Site Update: Test the new features in Beta!

Our site team has been hard at work on some big improvements to We’ve now published the results of their work to our Beta-site for you to test.

How to test and report issues

  1. Use the site and pay special attention to the new features listed below:
  2. Report issues, bugs and other feedback to our development community.

New features and changes


  • New Media Viewer: Bigger picture size, picture descriptions, picture commenting, sharing of pictures to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tagging: You can now tag your workout buddies to your workouts as well as the pictures they appear in.
  • Ascent / Descent now visibile in workout data.
  • Automatic route-based comparison of workouts.
  • Calorie consumption now calculated (based on user weight if saved to user settings) when using GPX-import to add workouts.
  • Indoor workout view updated to show Heart-rate data instead of map if available.


  • Search: Explore the globe and find new adventures easier by searching for locations in Explore.
  • Map search also added to the site main page.


  • Non-latin character support added
  • Fixes to retrieve lost password functionality
  • Multiple smaller bugfixes

Have fun and hope you enjoy the new features!

Team Sports Tracker



  1. Blueshell

    Hi, Fernando, Very well done…

    Bom dia, sou eu quem está a avliar o seu Inglês, no PRA!
    Sef«gui os links e vim dar ao blog, depois de passar pela sua página.

    Parab+ens: fez um bom trabalho

    Felicidades a todos os níveis.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Patrick Christoph

    It would be great if I could set my nokia app to speak to me every Xmeters, and tell me how much time it took me. It could also work for the inverse and every X minutes say the distance.

    1. deniz

      Yes,I agree.Like nike plus,every km it says the time,how long left,how fast.With this function would be perfect.

      1. Flavio Neves

        I would love to have this function too… I’m anxiosly expecting it… Like jonny says “keep running”…
        Best regards,

  3. Stan

    Shame it’s still using flash… move to HTML5 people !

    I know, just a annoying techie comment, I’m a geek OK. Still the greatest webapp and iphone app to track my workouts.

    (and pretty happy with the iphone bike mount)

    1. FD

      It seems the Flash site is working very well ;) I bet HTML5/JS at the moment would be developer’s horror for creating truly cross browser compatible site and some feature would look not so cool compared what can be done with Flash.

  4. cristbal

    No estaría de mas una tradición a español de la pagina web, ya que ofrecéis este producto es español. Por lo demás, el programa esta muy bien y lo uso a diario

  5. Andrew WJ

    Hardly a sporting feature I know but I do miss having the music tracks marked on the website map (as they are on the phone). You’ve done this in the past, any chance of reviving this?

    Great app/website combo. Thanks

  6. danielfranz31

    the ascent / descent is not correct on some workouts… on the same workout, one is correct and the other is about 1000 meters more for ascent and descent too… maybe you can fix it…

  7. joebart

    Le mémé mais en français ca serait cool.
    Ainsi que l application en français ;-)

  8. AccompagnatoreSportivo

    Hi and thanks!
    I usually use the import GPX features becouse i have no internet on my phone, so images that i toke are uploaded after too, It will be great if is possible georeference them after or they will seem toke in Helsiki.
    Ascent/discent data are not always correct.
    Suggestion: when share the workout on Fb if is possible choose between picks uploaded.
    You did a very good job!
    Thanks Again

  9. Leon

    pls ~ can type any title, comment in Korean,we are Korea with 2 byte letter.

  10. Voicu Tulai

    About the ascent/descent: not sure how the values are computed: my Polar watch reports something completely different. For example, on a ride where my watch reports 250melevation gain, the ascent reported on the beta site is 654m. Not sure how to explain the difference, but I trust my watch is accurate.

  11. CeeFlam

    Nice the adding of ascent/descent.
    Also nice the new photo viewer.
    I can’t find the Automatic route-based comparison of workouts.
    When will it be possible to export workouts/tracks of other users?

  12. Juanjo

    The ascend / descend is more than in reality.
    Only going to be for the web? Also for symbian application please.

  13. Alfonso

    When a live tracking?

    1. darko

      add a live tracking.

  14. sth

    Bug: Sometimes in data view the “heart rate” -frame shows belt ad even hr is recorded and visible in “profile” -frame, hope this is not a feature.

    Automated route based comparison is a good idea but not the wish that was on the top: User has to be able to select the compared trainings/routes freely, even they are not labeled under same sport (biking-mountain biking, walking-hiking) Compared trainings should be visible simultaneously in map so that route deviations can be evaluated, and also simultaneously in profile window so that user can evaluate where the differences in statistics were caused.

    Would be a nice feature in overview frame if route line could by varying color indicate speed, hr or some other user selectable variable.

  15. clausg

    descent is minimum twice as high as it should be :-(

    1. clausg

      … and ascent the same

  16. Elille

    Yes I like this. I’m so exited to try this on my HTC radar windows phone.

  17. Mikko

    nice improvements, thanks. Only “valuable” for me is automatic route based comparison, others are not so important. Still, finally it would be nice to see “groups” and “live sharing” to be enabled again as those were there already some time ago. I can not believe why it takes so long to re-invent the features that was there already in the past!

  18. Ronald

    Very Nice…But support geotagging manual uploaded photo’s

    1. Sandro

      Anche io ho il problema di georeferenziare le foto. E un altra idea che mi era venuta era quella di poter stampare il percorso degli amici per poterlo ripercorrere.

  19. Juha

    How about adding more settings into voice feedback? :)
    it would be nice to be able to choose when the voice tells it is once per kilometer. but how about once every 5minutes or so? :) Runkeeper has this, i hope this will also soon :)

    1. Matteo

      I agree with you, moreover I will be happy when it is possible to set the correct language of the feedback (now I hear the english feedback pronunced in italian… awful).
      Furthermore I like very much the endomondo live tracking (when I run my friends can engourage me during my workouts, and my girlfriend can see if I am near to home or I am far away!) and I hope that one day we will see a similar thing on ST (at the moment I notice that ST is more accurate in tracking, I use ST for hicking and endo for running, but I would use ST for everything)!

  20. Luicha

    Great! Nice and interesting features :)

  21. Nrde

    @Limpo there’s nothing ST alone can do about the HRM and iPhone. It’s a limitation of iOS.
    Nice improvements, I especially like bigger images and Twitter/FB sharing.

  22. Limpo

    Still no HRM for iPhone

    1. Matteo

      Tell it to Tim Cook!

  23. Limpo

    Still no HRM for iPhone makes me said

  24. Dani

    The Ascent / Descent is wrong on my imported workouts…

    1. Boštjan

      The Ascent / Descent is way,way wrong (off) on all my workouts

      1. Jer

        Ascent/Descent is not correct, sometimes is higher/lower than real.

  25. Matteo

    ST portal is the best of gps tracker portals. The new feature are interesting, very interesting the auto comparision of the workouts. But in my opinion there are some tools still missing for the analysis of training, such as statistics on a partial selection of the track and the ability to view not only the speed in km / h but also in min / km (at least the running workouts).

    1. Onno

      Partial analyses is already possible for a long time; just go to laps and set your lap-distance to analyse. And speed in min/km is also possible; you can see it in de work-out data under “average pace”. During your workout you can change the speed-mode from km/h to min/km by just tapping on it.

      Anyway, Great improvements! Will test them soon…

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