Windows Phone: GPS accuracy update + 23 new countries supported

We’ve released a small update to Sports Tracker on Windows Phone.

The update adds better GPS-data filtering to enhance the accuracy of tracked workout data as well as some minor bug fixes based on feedback from our users – thanks again for all that submitted reports through our Support Central.

Windows Phone v. 1.2.0

  • Enhanced GPS filtering for better data accuracy
  • UI fix when editing the workout description
  • Stability fixes

Note: The GPS filtering is not yet visible on the map while tracking. Once you have saved your workout and view it from the Diary on your phone or on the web service the map will show the correct filtered data. We will fix this in upcoming releases.

Sports Tracker now available in 23 new countries!

Sports Tracker for Windows Phone is now also available in the 23 “new” Windows Marketplace countries!

We welcome all new trackers from Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, Venezuela, and Vietnam to the Sports Tracker team!



  1. BG

    Hi, first…this is not a reply but a comment. I have been using it for about 2 mo. on Samsung Galaxy S2. Sometimes, GPS is more or less accurate in showing the distance I jogged or walked, but at other times it is all over a map. The 2 mo (also marked by the park comp.) becomes 1.32mi, or 1.75, or 1.93 or…2 mi. The chart of my work out makes no sense at all. At times it shows that my max speed was 12m/h. Gosh…I should be beating all of the olympic records. I jog slowly 5 to 5.8 m/h. Does anyone know how to fix it? (Yes, the phone is set in the US system and not in the metric system).

  2. senoa48

    Dear All,
    I am running Sports Tracker on two iPhones 3G and one Samsung Omnia7.I´ve downloaded from respective app stores.I can not remember used versions.
    However, location over the iPhones is very poor since the very beginnig of the workouts, navigation is erratic and at the end of the workout gross distances are increased by more than 30% in most cases. Over the Samsung navigation is accurate and distances seem to be real ( as compared with my byke odometer…) Is there something I can do to improve my iPhones?
    Waiting for your reply,
    Yours truly,
    M.Senos Oliveira

  3. Rob

    I have updated and reinstalled app however the version is still showing 1.0.6 (build 23.3.2012). Same as several people have reported previously.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, the 1.0.6. is the newest version, sorry for the confusion (the 1.2.0 is just a name version that Microsoft requires)! A new update is on it’s way.

  4. Casey_boy

    I think some GPS fine-tuning is still required. My first jog with your app has recorded a max speed of 52km/h! (No I didn’t drive or get the bus lol).

    Also, could I suggest that you have “contact us” or “bug report/feature suggestions” built into the app itself?

    Thanks for the free app though and I look forward to future improvements.

    1. jklier

      Same here. Testing out this app as a replacement for runkeeper. Both times it has recorded a max speed more than double what it should be. This makes the stats utterly worthless. Is this going to be fixed?

      I like your interface better than Endomondo which I am trying as well but the interface can’t make up for the inaccurate stats.

  5. Auðunn

    I am not getting this update, I am still on 1.06. Event tried to uninstall and install again still only 1.06
    Please check if you updated the app in all marketplaces correctly since it seems like there are more people having this problem.

  6. Frederik Cronje

    Please update the software for the Lumia 800. I loved the app on my old nokia. when I want to connect to sports tracker to share it said there was an error communicating although my internet connection works on other apps.. Please help..

  7. Valerio Ferreira

    Hi, at the about app screen, it shows version 1.0.6 and i have downloaded version 1.2.0 from market.

    1. Salvatore

      Also for me, I have in the about screen
      Version 1.0.6
      Build date 23.3.2012

  8. rah_kis

    Hello Jussi! After changing to Windows Phone version (Nokia Lumia 800) the time stamps are -2h compared to local time and -3h after summer time change. Phone time zone is correct. Any ideas?

  9. Charles

    Hi everyone! It seems that all the comments here are from Sports Tracker users who enjoyed the program in earlier phones and made the mistake of thinking that WP7 was a good step forward and were found wrong!!! Maybe we must lobby Windows and not Sports Tracker; who are doing the best they can. By the way, check out what Lumia means in Spanish!!!

    1. torma99

      I already asked a question at msdn forums about the bt protocols. The result is 180 views 0 replies.

  10. Danirvc

    I update the app but the version downloaded is still 1.0.6 (build 23.3.2012), is it the latest?
    When spanish lenguaje, and profiles shown as in symbian version?. That one was better…

  11. Jos

    Why do I get Version 1.0.6 (build date 23.3.2012) when you tell us in this article that it is 1.2.0???

    Why do I not have the German language update visible?

    And when will you people finally kick some a** at windows to get a connection ready for my expensive HRM???

    Stop stalling!!! Act NOW!

    Sincerely, Jos

  12. Manivannan

    Thanks for fixing the GPS issue, yes it impacted my workouts where it was calculating additional 100m per every 1000m. Now it is accurate.

  13. torma99

    Do you plan to add HRM support to phones that come with Window Phone OS?

    1. Jussi Solja

      Support will be added when Windows Phone supports the required Bluetooth profiles. At the moment adding support is technically impossible :(

      – Jussi / Team ST

      1. torma99

        Is there any information that Microsoft is working on an update (7.x or 8.x) that will support the specified BT profiles?

  14. Paul

    Thanks for the heads-up about meego issue. Bought my N9 on monday and don’t have ST on my phone:(

    1. Paul

      ST is back for N9 in Store, thanks. Off to jog->

  15. Charles

    Iv’e just updated to v1.2.0 and I can’t appreciate any difference – I suppose there is an internal improvemment that I can’t percieve! I’m still looking forward to the big update to put me back on line with Symbian, Android, etc., and I can get to use my HRM again! Power to the Sports Tracker team so they can get it out soon!!!

    1. Jussi Solja


      Yep a lot of the improvements were “invisible” but more updates are coming – stay tuned.

      As for the HRM, please check this support article for more info:

  16. Luca

    Great, but please please we need a better gps accuracy also on Meego-Harmattan version! Like now it’s no sense…

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