Sports Tracker gets a Favorite Website Award!

Sports Tracker has been chosen by FWA to be the Mobile of the Day on this day – September the 13th 2011! We are very happy and honored as FWA is THE most recognized authority in the world when it comes to web service and app design.

In fact we are so beside ourselves that we are giving away 3 new Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitors! Yes you read it right: We’ve got 3 brand new kick ass ST HRMs’ to give away and all you have to do is enter your information below and answer a simple question – and you must do it during September 13th. Good luck!

Competition entry is over. Thanks for all who took part! We’ll email the winners in the next few days :)



  1. Moncler Femmes Jackets

    i am new to this and fabulous pumpkin actually humorous and revolutionary !! cheers for sharing.

  2. Mark Sharkie Richards

    Well done , sports tracker for award . You’ll get my vote . Sports Tracker is my most used app .

  3. Alistair McAlpine

    Good job guys – thumbs up for all your hard work!

  4. oscar

    :( i not was on time for the competition. I new but seem sport-traker is nice.

  5. Martín Schillaci

    It never crash!!!

  6. Ciro

    sabaraja sacisa kick ass?

  7. ccom


  8. Luxar

    Oh no, I was late (

  9. Luxar

    о нет, я опоздал(

  10. malcolm mathieson

    this is just reward for a great site which has given me the encouragement I needed to keep up with the running.

  11. S.L Ebeling

    Its verry nice of sporttrack to gif awy three heart rate monitors i hope that i wil become one of them.

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