hot when I was using the app. (I know Motorola Milestone was too easily get hot but…)

    Oh, thank you for the great app. I like the program interface and simple acting to get what I want to do with program.
    Much appreciated.

  88. Matteo

    Good Job!!! Great App! Tomorrow I’ll try it! Thank you a lot!

    Now I’m waiting for the audio feedback!!!

  89. Henry

    Tried many times to download but nothing on the market and through the www browser not possibile to install.
    Hm , is that true?
    Not compatible with the Desire Z ????

  90. Netcrash

    Cool ;)
    At last, officially only the battery consumption is still very high, because the display is all the time in. Samsung Galaxy S2 (Gingerbread 2.3.3 KE7)

  91. John

    This is the best app for my Motorola Defy. Thanks a lot

  92. jejomo

    In spanish?
    Cuando se descargará en español? Gracias.


  93. jejomo

    In spanish???
    En español?

  94. jejomo

    In spanish???
    En español?

  95. Pavel

    Samsung Ace Galaxy is not supported :-(

    Vodafone 945 is supported, but not adjust the font size display

  96. vnauj

    spectacular failure, disappointment, I think that launching an application with these shortcomings have obscured many users … I feel sad

  97. Anders

    Will sports-tracker be compatible with wildfire and lot of other low-resolution devices in the future like all other running apps?

  98. Leon

    And can’t change profile picture on the phone.

  99. Leon

    I can install it on my phone (Samsung Galaxy S)
    It also works when I want to track but finding my friends that I have on the net and my old nokia is not possible also I want to sync my history trackings to my phone but impossible…

    So I hope this improves because this is not running smooth!

  100. yelmu

    Works perfectly with Samsung Galaxy II (i9100)

  101. Ernesto

    Is Polar Wearlink with blueetooh supported?? I still have got a Nokia Phone with symbian, but the next year i will change to Android….

    1. Steph

      Yes, I use that heartband and it works with android Samsung Galaxy S2 :)

  102. John McCabe

    I found it on the market ok for HTC Desire (2.2).

  103. LINAS

    Wildfire not supported ;(

  104. tuomo

    Nyt joku bugittaa. Desire z ei ole yhteensopiva ja marketista ei löydy koko sovellusta ;(

  105. vnauj

    Tanto esperar y no es compatible con samsung galaxy ace…!que decepción¡

  106. hrv

    In Sony Ericson XPERIA X8 is poor alignment and can’t start workout :(

  107. Legion

    Wildfire S not compatible :(

  108. Pekka

    Not compatible with HTC Desire Z (2.2) :(

    1. Marco

      Ok, again, Not compatible with HTC Desire Z WHY?? WHYYY?????

      1. Jussi Solja

        Hi! The app IS compatible with Desire Z. We are looking into why it won’t install. Stay tuned!

        – Jussi / Team ST

        1. Jonne Backhasu


          ettekai te ole vahingossa määrittäneet tuota appia vaatimaa 2.3 androidia sillä tuntuisi siltä että mikään laite jossa ei ole Gingerbreadia ei pysty asentamaan Sports trackeria.

          Lisäksi kotisivunne osoite marketissa on väärä: se on siellä :)

        2. Pekka

          Hey, it installed on Desire Z now! Thanks guys :)

  109. Saietor

    Bah. Well, SportsTrackLive it is then.

  110. alverico

    not compatible with my samsung i5800 froyo

    1. alverico

      not compatible with my samsung galaxy gt i5800 froyo

  111. Dror

    Samsung GT-S5830 not compatible!!!!
    I was waiting for so long!
    So frustrating!

  112. Cric6ms

    HTC Legend not compatible :’-(((((((

  113. Sandy

    Not compatible with many Android Devices; for example HTC Legend . I guess this is the reason you do not find it in the market.

  114. lpto

    Does it support ANT+?

    1. Saietor

      Cant find it on Market for some reason…

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