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As we’ve told, this year is the year of renewals for Sports Tracker. You might have already seen some changes in our Android app (iOS to follow later this spring/summer), like the dashboard renewal and goal setting -feature.

But did you know there are loads of customizations you can already do in our app? Check out these examples (some only available in Premium):



1. We recently released our highly valued goal setting -feature to our free side. Just tap and change it to fit your needs. It really motivates one to move more, try it and see yourself!







2. Customize the voice feedback to hear what you want, when you want to hear it. Pretty much endless possibilities for you to choose from. Oh and you should also test out the voice feedback when listening to music, it automatically ducks the music so you can hear how you’re proceeding with the workout.








3. You can also change what to see. Long press on any field and change that field to show what you want to see. If you’re all into heart rate monitoring, then choose to see “heart rate/% of max”.








4. Choose between a dozen maps, whether satellite maps, cycling maps or in specific countries also more detailed terrain maps.





Have you already customized the app to suit your needs? What’s your favorite one? Is there something missing that would make the experience even better? Keep the feedback coming!


  1. montannaro

    After i’ve installed new version of the application, audio feedback is shutting down my (default samsung) music player and radio application on my android too. What should i do?

  2. David

    Happy to hear about this! Love the new features. I have been using Sports Tracker on my iPhone 6s for the past 2 months without any problems. Thanks!

  3. Jenny

    I have been using Sportstracker for a long while on my Samsung S3. Now I’ve got a S5 and the voice feedback is completely numb even tough settings are ok.
    Thoughts about this?

  4. Waldbas

    No longer getting audio feedback on Samsung Galaxy prime since last update

  5. Wouter79

    Hi, I have been using sports tracker for a long time now. Since the last update the audio feedback does not function on my S3 anymore. Any suggestions?

    1. Sini

      I too have the same problem on S5. Any fix available?

  6. antti_engineer


    I have old Polar iWL bluetooth heart rate belt. I bought it from Sportstracker long time ago. It seems to work with Android version 3.8.13, but not any more with newer Samsung phone and Android version 3.8.19. Is this software or phone related issue?


  7. JuanC

    I totally second Michael. I’m mostly a cyclist and in its current form the HR zones display on Android is mostly useless while the iOS display tells me how much fuel I’ve got left when training and racing.

  8. Eindbaas

    Dear Sportsstracker,

    I would like to go Premium (again) and have €25 from a gift card waiting i my google wallet. Unfortunatly i apparently can not use it for a subcription. Will i ever be able to?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Eindbaas, unfortunately it’s not up to us, as according to our developers, Google needs to enable that paying method, we can’t make it happen.

  9. Trina

    Not sure if this is for Feedback, but I love this app, so much variety of activities and works perfetly, no bugs, and also, very user friendly.

    Thanks, Trina

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Trina for your nice comment, glad you enjoy our app. Keep on tracking!

  10. Janet

    Windows app – would like to be able to apply my own title to activity – rename one of the “other” sports tabs to my own personal sport.

  11. Keith3:16

    Great App and doesn’t drain my battery. I know we all want our special sports listed so… Dual Sport Motorcycles or Dual Sport MX. Thx!!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks for your comment, I’ll add those to the wish list.

  12. Sami

    Kitesurfing missing as sport, lots of waterproof phones there so its becoming more relevant. Snowkiting also missing. Both sports are in growth track.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Sami, we added water sports recently as there are so many different types of sports in that category, but let’s see if we can specify them later on.

  13. CB

    So many activity options but I still can’t find stand up paddleboard, which is quite a different workout than kayaking.

  14. Jez

    Look like excellent features, please bring these to the Windows platform, preferably Windows 10 Mobile.

    Thanks, been with you since the Symbian days.

  15. Oto

    Hello, very nice app, but incorect altitude gain(about 3 times more then real) makes it inapplicable for mountain activities. Please add altitude gain correction to the app. So altitude gain parameter to goals and workout statistics. Thanks!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Oto, which phone are you using? And are you using gps or barometer? Thanks for specifying.

      1. Oto

        I am using Samsung S4 mini – GT i9195i (without barometer sensor). I miss possibility of using SRTM data for correction of measured altitude gain:

        But regardles of this the measured data seems too incorect.

  16. DarioCracker

    Excellent features.
    but I still miss the possibility of joining 2 or more workouts in case of cancellations by mistake/crashes or any other reason.

    Keep on doing the good work, 5*!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Glad to hear you enjoy the app DarioCracker. Merging workouts is on the wish list, let’s see if we can make it happen.

  17. Florin

    Please add a “gear” section. I would like to see that miles add on my shoes after each training so i know when they’re getting too used. THanks!

    1. Patrick

      I would also be interested in a “gear” section for tracking shoe mileage!

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Thanks Florin and Patrick for the feedback, this is something we might be able to add in the future, fingers crossed!

        1. Olli

          +1 for this!This would be really useful

  18. Yona Amir

    Thank you Michael I’m totally agree with you and I’m shearing the same feeling for using the Sports Tracher apps and for the absence of this feature.I hope that the Sports Tracker team will add it soon.

  19. MajoV

    Please give the support of the third party bluetooth v4 HRMs in windows mobile. It’ annoying always importing gpx. It’s one of the reasons to change the platform completely, not to buy premium. After years.

  20. Michael

    Dear Sports Tracker Team,

    please please please give the Android Users the same HRM View as in iOS!

    To see how long or how much in percent we have been stayes in each HRM Zone is really very useful for every training!

    For me Sports Tracker is the best Tracker App in the Store.

    Thank you very much for building such a great App!


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Michael for the feedback. I’ve reported this to our development team, hope we can make it happen! Glad to hear you enjoy our app. Keep on tracking!

      1. Oto

        Hello, very nice app, but incorect altitude gain(about 3 times more then real) makes it inapplicable for mountain activities. Please add altitude gain correction to the app. So altitude gain parameter to goals and workout statistics. Thanks!

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