How to use Apple Watch – Sports Tracker watch app

Sports Tracker Apple Watch standalone version.
Apple Watch can be used now as standalone with Sports Tracker app.

If you have an Apple Watch you can use Sports Tracker on a Standalone mode*. You don’t need your iPhone with you while working out. Water sports are supported so you can track shallow water activities like swimming*.

You can get your heart rate from the wrist HR or Sports Tracker heart rate belt (when paired with the Apple Watch). You can see location tracking status icon (arrow) in the bottom right corner of tracking view, if not an indoor activity.

You can also customize displayed tracking attributes on the watch screen while tracking. Contribute to Apple Watch activity rings. Water lock mode activation from the app UI. Keep app as active while tracking. Select activity type by rotating the crown. More visible pause state, return numbers view when resumed. Adjusted tracking attribute font sizes and feedback for user actions.

*Full stand alone mode and water resistance supported only on Apple Watch series 2 and 3. To get location with Series 1 and older watch models you need the phone with you while tracking.


How to use the Sports Tracker watch app


Before you can start tracking with the Sports Tracker watch app you need to do the following:

Download the latest Sports Tracker app version for iOS (4.3.1 or newer). The watch app will automatically update if you have not disabled automatic updates/installs from the watch settings.

1. Make all necessary with the Apple’s Watch app in the iPhone to your Apple Watch ready for use.

2. Login to ST iPhone app, if you have not already.

3. Open the Apple Watch menu by tapping the Apple Watch icon on the top left corner. Follow instructions.

4. When you have reached “Apple Watch is set up”, you are ready to track with the watch.

5. Open the ST watch app.

6. Choose Allow for prompt Allow “SportsTracker” to access your location while you are using the app? (Location required for recording activities).

7. Choose OK for prompt “SportsTracker” Would Like to Access Your Motion & Fitness Activity (Required to count steps).



Tracking a workout with Sports Tracker watch app


1. Make sure Sync from Apple Watch setting is enabled in ST iPhone app  before starting a new workout.

2. Open the Sports Tracker watch app.

3. Choose desired activity type.

4. Press Go!

5. Track the workout.

6. Swipe to the left to finish tracking with the Finish and save button.

7. Open the Sports Tracker iPhone app to view the finished workout.

The workout will synchronize automatically to your account. Make sure the watch is connected to the phone. (Swipe up the watch screen on watch face to find green phone on top left. If red make sure your phone is near enough and Bluetooth is enabled) You’ll receive a push notification when the activity is synced (if push notifications are enabled in app settings).

The app uses the integrated wrist heart rate monitor by default. If you wish to use a Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor instead with the watch app you need to pair the HR monitor in the Apple watch in Settings in Bluetooth – Health Devices. The app prioritize the HR monitor always if it can find it. Before workout make sure the Apple Watch has found and is connected to the Heart Rate Monitor in Settings – Bluetooth – Health devices.

Which watch app should I use for tracking? Sports Tracker vs. Apple’s Workout


Sports Tracker

– all ST activity types available.
– steps displayed while tracking and recorded to workout.
– possibility to display speed and average speed while tracking.
– customize displayed tracking attributes while tracking.
– location tracking status indicator while tracking outdoor activities.
– barometer used for altitude data when available (Apple Watch 3 models).

Apple’s Workout

– control music while tracking with the tracking app.
– possibility to display ascent while tracking.
– possibility to use imperial measuring units (set your Apple Watch region to match this ).
– start a workout with count down.
– possibility to use Auto Pause. Enable this from the iPhone’s Watch app in workout settings.


Apple Watch app Misc


How to choose displayed tracking attributes

When tracking, tap any of the currently displayed tracking attributes and choose a new one from the list.

How to highlight a tracking attribute

When tracking, rotate the Apple Watch crown to choose which tracking attribute is highlighted with yellow color (heart rate is highlighted with red).

How to enable water lock

When tracking, swipe to the pause/stop screen and tap the blue water drop icon.

How to get my VO2-max prediction with Apple Watch to Sports Tracker?

You should get the VO2 prediction after you have tracked at least 20min of outdoor walking and/or running with consistent heart rate measurement and location. If you don’t get the Prediction within several attempts we recommend consulting Apple directly.

Why do I see my Apple’s Workout watch app workouts on my Sports Tracker account?

All Apple watch activities tracked with Sports Tracker or Apple’s Workout watch app are synced to Sports Tracker.

Do I get my old Apple’s Workout watch app workouts to Sports Tracker?

No. Only the workouts tracked after the “new connection” or after enabling Apple Watch syncing are imported to Sports Tracker. Disabling Sync from Apple Watch. Open ST app on your iPhone, choose Profile > Settings and toggle Sync from Apple Watch off.

How do I know which Apple Watch I have?

You can check it from Apple.


Trouble shooting Apple Watch app


If you don’t get steps

Go to iPhone settings – Privacy – Motion & Fitness Activity
– enable Fitness Tracking (if you haven’t already).
– allow this for SportsTracker (Required to count steps).
Note! If you have disabled Fitness Tracking from Apple Watch companion app Privacy settings you don’t get steps.

If you don’t get location

*Go to iPhone settings – Privacy – Location Services.
– enable Location Services (if you haven’t already).
– allow this for SportsTracker (Wile Using the App or Always).

If you don’t get heart rate from the wrist HR

– Check that your have enabled Heart Rate from Apple Watch companion app Privacy settings.
– You are wearing the watch as Apple has recommended.

How to sync Apple Watch activities if they are not synced automatically

– open ST app on your iPhone, syncing should start.
– if the ST app is already open, open the Apple Watch menu by tapping the watch icon in the top left corner, syncing should start.

How to sync Apple Watch activities if they are not still synced

– make sure both the iPhone and Apple Watch have enough charging (battery level is high enough) to sync to trigger.
– make sure iPhone and Apple Watch are connected either via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi (red phone icon is not displayed on the Apple Watch).
– open Apple’s Health app on the iPhone and make sure workouts you are trying to sync are visible in Today > Workouts > Show All Data.

If Black’n white Sports Tracker logo appears on the watch screen
you are missing Apple Health permissions (ST Apple Watch app shows only the ST icon, but does not prompt for a permission request):
– open Apple’s Health app on the iPhone, go to Sources > SportsTracker and toggle Turn On All Categories.

If route is not available for the workout after syncing?

You are missing Apple Health permissions
– open Apple’s Health app on the iPhone, go to Sources > SportsTracker and toggle Turn On All Categories.

You have disabled location permission in iPhone’s Privacy settings
– Go to iPhone’s Settings > Privacy – Location services -SportsTracker and enable (While Using the App or Always).

You are using Apple Watch Series 1or older without iPhone
– Apple watch series 1 and older don’t have in-build GPS sensor.


Sports Tracker team – sports tracking enthusiasts of Finland

Tip: If you need support with the app please contact our customer service.

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