1. iphone 4 apps free

    The eduroam companion seems to be a very good app that fullfils the need to find an eduroam network nearby in a simple manner. A small wish: display the number of APs per site.

  2. iphone

    Hello, I thought your post is magnificent.

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    As I website owner I conceive the subject matter here is very great , thankyou for your efforts.

  4. Annuities for Dummies

    Great page on Invite Only Beta | Sports Tracker. Thanks! Why do I work so hard to pay for insurance?

  5. Stingray

    HI all .. Stingray here :)
    So glad to hear the beta’s out, as just received my Galaxy TAB .. yay! .. and my Galaxy S II is on the way (crossing fingers for next week.. yay)
    So hit me up for beta testing, I will install it on both devices and send ya feedback :)

  6. Morris

    I want to participate on testing beta version of Sports Tracker for android. I am just using endomondo prog on android with Polar and also Polar watches.

  7. Carl

    Android Galaxy S (GT-I9000), Germany.
    Happy to offer my cooperation in beta-stage.
    Used sports tracker on several Nokia phones for years. Now using “miCoach” as intermediate solution before sports tracker app is back on my device.

  8. NecatPace

    i wanna be a beta of iphone and android, i have now runkeeper /iphone and endomondo with polar bluetooth /android

  9. Sven

    I’ve tried some applications on my Samsung Galaxy S (Endomondo, JogMap, runtastic…..) but your site is absolut fantastic! I still have my Winte GPS Tracker with me and it would be cool be a beta tester for your android app!

  10. Carlos Perez

    I, use other sports GPS program, and I would like to test this on the iphone. It’s look very good on nokia.

  11. Andrea

    Android Galaxy S, betatest tanks! i go in the mountain bike a lot!

  12. Frank Roelofs


    I’m really looking forward to testing this app for Android, i own a HTC Desire and use it to track my mountainbike and running tracks. I always used Sportstracker on my Nokia and i really liked it! hopefully the ones for Android and iPhone are even better ;)


  13. TonyS


    i really love to test the new Iphone app.
    with the start of my new session…i really want to test..!!

    just made my account on sports tracker…and waiting for your Beta….

    thanks forwarth.!

  14. JAviad

    Me encantaría probarla,soy un fanatico de ella en nokia X6 y ahora tengo un Iphone.

  15. mecki77

    What a pity – missed the sign in for the beta test – but i’m glad to read that the beta-test will start soon – so i can hopefully use sportstracker on my new Android Mobile too – i don’t wanna change the SIM every time i do sports.
    If you still need someone for compatibility Tests feel free to contact me – i’ve got a HTC Wildfire S A510e with Android 2.3.3

    Best Regards Marc

  16. miki

    Hace mucho tiempo que lo utilizo con nokia, y ahora me gustaría probarlo con android !!

  17. miki

    Hace mucho que utilizo sportracker con nokia, y ahora quisiera probarlo con android !! LA verdad que tiene muy buena pinta,

  18. bitSmasher

    Would be interested in Android testing, used Sports Tracker on Nokia and am really looking forward to the port.

  19. Manda

    Some chance to get in to Beta testing for Androin platform? Thx for reply..

  20. Abraham

    Ya estoy impaciente para usarlo en el Iphone.

  21. Runner

    I am using another app but anything else is very welcome. I would like to test this app but never for free… Th normal thing would be to give something away for the time spent testing the app. A camelbak, sport headsets or something. It is OK that people give free fedback so you can save money to give jobs for that, but this is too much…IMO

    1. antti_engineer

      Finally Android app available. I just can’t understand why do you select only 20 beta testers? Guys, nowadays there are thousands of beta testers used. By the way I found another sports tracker app around called movescout.com. Check it out!

    2. Patrick

      Runner: why would you expect something for free? it is a free program, you are gaining use from it, you are only required to comment if something is broken or could be improved, and it benefits others… I would understand the “free items” thing if it were something that the end-user would pay for, but a free phone app? really… :S

  22. noledge

    Oh I forgot to tell in my “why I would be a good tester” – I use the polar HR-belt when running, so this will be tested too ;-)

  23. tjengo

    hopefully beta ends before summer ;-)

  24. Jarkko

    Kädet hikoavat jo :)

  25. Matej

    Finaly progress on Android version.

  26. Jochem

    Oh boy, finally!

  27. antonio

    para cuando en español???

  28. Melvin Stuurman

    this is very nice, how i really would love to have the app.
    i just aint a beta tester.
    Keep up the good work !

  29. Convites para Sports Tracker em versões iPhone e Android

    […] começarão esta semana e com o Android logo em seguida. Se alguém ai acha que pode ajudar, basta preencher o formulário no site Sports Tracker Blog. Os escolhidos serão notificados via […]

    1. miki

      Donde hay que apuntarse ??

      1. toniddp

        Lo mismo digo :P

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