Android v.1.2.0 Beta: Support for HVGA screens and Voice Feedback

We have just sent out Sports Tracker for Android v.1.2.0 to our trusty Beta testers. In addition to a lot of bug fixes the new build features two new major updates to the Android app:

  1. Support for new screen resolutions
  2. First version of the much requested Voice Feedback feature

If the testing goes well we expect to launch the new version of the app to all users via the Android Market within a week. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to be the first to know when the update launches!

New Screen Resolutions

The new build adds support for 320×480 (HVGA) and 540×960 resolutions. This means Sports Tracker will soon support a wide range of new devices including the HTC Wildfire S, HTC Hero, HTC Legend, the LG Optimus -series and Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 & Active just to name a few.

To see if your device is supported please consult for a full list of HVGA Android devices (please note that we do not maintain the list and that in addition to having the right screen resolution your device needs to have Android OS 2.1 or newer to be able to run Sports Tracker.)

Voice Feedback

The new Beta-build also includes the first version of the much requested Voice Feedback -feature. The first version includes the following voice feedback prompts:

  • Indication for start, stop, auto pause & auto resume.

For each manual or automatic lap (feedback is triggered by tapping the ‘Lap’ button during a workout and by automatic distance based laps):

  • lap time
  • lap speed/pace
  • total distance
  • total time
  • current heart rate

Not included but already being developed: Heart-rate limit indication.

Voice Feedback is being implemented first on Android simply because Android OS allows us to quickly test and tweak the feature set based on user feedback. Please head to our support community to follow the impressions of the Beta testers and to chip in and let us know what you would want to see implemented.

Once the feature set has been optimized on Android we will roll Voice Feedback out also on iPhone. Support for Symbian devices is also being investigated.

Team Sports Tracker


  1. kostas808

    Please add offline maps in Android version. We do not have 3G everywhere!! Symbian version is perfect!!!!

  2. Nikita

    Waiting from Belarus. Thx for this service.

  3. mario_alves

    Where is the update????

  4. Miha

    What’s up with this update? Any news on when it is coming out?

    1. cristian

      yes on monday the 15th

      1. mario_alves

        this is for real???

  5. Anton

    In Russia this version too very much wait!

  6. kumitey

    waiting for version for optimus one support ;)

    1. griny

      hopefully coming on monday…

  7. raf

    we are still waiting… just post a message whats going on.

  8. Kamac

    Please add OFFLINE MAP support like on Nokia version also for Android version!
    (offline maps for Nokia ST can be made with MOBAC)

  9. Janson

    Give some info about the new version. Where is it and when will it be published?

    1. olly

      yes please!

  10. kilis

    Godamit! Where it is?

  11. Party

    Please release it, its more that couple weeks already, im buying android with HVGA screen and need this app BAD !

  12. mario_alves

    A lot of peopla are waiting for this application.
    Why the delay to put this available.

  13. Ronald

    Have received my new HTC wildfire S phone this week.
    ST pity does not work on this phone, I use now Endomondo. I eagerly await the final version of the HTC wildfire S.

    1. Stanislav

      me too!

  14. mario_alves

    When the final version?????


    1. peter

      There is no meaning to wait more.
      The project sports-tracker is about to end, I get information from someone close to the project.

      1. shitss


    2. camarinhas

      então para quando essa versão beta para todos os androids ??????????????????????????

  15. mohamed

    I love this program

  16. Andrea

    Is possible add to import GPX file for upload all me tracks?
    This is the next future for enlarge the public archive of tracks!

  17. g

    I suggested this feature a lot of years ago, when sports tracker was a symbian beta :)

    glad to hear this.

    Please allow “customizable” feedbacks, such as:

    “You runned for %TIME%, average speed %AVG_SPEED%, average pace %AVG_PACE%”

    or something like that, with criteria

    when %PACE% < 10 OR %SPEED% < 6 "Warning, increment speed, you are running too slow"

    hope you can understand

  18. Greg

    i´am waiting for LG Optimus P500 support too
    please release looks sooo promising :-)

  19. still a ST user

    just another weekend without ST for small resolutions…
    I’ll try other applications, sad that 1year history will be lost. but summer is close to end and i can’t wait more. even worse I was rejected to be a beta tester… oh well, now ST will pay

  20. mario_alves

    I was waiting for this version to.

  21. dhrbikes

    320×240 please! I think this is the most asked feature.

    1. Milan

      It would be nice if we can get any new information about the “new” version… it is 3 weeks from the last post and we don’t know anything… many people will choose other app with this attitude

  22. Simon

    Cant sync my some of my workout on my sgs2 with latest stable release, hope the beta testing is done soon, want this fixed.

    1. Øivind Kolloen

      I have the same problem with the synchronizing. Really looking forward to a update. Wake up people, vacation time is over :)

    2. Sasmadar

      Same with me – cant’t sync. It is very annoying. Please fix it.
      And also please give at least a small sign that our voice is heard.

  23. Andrés


  24. backover

    I was waiting for this version for 3 weeks because of the HVGA support…
    I am sick of waiting…I’m using Endomondo again!

  25. Hercilio


    What is the estimated date for this release??? I’m tired of wait, the summer will end without this release come to life??

    1. Leandro

      Use strands fitness for Android

  26. Joao ferreira

    Almost three weeks and no update and no reason? back to runkeeper!

  27. CatFox

    Please, share mi this version for my whildfire s.

    1. patrik

      No meaning to wait this version, sports-tracker are to bad about take care there customer.

      I not sure if I will change to other software.

      Sports-tracker never answer on comment, they show a lot that we are noting for them.

      1. Strands User

        Strands Fitness is better, i love strands xD

  28. Miha

    Update coming soon to market?

    Also I hope you and one more information to the track data. Total climb! Very useful for all sorts of sports and definitely for us mountain bikers! Should be easy to program as well :)

    Another feature that would be great is to enable syncing only on WiFi for people that dont have a good data plan. Also an option to hide the map during workout, so one doesnt use data during workout. By hiding the map I just mean to make the background of the track black instead of having google maps displayed underneath.

    Otherwise a great app! :)

  29. Andrés

    …Are you on vacation?

    1. User

      Yes, Strands Fitness is better.

    2. patrik

      we get update everyday on apps, why this update not come?

  30. patrik

    I start to get bored to sportstracker.
    When you have a beta you should make it’s public.
    everyone know that beta is a beta, but when you put new functions that someone really need he should take his own respond if want to try beta or not.
    I hope you will replay to this message.
    anyway I need to be in the beta test team. it’s possible?

  31. Max

    Seems like I need to ditch my iphone and get a andriod phone instead?

  32. Lucky Runner


    a feature request:
    please show an actual value (pace, speed, time, …) at the upper bar at the top of the screen.
    Since my phone locks automatically, I have to unlock each time I want to see the pace value during the running.

    Thanks and best regards
    Lucky Runner

  33. Developers

    We have the version but we are waiting for the market approval…

    1. manu

      could it be possible to make a version which ia able to connect to zephyr hxm heart rate monitor??? and what about stepcounter option? loved it on my nokia n95, would be great to have it on android too.

      1. Developers

        Good idea!,and it is possible.

    2. patrik

      How long time can it’s take before google update market. I have wait and wait now.
      maybe you should give us a link so we can download from your website?

  34. Leandro

    come on! launch the app!!
    Venga lanza la aplicacion, estoy perdiendo tiempo

  35. David

    I was trying to install this app from android market on my htc wildfire with 2.2.1 system and in box with install option I have information that it is not compatible with my system version. Is it correct? Thank you in advance for answer.

  36. Lukeenho

    I guess everything didn´t go so well as expected, when 10 days ago you announced to launch the new version within 1 week (7 days)
    Hope it will be available soon

  37. Andrés

    10 days now… How much time?

  38. Javier

    No existe la aplicacion en market para HTC wildfire, para cuando?

  39. TheRplima

    Any news? When we will have the new version? Thanks

  40. ars911

    Hurry up!!!

  41. Marius

    when I try instal on my s5830 android 2.3.3 get message that not suport s5830,?????

    1. JiTi

      You must wait for release 1.2.0 version for support mobile with display with resolution 320×480 resolution. 1.1.7 version is in the Android market, but it’s without support it.

  42. WP7

    How about a version for Windows Phone 7 now that Mango is around the corner?

  43. tomas

    I have a Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace (320×480 resolution), but the Android Market wrote “not supported”. Do you know why?

    1. JiTi

      Version in market is only 1.1.7 which not support your phone. You must wait for release 1.2.0.

      1. Leandro

        i can’t wait!! xD

  44. vnauj

    Hi sport tracker.
    Hay comentario un poco fuera de lugar, como el de “K-Kun”. Despreciado una lengua. Deberia de ser expulsado de Sports Tracker.
    Por favor borrar ese comentario


  45. Cybercaipi

    my first run with the Android application on my Galaxy S2 and polar BT belt was over 8000 Km in 1:18 H. The recording was OK but at the end of the session i’ve got a lot of entries with Lap Time 00:00:00 an a Speed of 24128 km/h.
    Pleaase could you remove this bug, i cant remember somthing like that in my S60V5 times.

  46. bordeux

    I want be Beta tester. What i must do?

  47. vitto italy

    Hi, i wish run this app on my LG P500 but i can’t . someone knows how i can do????…thanks … i have version 2.2.2 of Android

  48. choi

    Nexus one gimgerbread(korea ver) rebooting

  49. Nrde

    Of course Symbian is dying, there’s only 200 million potential Symbian users they are seemingly abandoning./sarcasm

    I mean get on with Qt version already and get the feedback from your loyal customers and bring the removed features back.

  50. bordeux

    Please support for htc wildfire… qvga….

  51. hannes80

    I cant install this on my Wildife s. Is the Beta version different from the one in the Android market ?

  52. Anders

    Qvga support please like all other running apps have…

  53. perk

    240 x 320 pixels (QVGA)

    I want this too

    1. enso

      It would be great to have Qwga resolution also supported!

  54. Ricardo

    Sounds that this great app that was born on Symbian environment will neglect its original OS.

  55. vnauj

    En que idioma sera el “voice feedback”

    1. K-Kun

      Not on crappy Spanish, that’s for sure.

      1. ceronne

        pour quoi? parce ce que tu comprends pas autre que l’anglais? No entiendes nada que no sea inglés?
        Pobre ….

  56. joe

    I’m putting on weight day by day because of the lack of support for QVGA :-)

    1. bordeux

      me too! I weighed 90kg. Now 96kg :<

  57. vnauj

    !!!!Óle, óle, óle¡¡¡¡

  58. Marcio

    Pls Voice Feedback for Lost Signal GPS or HR Belt.


  59. Brasil Man

    Please add voice feedback for Symbian as well!!! Thank you very much in advance.

  60. Marek

    I hate my Samsung I5800 (240 x 400) even more now!

  61. Pablo

    aaargh! I want it now!

  62. Mihai

    Please don’t tell me: Symbian is dying?!

    1. bordeux

      hello capitan obvious!

  63. Ioannis

    one question, is there a possibility to get live tracking on sportstracker? I am ver happy about this application and i wished it could show my woman at home where i am in real time like other programms do.thanks a lot.

  64. dmitry QG

    Please, do it for a device with 240 x 320 pixels (QVGA) , my x10 mini pro is the old model. I stopped run because this. I didn’t like the others app. Help me.

  65. TheRplima

    Now I need to say that Im very happy with Sports Tracker.

    Keep the hard and very great work guys.


  66. Bigk

    Sounds great! Just keep doing great work. Thank you.

  67. Grégoire

    Does it work with the Desire Z now ? Thanks for the feedback.

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