UI fix for Nokia N9

NOTE: The update is now available for all N9 users. Sorry for the confusion!

This quick update fixes the UI issues experienced by N9 users that have updated to the latest device software version. It also addresses a login problem that some users have experienced. Thanks again for active bug reporting :)

What’s new in version 1.0.4

  • User interface changes to support device software version PR1.2
  • Fixes login related problem with certain special characters



  1. Not Happy

    I just installed it on my N9.
    set it up for walking. Did about 100 metres.
    Live distance is correct, but in Latest workout log, it says I did 1.29 Kilometres.

    Also asking for an internet connection every second is very annoying. I cannot see the display

  2. mrodrigues

    Very inaccurate GPS without filtering function.
    I wanna buy the HR monitor, but, without GPS filtering function this app for N9 is useless.

  3. Juhani

    I managed to get the update and it works but with two problems: First, it asks for internet connection all the time. If I don’t, the requests will block everything. If I give it, it will drain the battery. Second one is that if the phone hits power saving mode, the GPS stays online after I quit ST and recharge the phone. It shuts down only after a reboot.
    Still, it’s awesome that N9 is supported.

  4. Mike

    GPS accuracy update would be highly appreciated also for N9..please. I think that it is not good enough.

    1. mrodrigues

      Yes! Very inaccurate GPS without filtering function.
      I wanna buy the HR monitor, but, without GPS filtering function this app for N9 is useless.

  5. Harry

    Hello my friends !

    I have 1 question )

    Does cache for this program exist ?

    And if it exists, where can I download it ?

  6. SM

    Installed it on N9, tried it and then removed: it keeps asking for Internet connection which is not available on the field. N9 comes with maps which can be preloaded for offline usage, so why doesn’t Sports Tracker use them?

  7. Nysi

    So when are you fixing poor gps accuracy for n9? Here’s an example: http://tinyurl.com/c82s9vx.. I have many other examples also..

  8. mdesign

    OK, I have it, but I think release for N9 is more poor than release for E52 (Symbian).
    On my new N9 I expected a beep for heart rate zone for eg.
    This is what I got it no graph for workouts, no pause button, etc, etc.
    On my old (cheap) Nokia E52 I had better functionality than my new (expensive) Nokia N9:\
    Do you think make it better?

  9. Jukka

    I uploaded 1.04 for my N9. It works fine now but please inform that you should separate and pair again your heart rate belt with tracker. Othervise it jams and you loose you workout.

  10. Thore

    Sweet It works now!!

  11. Arto

    Update from Nokia Store worked now. Thanks everybody involved!

    1. Tero

      Seems so! But first I had to delete/move the /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/sportstracker_1.0.4_armel.sportstracker.FAILED file stated by Nicolas manually. Otherwise the updater always stated “failed, try downloading again”.

  12. Janne

    My N9 tried to update Sports Tracker, did not work and I rebooted the phone. After that disaster stroke, phone would not start any more. Kept saying: “laite ei toimi oikein” etc, was not able to re-flash. Phone is in service now.

  13. Nikem

    It worked for me by downloading it to my PC via http://store.ovi.com/content/31721/download and then installing it with “dpkg -i sportstracker*.deb” as root on the N9. It should also work when you download it from the Ovi-Store with firefox or opera on the N9.
    And yes, the UI is fixed, thanks!

  14. Nicolas Dufresne

    Just found a workaround. It seems that the checksum on Nokia server is wrong, which make it fail after download but the downloaded file is not corrupted. So here is what I did:

    – Open a terminal (developper mode)
    – $ devel-su
    – $ mv /var/cache/apt/archives/partial/sportstracker_1.0.4_armel.sportstracker.FAILED /home/user/MyDocs/sportstracker_1.0.4_armel.deb
    – Using Filebox, I double tap on that deb file, and wait.


    1. JariP

      Tx, Nicolas :) This worked.

  15. Nicolas Dufresne

    Maybe someone could post a link to the 1.0.4 .deb file for N9 (as a workaround) ?

  16. Eggert

    Also having problems updating Sport Tracker in my N9 in Iceland .. Download failed same as every one :P

  17. Windows Phone: GPS accuracy update + 23 new countries supported | Sports Tracker

    […] mysterious issues around the release of our MeeGo update last week are still affecting the ability for users to get the update or even to download the app from the […]

    1. Unhappy

      Hi there
      What’s up? Why still no Sports-Tracker in Nokia Store?

  18. Arto

    Found the old version 1.01 to be used until problem is solved: http://tinyurl.com/cajkd6q

  19. Eduard

    Not avaliable in Brazil, too.

  20. Peter

    Hi There,

    Can we have the old version for download untill the new one is ready ? I’m missing it.


  21. Thomas F

    Can not download in Denmark, so it is not just Finland..

  22. Tuukka

    Still not available in Finland. I had to exercise with my ZTE Blade this morning :/

  23. Chris

    Germany: not available for N9:-/

  24. Arto

    Sports-Tracker for N9 not available in Nokia servers in Finland? Really funny :)

  25. Lars Samuelsson

    Sweden is having issues as well. :-(

  26. Jussi

    More development is needed for n9, version is very modest comparing to N97.

  27. Gasse

    I can not login !!!

    1. mumak

      me too… cant log in

  28. Manon

    My phone was just updated to 1.2, so I was re-installing all my apps, and now I can’t download sportstracker anymore :( Please please please have it back soon?!

  29. Arto

    Need it for tomorrow morning! OK, maybe I can manage without it for a day or two :) But not a day longer. Pls get it fixed asap.

  30. torma99

    Do you plan to add HRM support for the Windows Phone version of Sports-tracker?

  31. .thomas

    still no update available, but, i’m also still very happy with the sportstracker qt application for n9. been wondering whether you are internally discussing how to further develop the application, there’s much potential.

  32. Tuomas

    Poistin ST:n N9:stä ja nyt en saa sitä enään ladattua takaisin – aivan hukassa! Koska sen saa takas?

  33. aleksandar

    i cant upload my workouts too….where do i ask obout my problem

  34. Sport

    update is not available in nokia store. Why? Where i can get it?

    1. Nrde

      Yeah, doesn’t show up on my donloads or with search.

    2. Jussi Solja

      Hi! It might take some time for the update to be available in all countries. We see it already in Finland :)

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. Hannu

        Not available in Finland: “Tuotetta ei voi enää ladata Nokia kaupasta” when clicked Store link from sports-tracker websites.

      2. JariP

        I can only confirm what Hannu said earlier: not available in Finland neither via following the link on ST site nor going to the store directly.

      3. Jussi Solja

        Hey all!

        Unfortunately something has gone wrong in the publishing of the new version and you are correct: The update is not yet available. Sorry for the confusion.

        We are doing our best to get it out asap!

        – Jussi / Team ST

        1. Hannu

          Any estimates when it is really available?

          1. Jussi Solja

            Sorting it out at the moment with Nokia. Seems like it is available in most countries but Finland is having issues? We will try to fix it asap!

            – Jussi / Team ST

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