Sports Tracker iPhone Bike Mount and iPhone v.1.5.2 released!

This time we’ve got some good news for iPhone Trackers: The Sports Tracker Bike Mount for iPhone is now available in the Sports Tracker Online Store + v.1.5.2. of the iPhone app has also landed in the App Store!

Sports Tracker Bike Mount for iPhone

The new iPhone Bike Mount offers a durable and trusty way to keep your iPhone with you when biking. Be it road cycling or mountain biking the new Sports Tracker iPhone Bike Mount offers affordable protection for your phone while keeping it visible and usable – so keeping track of your progress is very easy and more fun :)

Main features

  • Compatible with iPhone 3, 3GS and 4.
  • Rugged engineering plastic
  • Silicone liner protects against shocks and knocks
  • Protects your phone against weather, dust and sweat
  • Transparent window that allows operation of the touch screen
  • Windows for camera lenses in front and back
  • Opening for charger and earphone jack
  • Portrait/landscape rotation
  • Adjustable mounting bracket

The Bike Mount is now available from for only 44.90€ with FREE SHIPPING!

Sports Tracker for iPhone 1.5.2.

The latest version of the iPhone app features fixes and updates to issues reported by our users. Get the update from the App Store now :)

New features

  • Workout photos can be deleted in the diary


  • Manual lap times and total times wrong after sync
  • Sync issues
  • If authentication fails because of invalid credentials, inform the user about it and log out
  • Crash fix related to setting the time of a workout manually
  • Graph view crash fixes
  • Map crash fixes

Keep the feedback coming and have fun out there!

– Team Sports Tracker



  1. Vada Mccallon

    Samsung is sueing apple over that LTE technology used in the iphone 5, the irony

  2. Major Harriage

    A6 processor is faster than high end snapdragon s4 and quad core exynos arm A9 due to being the first arm A15 chip in existence.

  3. Mabel Meyerhoff

    Sorry for the huge review, but I’m really loving the brand new Zune, and hope this, and also the excellent reviews other everyone has written, may help you detect whether it’s the right choice for you.

  4. d woolley

    seems bit exspensive just for a mount

  5. Beaver

    When will you make a cover for the Samsung Galaxy II??

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