How to plan routes and follow them with Sports Tracker on Android

You can plan routes on Android devices.

How To Plan Routes on Sports Tracker

In running, biking, and life in general, when you have a goal in mind it really helps to have a plan on how to get there.

Planning a route on Sports Tracker (available only for Android devices) for either a specific distance or duration is one of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of any workout, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar location.

Using Sports Tracker, you can plan a route using your mobile or laptop. Most people find the larger screen on a computer to be much more useful in the planning stage, so that’s what we’ll be using here.

To get started, go to, login and click Routes in the top menu, then click Plan a Route at top right to get to the maps.


Mapping the Route

You can start mapping your route right away but before you start it’s helpful to toggle through the different maps to determine which is most useful for you. By also filtering Draw Mode and Activity Type you will help the algorithm provide the kind of route that will be most interesting to you.


To start mapping, simply click + drag to move the map around. Click once to drop a pin as your starting point. Click again along your preferred route and Sports Tracker will automatically fill in the fastest route between the two pins.


If the route that has been selected is not the route you wish to follow, simply click the last pin you dropped and drag it backwards along your preferred route until your desired route appears. You can also erase your last few moves by clicking the Undo at the top right of the map.

To plan your route based on the duration of your workout, look below the distance readout and click on the red number following Estimated Time.


Don’t be afraid be afraid to drop in loads of pins because extra pins will help you later on if you decide to alter your route. For instance, you many want to add or subtract a few kilometers to a favorite route or check out an alternative section.

When you’re happy with your results, fill in a Route Name, hit Save and your route will be saved to the Sports Tracker Routes page.

How to Follow a Route on Sports Tracker

To follow a route you’ve created, open Sports Tracker on your mobile, click the Diary icon at the bottom of the page, click Routes at top right, click the route you want to follow, then click Follow Route, Continue and Start.


Planning routes takes a little bit of trail and error but it’s also really intuitive and highly addictive. Be forewarned that once you get started, it’s hard to stop!

And if you have any questions or if you know of any tricks or tips to planning a route please leave them in the Comments below.

Happy Planning!


  1. replaymatches

    i use my GPS and i’m safe

  2. Pean Diord

    Nice Feature but cant see the necessary autostart when near the start pin.
    There are lots of sports where you do not want to press the start or stop button.

  3. Toni

    Route planning/follow has been coming to iOS for waaay too many years already. Ability to follow previous routes plus export and import gpx trails is one of the biggest gaps in Sports Tracker.

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hello Toni and thanks for the feedback. We’re trying to fill these gaps as soon as possible. Keep tracking!
      Best regards,
      Sports Tracker Team

    2. Cláudio

      Exactly. Having a set of routes on SportsTracker is really cumbersome. It’s even worse if you try to add them from file, like for races. When my ST subscription ends I may very well migrate my workouts to a more complete service.

  4. AlexB


    Nice and very helpful feature.

    I have a question: it’s possible to add elevation info for a planed route (like “graphs” for workouts). It would be very useful for planning bike rides…


  5. Easton86

    Hello, great job. When will be available for iOs?

    1. Sports Tracker Team


      We don’t have the exact date yet but it is coming!


      Sports Tracker Team

  6. Maxi

    Hola una consulta, hay forma que al seguir una ruta el indicador por vos te guie en ella, para saber donde doblar o donde estás??

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Hello Maxi!

      Turn-by-turn guidance isn’t available yet but thanks for bringing that up!

      Best regards,
      Sports Tracker Team

  7. guesskaro

    I am really impressed with this great post today. nice one, I always check your blog and here another good posting.

    1. Sports Tracker Team

      Thanks a lot for this positive feedback!

      Happy Tracking!

      Sports Tracker Team

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