Web service update: New media viewer, tagging, ascent/descent and more!

Thanks to the activity of our Beta-testers (thanks all for the bug reports and ideas) the new web service features are now up on sports-tracker.com! See below for the full list and give them a spin :)

New features and changes


  • New Media Viewer: Bigger picture size, picture descriptions, picture commenting, sharing of pictures to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tagging: You can now tag your workout buddies to your workouts as well as the pictures they appear in.
  • Ascent / Descent now visibile in workout data.
  • Automatic route-based comparison of workouts.
  • Calorie consumption now calculated (based on user weight if saved to user settings) when using GPX-import to add workouts.
  • Indoor workout view updated to show Heart-rate data instead of map if available.


  • Search: Explore the globe and find new adventures easier by searching for locations in Explore.
  • Map search also added to the site main page.


  • Non-latin character support added
  • Fixes to retrieve lost password functionality
  • Multiple smaller bugfixes

Have fun and hope you enjoy the new features!

Team Sports Tracker



  1. Patrick Lelie

    Why is it still not possible to export all of my data as a csv file ?
    It would be nice to be able to import this in excell for deeper analyses.
    This should’nt be too difficult to do.

    Greeetings Patrick

  2. Tarmo Viljamaa

    I found an error in workout list where it shows “Difference to activity best”. It compares now the best times between all different workouts. So my best running activity shows difference to best skiing activity -1.30 min/km and so on…
    Interesting, but not what I want to know!

  3. Martin

    The application uses Open street map (at least on the Nokia E71) which I find great. However, so far I have not figured out how to use OSM in the online web service. Is there a way to switch between Google Maps and OSM? It is a shame not to have the detail offered by OSM available when viewing uploaded workouts. If this is not possible, is it planned to be made available in the near future? I would gather that I am not the only one who would greatly appreaciate it!

  4. Juan

    Desde la actualizacion de la web se han perdido datos de mis entrenamientos desde junio de 2010 hasta la fecha. Porfavor podriais recuperar esos datos.

    1. Juan

      He descubierto que tengo dos perfiles como puedo borrar uno

  5. mocoohay

    Dear sports-tracker team,
    thanks for the update.. but the ascent/descent calculation from GPS is far-far-far from real tools… and this with different phones.
    So please delete it or use better methods (altitude maps calculation or support barometer sensors).

  6. Taksu

    After the changes, I can’t hide the speed, altitude and heartrate graphs from the fullscreen view like I used to.

    Then just a few improvements I’d like to see:
    – Travelled distance and calorie consumption of each lap, not just the total workout (lots of interval-workouts which include both running and walking).

    – An option to hide altitude information & graphs by default, as they are always way off (altitude can change hundreds of meters while rowing… etc)

    Thanks for the great app!

  7. Dan


    ST has some nice features. Voice feedback volume is too low when riding and listening to music. Can the volume be adjusted higher or can you mute the music when the voice feedback talks?


  8. Will

    I’ve been a longtime user of Sports Tracker so I still don’t understand why after almost 1.5 years live tracking still did not come back. I haven’t deleted Sports Tracker from my phone, I keep paying attention, I visit the site from time to time. I noticed quite some updates and new features but still no live tracking, oh well. I and my machine both have some small problems with the clunky flash design but the lack of the live tracking that’s been available for years is the main point. I’m sorry but whenever I’m asked for advice I can’t come up with Sports Tracker. Bring back Live Tracking, please.

    1. darko

      add live tracking.

      1. eon

        Agree… why no live tracking – Endo can do it, so why can’t you?

  9. Mark Sharkie Richards

    I like the new look . Thanks

  10. Johnnie

    It should be somehow integrated with “find my iphone” or similar? Live tracking should be possible… for a mountain biker it should be possible to find them if something happens (accident or something) on the dangerous terrain before save and sync? Endomondo has that possibility…

  11. AccompagnatoreSportivo

    Great! thanks.
    when i import the GPX and try to edit the steps number of my workout the ascent/discent data disappear.
    I hope is a little thing for you to fix.
    Many many thanks

  12. Karriv

    Are you sure the problem is in the app? Step count worked fine on my N97 mini until June 2011. Then I changed to Samsung Galaxy and the feature disappeared. Could be either that the Android app does not support it or that the device does not support it.

  13. Ronald

    Sorry I’m not happy,.. Why are the manual uploaded photos not geotaged on the trip.?? I’m still uploaded trips via Oruxmaps (OSmaps) . The Android app is very unreliable and not stable when taken pictures. (with Nokia E71 no problem)
    I hope for better developments in this app in future!!

    HTC Wildfire S

  14. Tarmo Viljamaa


    Route comparison is great! I’m already using only Beta.

    About altitude problems…
    I updated the newest Nokia Maps to my C7 yesterday and after that the altitude of my routine route seems to be reasonable at first time (finally)!!!

  15. Ralph

    I have riden the one rout now 5 times and the automatic route comparison is only picking up 2 of them at a time and not the others. Can this be fixed or is it something to do with the way my phone tracks the route or downloads the data?

    1. Ralph

      Figured out my problem. It was looking at the name of the trip, not comparing the route taken. So all the trips labelled ‘to work’ are being picked up in one group and the others labelled ‘to home’ are being picked up in another group.

  16. Giora

    Thank you for non Latin characters support.

    1. Juan K

      Why Not? Are you the bigges looser?

  17. Bill Barekas

    I liked more the old way of sharing workouts to Facebook, it allowed you to edit the shared post, choose not to add a thumbnail, etc.

    The new sharing functionality is quite fixed and does not provide any aid to format your post.

    The rest of the changes are in the good way :)

  18. John

    How come when you tag a friend in a workout the workout doesnt show on their profile?

  19. J-J

    Thanks for the great app!
    Is there going to be a finnish traslation for N9?

    1. Kalle

      Finnish translation is missing also in android!

  20. Rogerio

    When will the stepcounter return?
    It’s a powerful indicator, providing crucial information for improving running technique, and disappeared in August 2010!
    I hope you can include it in the next update!
    Keep up the good work!
    Best regards!

  21. Michael

    Hi – Best app ever!

    2 great ideas for you:

    1 – Please add comments to routes on the map. For example: Place marker on map where something happened (like flat tyre, etc.)

    2. Display map data in 3D (not glasses, 3D of terrain) – You have Google maps, you have heights form tracking. Combine it and show actual trail in 3D model where you can rotate and see ascents/descents as they are like in some video games :)( probably hard to do but possible).

    1. Kristan

      I would really like both of these idea’s; As far as the 3D view is concerned – It’s something that I quite admired SportyPal for before I migrated. They used Google Earth I believe.

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