Sports Tracker service maintenance break today from 9am to 1pm UTC

The Sports Tracker service is offline today for a total of an estimated four hours starting from 9am UTC until 1pm UTC in the afternoon due to schedule maintenance and updates to our databases and backend.

You can use your Sports Tracker app to track as usual but the workouts will not sync to the service until after the service break.

Sorry for the inconvenience and happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. Jennifer Gergen

    Sports Tracker has been down now for a couple of weeks. Is there any estimated time on how much longer it is not going to be syncing?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Have you tried to clear your browser’s cache already?

      1. Jennifer Gergen

        do you mean on my iphone or on my PC? I have not done either one. If you asking if I have done it on my phone, I don’t know how. (sorry)

  2. daykkin

    Still dooooown. Maaaaaaaaaaans, where is official comments? (Iphone 4)

  3. Ville

    Haven’t been able to sync since 13th with Lumia 800…

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Try today, it should work again.

  4. hrv

    I have same problem – can’t sync since the 13th, NOKIA Lumia 800, WP7.5

  5. Jackubr

    iPhone 4 not sync. Still down?

    1. Kenny

      Same here. Can’t sync using iPhone4S since 13/5/2012.

    2. daykkin

      Still dooooown. Maaaaaaaaaaans, where is official comments?

  6. John

    can’t sync since the 13th – Nokia Lumia 800 WP 7.5

    1. risto

      I have the same problem. Can’t sync with Lumia 800!?

  7. Vt

    I was able to sync yesterday from wp, but not today. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

  8. Bakstedt

    Still no sync with Windows Phone

  9. daykkin

    Iphone 4 still not sync

    1. Karl

      Android still not sync

      1. Toni

        I’m having issues to upload from WP 7.5 phone.. :(

  10. Jeff

    Is the site down today ??? windows phone will not sync

  11. aleks

    I can not play my tracks on the map. It’s very bad…(

  12. mayum

    I think this kind of software is really amazing!Without a anything but a mobilephone,it can really no whether I’m walking or not!Otherwise,it’s GPS data also very precise~!I’m very eager to buy the heart rate moniter,but it’s a pity that my country has no channel to buy one.

  13. charles

    Maintenance still on going adjust for time zones

  14. jimbackabo

    Yes hello but isent the time for maintenance over now, I still cant upload todays workout

  15. Marl

    Does it mean that my workout during the maintenance period will not be uploaded anymore?

  16. noledge

    good luck! :-)

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