How to run faster and better


Running might be the best way to train for running, but it might be a good idea to also strengthen muscles used in running by performing some strength training. By working on these movements you will strengthen the muscles of your lower body, improve your running form and make you more efficient on the trails!

Here are set of running specific run movements by our personal trainer Matias. Try them out!



“Do some Box jumps to get those explosive and fast twitch muscle fibers working. Four to six reps per leg is enough. Calves are important for running so remember to work them. Calf raises are really good for that. Go for 12-15 reps per leg. A Swissball Hamstring Curl is an excellent way to strengthen your hamstrings. They’re injury prone so remember to strengthen them. Do 6-8 reps. 4 rounds of these 3 movements and your trail running season will be long and prosperous.”



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