Technical issue with Sports Tracker servers fixed

There was an unintended service break with some of the Sports Tracker servers today, from approximately 15.00 CET to 17.30 CET. This was due to hardware failure in one of our data centers. This caused unavailability of online workout data and synchronization failures from mobile clients for some users. The issue has been solved and your workout data will be synchronized in a normal manner next time you launch your mobile application.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience and we will do appropriate improvements to prevent similar issues in the future.


  1. chellappa

    I am using it in a android phone. Even though i have travelled a few meters, it is showing 2 km or 4 km and it is giving a speed of 100 km per hour while walking. What should be the issue

  2. Me

    Migrated from Endomondo to Sports-tracker for some reasons, but now I’m off sports-tracker for smth else, this flash bullshit and constant login problems are not the way decent service should look like in 2013.
    Btw, a couple of days ago the android app has drained the battery empty and in the end, has not saved the tracked route, so I’ve ended up with no phone and no route too. Nice job, guys.

  3. Stefan

    Went today for the longest run in my life so far and now i’m really frustrated sport tracker won’t sync my route to my friends, the ST webpage nor facebook. Have others experienced problems today (March 31st 2013)??

    I’m using iPhone 4S + latest iOS version.

    1. Stefan

      ….and i’ve tried signing out an signing in again. Doesn’t help.

  4. Walter

    Hyvää päivää! (Most of the STT team seems to be Finnish)

    I’ve got issues logging in the page from several computers, it hangs at the animation “Logging in…”
    Tried to clear the browser history, flash cache, restart the machine etc, but it does not work.
    At home on my Linux box it works.

    1.) could you please tell me the requirements for the page to work correct?
    Firefox 18; Flash 11.05.502.46; all plug-ins but Flash disabled to no avail.

    I’ve read you’re building a new HTML5 page?
    That’s great news to me, as the flash page tends to become more and more frustrating. Not due to design or content issues, but technical limitations of Flash.
    2.) When do you expect the page to launch?

    3.) Thank you for your efforts and the great app for Android; recently bought the HRM2 and love it.
    Keep it going!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hyvää päivää:), the login problems are due to our server issues, hence it doesn’t help to clear the cache if at the moment our servers are offline. Usually it helps to try to login later that day or the following day. We’re working on a new backend system which will solve these issues. There are no specific requirements other than it’s good to always have the latest versions. Can’t give a date when the website is ready at the moment unfortunately. We have to get the new backend system fixed first as it’s crucial. We’re however progressing with the website as well and will inform you later when we can estimate better when it’s ready. Thanks for your feedback on the Android and hrm2. Later on we’ll add the heart rate zones to the Android app as well, so even better stuff coming:). Happy tracking!

  5. 70sDave

    This is very disappointing. I am a first time user. I have created one test workout on my phone, but now I can’t even log in to see it. My issue is similar to Tomas’ and others posting here. Usually the page just hangs on “Logging in…”, but sometimes it hangs on loading also. So far I have tried: clearing cache, updating flash player, updating browser version, two other different browsers, restarting browsers, restarting machine, resetting my Sports Tracker password… all to no avail. As a new user, I am very unimpressed and have wasted a lot of time for nothing. So, I guess I’ll have to go and look at other options on the market.

    1. 70sDave

      … I’ve also played around with the global settings for Flash.

  6. Eduard

    You better close this website, it’s already frustrating. I want to log in now and then and almost every time there is an error.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Eduard, sorry for the frustration we’re causing. We’re building a new backend system as well as new html5 website. Hoping to launch them in a few weeks time.

  7. audiomovil

    I took two days unable to open the site (Error 401…..error 2048). In addition, the workouts is not synchronized with Facebook.

    1. david

      The same, “Error 401… error 2048”. I’ve tried to log in with two different computers, and two web browsers: IE and Firefox. Flash is updated.

      I need the last .gpx file. :-(

  8. Martin

    I really like your software! It motivates me to run and to practice regularly. Many thanks!
    Today I was out for a run in New Delhi. I turned the Internet connection of because the roaming fees are so expensive. But I tracked the tour using GPS only. Back in the hotel I want to share the track via Wifi but sync does not work. How should I proceed. I opened the record and changed sync details from nobody to everybody and vis-a-versa. But I got no feedback that the upload was successfull. Can you help?

    Namaste from India

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, we have some server issues that are causing some sync issues. See more here:

  9. Tomas

    I’ve just registered my account and when I want to log in it doesnt work for me. I fill in email address + password, then I clik Log in and nothing happens. Screen goes more to the dark color, in the middle of it is “Logging in” and thats all. “Loggin in” is there for hours and nothing happens. I updated flash, get latest version of browser, deleted cache and still nothing. Help pls.

  10. Jana

    Hi, please I have a big problem =(. I was running and when I ended, I clicked on “Save & sync” as usually, and it wrote “Sync failed”… and I have now only burned calories and distance, but no map where I run, no graphic schema =( and I hoped that it is only 1 time error, but when I turn on my Sports tracker now again and againd, this error will repeat again and again =( im in trap =(( can anyone help me please?

  11. Sasa kovacic

    Can you please help me i csn’t login for days and as i see maintanence is finished. Zried resting have new flash everythong wat you said that has to be done.
    Thanks in advance

  12. José Carlos

    16 Agosto 2012
    Hace tres días que no puede acceder a mi perfil de Sports Tracker. Error 2048. He seguido las instrucciones, limpiado la caché, cambiado de navegador… nada. No veo ninguna solución por aquí.

    Aug 16th 2012.
    I have not been able to log in Sports Tracker. Error 2048. I’ve followed all the instructions, emptied the cache, changed browser… No way. What’s wrong, dudes???

    From Seville, Spain.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, please try again as we had a short break today as well. Sorry for the inconvenience!

      1. Fabio cerri

        every day i have trouble at login…….. it’s incredible……
        every day error 2048 :-(

        when sport tracker site fix this problem….. ?!

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi, we haven’t had service breaks since last weekend. Have you tried any other browsers? Cleared the cache and checked that you have the latest flash player? Maybe worth rebooting your computer as well.

  13. hosil

    As Markus says, I have the same problem

    1. Pedro

      Same here. Problem with the server?

      1. Maddin

        me too :(

  14. Markus

    Can’t login. Allways Error 2048. All the Time there is the error. I tried Firefox Chrome IExplorer. I cleared the cache. I tried other computers Allways the same. Please help.

  15. sonor

    Hi, i have the same problem, since today, when i enter in the site (before do a log in) it show the error 401 (2048). I try to update the flash, the browser, clear all the cache, try IE ans firefox, and doesn´t work, I use Win 7 64 bits

  16. Miguel

    Cant Log in… Error #2048

  17. eduard

    Come on, there are already 3 DAYS since this error appears to me and there is no change. Is no one in charge with this site? No one cares! Nice!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, so you still can’t login? Have you checked all these:

      1. Patrik

        When is the website going to work again?

  18. eduard

    Still no change, the error is since yesterday.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, have you tried to clear the cache and restart the browser? If that doesn’t help try another browser.

  19. loris

    salve mi appare la scritta error#2048 e non riesco a vedre i miei allenamenti,potete risolverre il problema,anche perche’ mi serverebbe,per i miei allenamenti ,grazie

  20. peekee

    hi all,i am geting the error #2048, it does not recognize my login anymore. not even IE or Chrome or Firefox. br, Peter

    1. peekee

      works now… ? :)

  21. Roxana

    I can’t post in facebook, i can’t edit my profile!!!

  22. Spiros

    error #2048 all the time . The login info is CORRECT but no luck . Please fix this problem

  23. lyumn

    Thanks Fix it.

  24. lyumn

    I can’t login my account. My friend is same. user name and password are correct. but I can’t login. plz Fix it.

  25. powderhound

    Thanks for resolving this.
    great product :-)

  26. Thore

    SWEET!! Now it works!

  27. æ

    Still the error #2048, it does not recognize my login anymore.

  28. Maciej

    Seems like today there is some issue with syncing… tried to restart app a couple times, but still it does not sync my latest workout

    1. Mikolas Hämäläinen

      Could you please tell what platform this happens on so we can investigate the matter further.

      1. Sean Wong

        I am experiencing the same issue. I am using the Nokia N9 with Sports Tracker 1.04. Thanks!

    2. Jose

      Same problem with me. Tried to sync a coupe of times with no success. And every time I started the app, it gets something from the network and duplicate the distance of my last workout. The correct distance is 37km. But now its showing 168km and avg speed 119km/h. iOS 5.1 – iPhone 4.

    3. lmcclain

      It wouldn’t sync mine either. Glad I looked at the data before it was gone….

  29. szymon niewiadomski

    and after that restart any browsers on your PC

  30. szymon niewiadomski

    If You cannot login please use right click in you browser, select “global settings” -> “advenced” -> “remove all …” and try again login to sports tracker account.

  31. jmkokko

    Site is not accepting my login either, and I tried Chrome/IE/Firefox with different Flash versions. Sometimes I get error #2048, most of the time server just claims that it cannot recognize my account or mail address :( What’s going on? I hope this issue will be fixed promptly.

    1. jmkokko

      Well the problem cleared itself before I did anything, so I guess it was a server side issue.

  32. stephen ormson

    Hi , I can’t log on or upload my workout.
    Any ideas?

  33. Fran

    Can’t login at all. The page loading bar appears but that’s it… nothing else happens.

  34. captaino

    Hi – Just did a cycle ride this momring using my Win Phone. It’s showing on the phone but I can’t get it to upload to the service.

  35. Thore

    Tryin to update it on my N9, but it wont work.


  36. Ville S

    It isn’t working. In IE error #2048 and in FF not even a error, after logging it keeps just loading and logging in… endlessly.

    1. Ville S

      Now it’s working… nice!

  37. Giovanni

    Purtroppo non è più possibile aggiornare gli allenamenti importando gpx file da altre applicazioni… come mai?

    Unfortunately you can not upgrade the training importing gpx files from other applications … why?

  38. thkaza

    Still is not working………Cant login error 2048

  39. Alberto Gonzaga Ullo

    Quesiera poner el idioma en español, sale uno muy spaninglis muy raro, hay alguien que me lo pueda desvelar?
    Gracias Alberto

  40. WVH

    I too seem to have lost my workout tonight (N9) when choosing stop/save/sync. It would be cool if SportsTracker wouldn’t delete temporary GPS log files (or do checkpoint data saves) so on crash, we can still find the data.

  41. rhk

    Ah, now it works. Not sure what happened.. I also did relogin to the website. Thanks!

  42. rhk

    I can’t find my n9(50) ST workout data (19:03-19:58 Helsinki time, Saturday) on the website, restarting the app doesn’t seem to help. Any tips? I can see it on the phone normally.

    1. Mikolas Hämäläinen

      There appears to be an issue with the current version of MeeGo Sports Tracker application. We’re investigating the issue and will update the app as soon as possible.

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