How to use your Suunto watch with the Sports Tracker app

Sports Tracker compatible Suunto watch
Now is a great time to check out Suunto’s new watches Suunto 9 Baro and Suunto 3 Fitness.

Did you know that you can use Suunto watches seamlessly with the Sports Tracker app!

If you have an older Suunto watch or you don’t currently have one now is a good time to get a new one! Buy your favorite one HERE. After purchasing a Suunto watch you just need to:

  • Download the Suunto app for iPhone or for Android.
  • Login to Suunto app using your Sports Tracker username and password.
  • All your old and new workouts will be shown in Suunto app and Sports Tracker app automatically.
  • Now you can use Sports Tracker app seamlessly with your Suunto watch.

Also check out how to share your workouts from the app to social media!

Happy tracking!


  1. Barbora Klimošova

    Dobrý den prosím vás hodinky Suunto spartan treiner whirst se také dají spárovat se sport trecrem? děkuji Bára

  2. Dao Trong Hieu

    Hi, I am in Hanoi Vietnam. Where can I buy the Suunto?


    1. Sports Tracker

      Hi! You can check it from here:

  3. SONNYBOY Mbatha

    The app is proper man I love it


    Bonjour à toute l’équipe.
    Y a t il une possibilité de connexion de sport tracker avec la game gear de Samsung. Merci de votre réponse.

  5. Dirk

    I‘ve tried the suunto App with my Ambit 3 Peak HR, synchonization of workouts was fine, but it was not possible to change the settings.
    Settings which were modified within the suunto Movescount portal are only synced if the movescount app is used.

    Is there a plan to change this? Would be great. Why are the daily steps not synced with any of the apps?

    1. Sports Tracker


      Could you contact Suunto Support for this issue: so that they can help you better.

  6. david Savatier

    C’est très dommage de ne pas pouvoir utiliser le réglage des modes sportifs de l’ambit 3 avec l’appli suunto ou sports tracker. On perd une fonctionnalité essentielle qui existait pourtant avec movescount !!!

  7. Rogerio


    Where can I buy one in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

    Are there any shop in the city of Sao Jose dos Campos?


    1. Sports Tracker

      Hi! Here you can search your local dealers:

  8. Jorge

    Podría utilizar la app de Sports tracket como hasta ahora con cualquier modelo de reloj Suunto,por ejemplo,el Suunto Ambit 3 Run Lime??

  9. John Chris

    Best app , it’s make help to improve ur health day to day and also motivat us for more workout

    1. Sports Tracker

      Glad that you like :)

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