iPhone enters Invite Only Beta + new screens and info!

The first 50 iPhone testers (yes we did add more testers as the response was so overwhelming – thank you all!) have now been contacted and they will receive the Beta build of our iPhone application today. Exciting times!

The testers will report their findings to our support community so monitor that space for the first “real” taste of Sports Tracker on iPhone.

The iPhone app is getting very close to release so hang tight, check out more info about some exciting new features launching on both iPhone and Android below and get ready to start tracking on iPhone!

New features debuting on iPhone and Android

Home Screen & Notifications

The Home Screen gives you an overview of your Sports Tracker activity: The summary of all your tracked workouts, your latest workout and the amount of new notifications. And obviously you can easily start tracking a new workout using the big orange button.

The Notifications work pretty much the like notifications on Facebook. You will be notified when your Sports Tracker friends share new workouts, comment your shared workouts and when someone accepts your friend request.

If you have linked you Sports Tracker account to your Facebook account you will even be notified when your Facebook friends join Sports Tracker so that you can then easily invite them to be your friends on Sports Tracker too.


The Friends section brings the Sports Tracker community to your mobile and lets you to interact with your Sports Tracker friends while on the go.

You can browse your friends latest workouts and photos as a list or in a cool map view. You can also read comments that your friends have added and take part in the discussion by adding your own.

We have even added the Friend Profile view so that you can browse all the shared workouts of a specific friend.

Friend management is also included so you can accept and send friend requests straight from your mobile.


Explore is a handy tool for finding new routes and trails near your current location or anywhere in the world.

As you zoom in and out of the Explore map view you see other workouts as shared by the Sports Tracker community.

You can then choose to view more details of the workout to see if it might be something you’d like to try as well.

The workouts and photos from the selected area also viewable as a list.


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  3. Chris

    Hey Guys,
    I noticed that you are testing the Iphone version right now but what about the Android version. Will there be a release soon as well?

    1. tjengo

      still no android news!?!?!?

  4. Lukeenho

    I see few very nice new features, but what about the voice feedback? I really hope it will be included, otherwise it´s big disadvantage against other Android apps (I´m using SportyPal now, looking forward to SportsTracker, but I can´t imagine not having voice feedback anymore)

  5. William Kennedy

    Looks great the iPhone app. One question. I’m using the hearth read belt on my Nokia E72 now. When I switch to an iPhone do I have to buy another HRB?

    greetings from the Netherlands,


    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi William!

      The iPhone version does not support HR sensors. This is due to Apple’s approach to Bluetooth devices. We are working on providing a solution for this but the Polar belt supported by the Nokia Sports Tracker will not be supported.

      – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

      1. William Kennedy

        Hi Jussi,
        Tnx for the quick reply! Well I keep stuck to my ‘ old’ Nokia E72 when I do sporting hihi. Thinks are changing in the Kennedy-residence iMac, iPad, MacBook Pro and next for be banned out is the Nokia :-)

        Greetz from The Wetland

        1. Jussi Solja

          :) Hopefully we can get a HR solution for your iPhone as well. Follow us on Twitter / Facebook for the latest developments on that are as well.

          Happy tracking!


      2. Mark

        For clarity, the iPhone DOES support HR sensors, but currently requires the use of a small dongle in conjunction with a belt. The iPhone does not support HR via Bluetooth, a limitation due to restrictions Apple has put on the iPhone Bluetooth stack. Hopefully they will lift these restrictions soon, as they slowly have been doing over time. There are a few manufacturers of dongles. I use the Ant+/Wahoo one with another app and it works very well. How about support for these devices?

        1. Jussi Solja

          Hi Mark!

          We are looking in to the options for supporting HR on iPhone. We will let you know when we’ve found the solution! :)

          – Jussi / Team ST

      3. Tobias Mayr

        Hi Jussi!
        This sucks a bit, as I’ve bought the Polar belt for my old Nokia, but then decided to by an iPhone (and sell the Nokia) and use the new ST iPhone version..and now what should I do with my belt? -.-

        1. Jussi Solja

          Hi Tobias!

          Yep it does suck to be honest but unfortunately the issue is out of our hands :( Hopefully you can find someone who could use your belt :)

          – Jussi / Team ST

          1. Tobias Mayr

            I still hope you will find some dongle that supports the polar belt ;)

    2. Andi

      Hi all,

      only 50 Beta Testers ? – When will there be more keys available ? – I really would like to test it !


      1. masamune1981

        I don’t think they’re going to invite more people. I also believe that they’re releasing the final app during the next couple weeks, since SST announced to release until end of spring. So relax and wait for the release like the rest of us.

  6. masamune1981

    Wow, this looks great. I know we were impatient, but now I know the app is worth waiting for. Good work.
    Can’t wait to get my hands on this :D

  7. Stefan

    Its very disappointing to see all those new features in a closed Beta for the (=)&/$! (censored) Phone from Cuppertino.
    Like others already said, your “old” and loyal Symbian Users are waiting for Improvements and new features like Live-Tracking e.g. and you bring at least nuew features, even without live tracking, but for a new developed system.
    For Info i use Sportstracker since Beta, and ordered the HF-Belt a year ago in Finnland. At the time when i need a new Mobile i also viewed a couple of Android-Phones but NO other App was as good as Sportstracker, not least because of Sportstracker i decided to by a Symbian Phone (N8) again.
    I would be sad to see in future that other platforms get new features for Sportstracker and the Symbian users are the losers!

    1. Darren

      It’s because IOS and Android support extra features that Symbian doesn’t. Thats all.

      1. Nrde

        Like what features exactly?

        I would also like to have some new and shiny stuff incorporated to the “old” Symbian version. I would be willing to pay for them even.

  8. Vitor

    I hope you fix the crashes. Lots of people reporting them @ support site.

  9. jo

    i have never been a big fan of symbian phones.

  10. Tictal

    What about the symbian version ?? are we gonna get all those great features ??

  11. Mikko

    Is this how you show how much you appreciate your old, loyal user base? Bringing new features only to closed beta for platforms that have not been supported before? While you are focusing in Android and iPhone support, users are still waiting for re-inventing live sharing, audio feedback and few others. Would be nice to see some progress in those areas as well.

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Mikko!

      As a lot of users are moving from Symbian to the new smart phone platforms it just is crucial for us to support those platforms as well – simply to stay in the race. That said we do appreciate and value our loyal Nokia user base highly. Symbian version of Sports Tracker will be developed and the features you mentioned are on the todo list. Expect to see a lot of progress on those areas once the two new platforms are out!

      Thanks for your support!

      – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

      1. Mikko

        Thanks Jussi for prompt reply.
        As many Symbian users are also still proud of their phones and maybe moving to Windows Phone platform in future, I hope your plans are well aligned to support that platform as well. Looking forward to see new features in mobile client as well as web service, keep up the good work, guys!

  12. dzat

    Yes, cannot wait to use sportstracker again as during my nokia n97 days. Now using android & tired wt this runkeeper……i want sportstracker back!
    Can’t wait

  13. Clint

    How do we get on the beta? I’ve just upgraded my Nokia5800 to an Android phone and I’ve had to switch apps, but I’d really like to start using yours again.

  14. Paul

    Man! I’m using also currently Runkeeper, but geez, when sports-tracker comes out of Beta for Android, I’m so back to using it.

    Miss my sports-tracker times on Symbian1 a year ago.

  15. Simon Thomé

    Will these new features be available for Symbian too?

  16. Daniel

    Hi Sports Tracker,

    I’m a user from Android, and I do a lot of sports. I’m a triathlete. Currently I use Runkeeper, but I like better your app.

    If you want I can try your beta app for Android.

    Best wishes.

  17. Simon

    Will all this new features also be available on Symbian soon?

  18. Euller Barros

    Great News! Congrats!

    And what about the Android Version? When the beta will be released?

    1. Jussi Solja

      Thanks! Should not be long now. We’ll keep you posted!

      – Jussi / Team Sports Tracker

      1. Jukka K

        Come on, hurry on with it ;) Tired of using Endomondo…

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