We Are Hiring!

Want to help make your favorite sports tracking service even better? If working for Sports Tracker sounds like your gig check out the links below for more info on what kind of talents we are looking to add to the ST Team!

As you can see we are gearing up for a great 2012. Stay tuned for more news! Best way to keep informed is by following us on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Marko Hokkanen

    Hi, I would like to be part of Sports Tracker team. I love sports tracker! In Finland!


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, thanks for the interest and loving the app. We’re currently not hiring, but we’ll keep you in mind:).

  2. Ollie Oneal

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  3. TERRY Moore

    I’m new to the sports tracker and I like what I see great service if you need a tester in hendersonville tennessee I would love to be a part of the team

  4. deji

    I can also be a tester, there is lots of trails the area i live at and my goal is to experience it all and take pics and I am a Personal Trainer.

  5. deji

    I just recently started using sport tracker and would love to be apart of the tracker team. Online manager would be more ideal for me. I am based in Michigan US.

  6. Joel

    Voila 3 ans que j’utilise Sports Tracker, à VTT, sur route, en course à pied en randonnée. C’est un logiciel très complet je l’utilise aussi avec la ceinture cardio polar. Je l’ai utilisé sur symbian et depuis peu sur Android. Je serais ravi de proposer des améliorations et de les tester. Je l’utilise presque tous les jours.

  7. patrick

    I could be a good tester, actually im using your program in mountain biking, kayac, running and hiking, i´ll add some interesting mods,



  9. scott

    Can I telecommute?

  10. Roberto Braz

    I love sports tracker and would love to be a part of the team. I could be a test person fore your product.

  11. Davorin Lesjak

    I doo werry like to use Sport Tracker in all kinds of sport’s. It’s made exactly how i ever wan’t it. I come from Slovenia.
    I like to join the Crew in all ways.

    Davorin :)

  12. julia

    I would love to get involved. I use thid app when stand up paddle boatding and so do many of my frirnds. Obviously we have to use a good waterproof pouch for our phines to go into but its great to see our progress and track on rivers and at sea.

  13. hormaco

    Solo deseo hacerles saber de mi agradecimiento a sports-trecker por permitirme almacenar y compartir todas las actividades que desarrollo. Solo me gustaría agregar que estoy disconforme con el funcionamiento de la banda cardíaca, pues me resulta, por momentos, imposible de configurarla, como podrán apreciar en mis tracked.

  14. Greg Nemeth

    Saturday morning walk in Laveen, AZ. It was a nice 52 degree morning with nothing but dog lovers and jogging blondes were out. Listen to some nice motivational music will enjoying the mountains of the South Mountain Park in the distance.

  15. Evans Taiget

    I’m an athlete ,I love your sport tracker I would Like to work with you .I’m based in Kenya .hope to hear your reply.

  16. Brian Black

    I’m a regular user of the website and keep a track of all my workouts. I would be keen to help develop the concept and the product in any way I can. Thanks, keep up the good work. My favourite use of Sports Tracker is to have my phone on my handlebars as a map reader on the go in new areas. Brilliant for navigating and then actually seeing where you’ve been when you get home!!!

    Brian, Sydney (The Land Down Under).

  17. culej bozidar

    I would like to be part of Sports Tracker team. I’m a amateur photographer. I’m based in Croatia. Check my works on https://picasaweb.google.com/116005415534332436551

  18. RUBÉN

    Dear friends,
    I’d love in help us to better in whatever you need.
    Please, don’t hesitate to contact with me by e-mail.

  19. Alun

    Will the Qt version be developed to run on Symbian? Please don’t leave us behind like all the rest seem to be….

    1. Fabioamd87

      yes, I’m another happy symbian user.

  20. Michael Oliver

    Hi I would love to be a tester of you updates to give you feed back on the pros and cons of app. I use your app regular, I’m a keen mountain biker and runner. There are a few changes that are needed already which will make it even better! I’m saying this as a user not a marketing guru. look forward to hearing from you.

  21. M. Krepek

    I would love to be part of your team. I’m experienced in web developing, but I would love to be an online store manager, because I love to work online and I have some great experiences in online marketing as well.

  22. Fabio Arrua

    I write and speak 4 languagues fluently ( French, English, Spanish, Portuguese ) thus I can translate any app , help or userguides in order for expanding the reach of SportsTracker.

    I also work in the commercial department of a Law Firm.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  23. george chase

    I could be a test person fore your product, I do outdoor adventutures on daily basis. I explore.

  24. george chase

    I could be your test equipment test person. Very athletical and adventurous.

  25. Elizabeth Gutierrez

    I love sports tracker and would love to be a part of the team. Online store manager or something along there would be great. I’m based in Las Vegas NV.


    I would like to be part of Sports Tracker team. I’m a graphic designer and photographer based in the Caribbean and Venezuela.


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