Follow your workout from Android Wear


You can start, pause and end your workout and follow your workout details on the watch. This means you’ll still need to carry your phone with you, but you don’t have to take the phone out of your pocket.

Sports Tracker and Android wear
You can use Android Wear with Sports Tracker.

How it works

To start using the Sports Tracker app on your watch, you don’t need to do anything as long as you have the Android Wear and Sports Tracker apps installed on your phone.

It’s very simple to start a workout. You can do it directly on the watch (or with the phone if you wish) and also with voice commands. Google provides a few defaults (start running, start cycling and start a workout) which can’t be modified at the moment. Note that if you have multiple fitness apps installed, you need to configure which app is launched with the voice commands from the Android Wear app.

Starting/pausing/ending a workout is done on the first page of the tracking mode. You can then swipe between pages as in the phone app. Once you end the workout, you can see the summary in just one screen by scrolling down.

To follow your heart rate, we recommend using a heart rate monitor that uses Bluetooth Smart technology.

We appreciate your feedback

As we’re always looking for ways to improve our service. So if you’re a happy Android Wear watch owner, start tracking and let us know what you think! Remember to update your app always to its latest version so that you have all the latest features!

If you want to find out more about Android Wear, read here.

Happy tracking!


Sports Tracker team – sports tracking enthusiasts of Finland

Tip: If you need support with the app please contact our customer service.





  1. MT

    Kuinka siis kytken Sportstrackerin Samsung Gear2 kellooni? Kellosta ei löydy, eikä Gear managerista löydy.

  2. todeus

    I want standalone app for Android Wear. I want record my track without phone ((

  3. Martin

    I agree with what many users already have written here. The app needs to be stand alone on the watch without the need of bringing the phone to be really useful.

  4. Arlei

    Hi. How can I install the extension for my Sony Smartwatch 2? I don’t found in google play store. There’s another place where can I doumload it?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Arlei, We don’t support the Sony Smartwatch 2 unfortunately as it’s not an Android Wear.

  5. Olli-Pekka

    Can’t see pace and heart rate in a same place. This is not very convenient.
    I am using Sony SW3.

  6. Ricardo Silva

    Good Morning,

    I’ve sport tracker installed in my phone and it has appear in my smartwatch also (Sony SW3), but first page is always “processing” options to start workout don’t show.

  7. Maciek

    I would like to know, if you’ll release an update, where user could personalize each screen in the wear app?
    None of default ones is satisfying for me while I’m running.

  8. Simone

    I want to buy a android wea watch with HRM sensor, and i want to know if sports-tracker app already support this sensor. to be explicit: can i use hrm of watch to record my heart rate? It can be done with free account or only with premium?

  9. Eliomar

    Legal gostei

  10. Janne

    Kiitos tästä! Tämän takia vaihdoin Sports Tracker Premiumiin. Muilla ohjelmilla wear-tuki ei ole näin monipuolinen. En edes osaa vielä sanoa mitä haluan siihen lisää. Kellona minulla on Sony Smartwatch 3.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Mahtavaa kuulla Janne, kiva että kelpaa. Hyviä treenejä!

  11. Rolf

    Very satisfied with the upgrade. A wish is possibility to integrate with Android fit.

  12. Garry

    I have used Sports tracker for years now and subscribe to the premium version. I want to know if Sports Tracker will be compatible with Samsung’s Gear Fit. As a test Endomondo seems to work fine please don’t make me change.

  13. User

    HRM sensor bpm randomly stop showing on android smartwatch. But on phone workout log hrm bpm data exists.

  14. Jorge antonio cahuana

    Los felicito por el contenido me ayuda mucho a con trolar mi tiempo y seguir el recorrido

  15. cesare ragazzi

    i have a premium account butdon’t run on my neptune pine and zgapx s8 …those are normal android phone (4.1.2 and 4.4.2) …when i can use this beatiful app on it?
    thank you

  16. Víctor

    Quiero conocer más sobre sus relojes

  17. jancsuta

    Este foarte bun. Cu certitudine

  18. ben fatto

    I’m so sorry but today 1st time I used the runkeeper app because it works stand alone (without smart phone) tracking with my Sony Smartwatch 3. Would be fine if sports-tracker could do the same.

    1. Aécio Pereira

      I agree.

  19. Ivan


    I’ve installed and does not appear to me in LG G WATCH…


  20. Juho Äännevaara

    App for Android Gear in sight…?

  21. Juha

    Try to do that kind of watch on wristband whatsappia records yourself exersise. That you dont have To carry yourself Phone with you.

  22. Shima

    Great news! Does this mean Pebble support will be coming soon?

  23. Ray

    How about Microsoft Band?

  24. Raz

    Hi ST Team, I have a really-really hard time to wait after you said you started to deply the download version for watches … For Canada when it’s gonna happen please ? … I’m checking like 10m time a day the Google Play … !!!! Thx. I have such a nice story with you guys … I’d love to stay and not go for another app that offer this option …

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Raz, we just released it to everyone. Happy tracking and let us know what you think about it and any improvements you’d like to see.

  25. Youngblood68

    This need to. Work on s gear without having phone with you, then it will be brilliant and stand out from the rest be a use right now you are the same as Nike running edmondo ruistic

  26. Corb06

    Will you work on a standalone app for watches that have built in GPS, Bluetooth and HRM? Now we still need to bring phone on workout…
    When you do that this will be very very useful.

  27. Chen

    I really miss the satellite maps on your website. I think many of the users will agree with me if you conduct a survey. It’s not consistent to offer satellite maps in your app but not on the website. Do you think so? Please!

  28. Jalucena

    Very useful. It whould be great to mark laps (vueltas) directly from the watch too. Is it possible?

  29. Deon Joubert

    That is great news. I said I would wait for you guys to release something to Wear before I start shopping for a Smart Watch and now that time has come. Here’s to the next 8 years with Sports Tracker!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Thanks Deon for being such a loyal long-time user! Glad to hear you’re happy about this news. Cheers!

  30. Javi

    Is it possible to use the watch stand-alone with this app? Or you also need to bring your phone? I would like to go running without the phone

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Javi, no you’ll still need to carry your phone with you as this is not a standalone app for Wear.

      1. Jussi

        When will you have a watch which can be used tracking the exercise without the phone? I would be happy to purchase that as soon as you get it. It’s stupid to carry phone with all the time especially when the phones are getting bigger and they do not like moisture.

      2. Chris Phillips

        Any plans to update for standalone? I see no reason to carry a phone and a watch, negates teh benefit of having a smartwatch in the first place. Would be great if you add this feature..!

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi Chris, currently it’s not in the plans for the near future, but having said that, anything’s possible, so we’ll have to wait and see.

  31. Michael

    Any news on Apple Watch app?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Yes, we’re about to release it. Stay tuned!

  32. adam

    so you still must bring your phone along? whats the point of using the watch then?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Adam, thanks for the feedback. Our users want to use the watch so that they can more easily follow their speed, distance and heart rate, without having to take the phone out of the pocket/ back pack. Very handy when you’re biking or running actually.

      1. Batesy

        Yes certainly would be.. been waiting for this for some time for that fact.

    2. Andy

      @Adam I totally agree. My workout us not to the point where I need a watch to pinpoint the exact time I started or stopped something. I want a watch so I don’t need my phone. I really like the sports tracker app and wish there was a way I could avoid taking my phone with me on a run…

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