Lower resolution support for Android and a special Xmas offer!

Lower resolution support for Sports Tracker on Android

One of the main requests related to our Android application has been the support for lower resolution devices (QVGA & WQVGA).

It’s taken a little while but we heard you and are happy to announce that the support has now been added! Just head to Android Market to download the app and it will automatically now also support the smaller resolution Android devices.

» Download Sports Tracker for Android

The perfect Xmas gift now 10€ off!

The new Sports Tracker Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor is the perfect Xmas present: It comes in a sturdy box (let’s face it: no one likes the soft presents) and it has class leading features to help burn the extra calories acquired over the Holidays :)

Key features

  • Accurate real-time heart rate measurement
  • Extended connection range (20+ meters)
  • Rechargeable
  • Comfortable premium quality textile strap
  • Android and Nokia Symbian compatible

If you order before the 10th of December you can now grab the HRM for a special price of 59.90€ (down 10€ from 69.90€).

» Order now to make sure the delivery takes place before the Xmas rush!



  1. Guido

    I use Sports_tracker on ballast Note. Its not belivable but i was walking 21474 km in 01:58:12 at 10900km/u.
    Mi startpoint was Limburg, Diepenbeek, Veltum end mi endpoint was Gulf of Guinee, Afrika.
    Wat is going on with this fukking app?
    Notting is working.
    On mi Nokia c6_01 all was working fine but Android ????

  2. maggie black

    Ordered the Bluetooth heart rate monitor and have received no reply
    Credit card accepted

    Not able to use app. Very frustrating

  3. David

    Y la Versión de android en Español para cuando?

  4. BLANC André

    Bientot une version française??-
    Sportivement, a.B

  5. BLANC André

    une version Française pour 2012 ? ? ?….. Sportivement.

  6. kobi levi

    hi ! way i cen’t shre my trek in facebook?

  7. Marcin

    Works perfectly on my Samsung Galaxy Mini, thank you!

  8. gonzalez

    Gracias por adaptar el programa. Lo acabo de instalar en SAMSUNG GT-I5800 y dejaré de utilizar “endomondo”.
    ¿Alguien sabe como importar de un programa a otro todas las rutas?

  9. abs

    i had compared with nokia version and this android version. it seems that the heart bpm is faster on android?

  10. cheryl stevens

    So happy to have ST on my HTC (at last!) BUT why doesn’t the imperial/metric setting stay applied? I set it to imperial and when I start the run its back on metric :(

  11. pous

    Thank you so much! I almost sold my phone because ST wouldn’t run on it (a fact I hadn’t known about before buying the phone).

    1. Erwin Montes

      Me too, I still using my Nokia 5800 for ST, now I’ll see if ST on Android can reach de GPS location faster and how much batt it drains.

  12. Tobias

    THX it takes long but i´m thankfull.
    i had no hope anymore, so now i´m really suprised!

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