Sports Tracker for iPhone v.1.7.0 out now!

We’ve just released an update to our iPhone app that improves both performance and stability in numerous ways.

Thanks to all the users that reported issues and helped with the update. As always keep the feedback coming!

Release notes for Sports Tracker on iPhone v.1.7.0

  • Improved performance while syncing multiple workouts
  • Workout sync progress visualization
  • Bug fixes to syncing
  • Better handling of long routes on maps
  • Move directly from the last workout view to the first (and first to last) during workout
  • Improvements to speed tracking
  • Auto pause setting is now persistent per activity
  • Show the lap in progress in the workout chart
  • When zooming in on a chart zoom to the right edge of the visible area
  • Fix to opening workout and navigating between workouts from friends’ latest photos
  • Heart rate chart added for shared workouts
  • Fixed manually input max HR value syncing
  • Fixed friends list sorting
  • Show workout description when browsing photos
  • Fixes to lap duration calculations
  • Stability and performance improvements
  • Minor usability tweaks and bug fixes

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


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  2. Marge

    When I finish a workout the app never publish it at Facebook. The sharing mode is on and the sharing mode at Facebook too. What shouldo do to share it?

  3. Ben C

    I am using iPhone 4G. How can I change voice feedback from every two miles back to every one mile?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, swipe to the view where you see the laps (3rd screen view). There you can choose the lap distance, just click on the one you prefer.

  4. Pete

    In one of the post Katja mentioned that You are currently in test phase of HR monitors for iPhone. Can someone just say if sports tracker for iOS will be supporting polar bluetooth HR monitor belt? I think that there are lot of users which moved from Nokia to iPhone and got supprised by the lack of support for BT HR belts.

    1. Riku

      Agree with Pete – Looking forward to being able to use my Polar BR HR omitor on the iPhone any news there?

  5. drko

    Hi, do you have plans to upgrade Voice Feedback?
    I’d love to hear feedback of current + avg speed and travelled distance every now and then (10-15mins) like in some other trackers.

  6. Manu

    Sports Tracker crashes immediately after opening. There is one unsynced and unfinished (due to crash) workout to be synced, which apparently causes this. Tried to re-install the app. Before signing in it worked fine, but immediately after signing in the app crashed again.

    Ios 5.1.1, Iphone 4s.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, we have a new release coming, it’s being approved by Apple. We should be able to release it later this week or early next week. That should solve the crashes.

  7. Frank

    trying to change my pass word but when I put in the emial address it says it is already in use. I can not log on. can you reset me. thanks

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, do you mean from iPhone or your computer? If your computer then please clear the cache of your browser.

  8. Jim

    More activity-specific icons. I manually add my swim workouts, but have to use “other 1” icons.

  9. Tom

    Was hab ich von nem Update wenn ich den 69. € teuren HRM immer noch nicht mit dem iPhone koppeln kann :-(((((

  10. vicgrin

    Where is a stepcounter feature? In first symbian app for nokia was.

  11. Charles

    I’ve been patiently waiting for an update for the WP7 and check each day on the blog but no luck yet! Congratulations for the iphone update and good luck to these phone user trackers!!!

    I guess I will have to patiently wait some more, dreaming of the day that my application will be as good as it was before on Symbian (and now on iphone). Team, don’t abandon me now!!!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Your patience won’t be tested for long anymore;-)

      1. Charles

        Katja, Great news, you’ve made my day!!! P.S My offer to translate it into Spanish is still open!!!

  12. Franz

    Will there be Bluetooth Smart support in near future?
    Would be very appreciated cause there are 2 HRMs (Wahoo & Polar) out now which are compatible with iPhone (4s) and are supported by other iPhone apps.

  13. LarsV

    The lap time workout view page is great but I am still missing the possibility to change speed / pace (like in the other workout view pages). Now there is only lap speed.

  14. daykkin

    So new workout still not sync.
    I see bar on top in home app, but it stand in start sync.

    1. daykkin

      After 1hour its loaded on site. Why so long? :)

      1. daykkin

        Also now i see old workouts on site. With diffirent kmph (x2), but anyway i see it :)
        App now crash only when i edit old workouts (still marked as not sync).
        It’s all really strange :)

  15. Ricky Gómez

    First of all, i want to say this app is amazing, i use it every week on my iPhone, and i want to know if there are plans to translate this app to spanish, my language.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, we’ll try to release other languages in the near future for iPhone.

  16. Kenny iPhone4S

    Hi Katja/ Support Team,

    I updated the appn today 17/5/2012 but also can’t sync my previous workout. I have sent the crash report. Using iOS5.1.1 and iPhone4s. Hope the info is enough for your team to work on the problem.


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Kenny, try to log out and in again and see if that helps. Also do you mean your app also crashes or it just doesn’t sync?

      1. Kenny iPhone4S

        Hi Katja,
        I tried to logout and relogin. Still doesnt sync my previous unsync workout. And then the app crashed. Guess i will just key it in manually via the website. Newer workouts are able to sync without problems.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi, we’ve made a new update, it’s being reviewed by Apple and will be released later this week or early next week at latest. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for the crash reports!

  17. Ben Gulbrandsen

    When will the HR – Polar-bluetooth integration come for IPhone ?

    1. Brdkos

      Oficially never ;) Only if Sports Tracker will support any other “Apple friendly” HR in the future, then jailbreak+RoqyBT4. You can use Polar with iPhone even now, but you have to use Endomondo on jailbreaked iPhone with RoqyBT. It seems that Sports Tracker has a problem with developers so I don’t expect new significant features soon.

    2. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      We’re currently in testing phase with a suitable monitor, so stay tuned!

      1. LarsR

        Or you can use an old N8 like me, tired of waiting. Maybe buy cheap somewhere.

        And im using a new Nokia now that can’t connect to HR,… Lumia 800.
        But if Iphone son works it will be cool with my Ipad in the spinningroom :-)

  18. jan

    Am I missing the part that says “importing routes is now possible”, or is it really not there?

    From the request forum I gathered that this is ongoing for over a year?

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the app. But seriously, I don’t see how it should take more than a year to provide such a functionality.

  19. daykkin

    Last workout still dont sync with site, when open it, after 5 sec app crash. I send now 10-20 reports. iphone 4

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, did you open the laps tab or what exactly did you do?

      1. daykkin

        Simply open workout, and then, no matter what I do, the application crashes after ~5 seconds.
        And in map area i see – THIS WORKOUT HAS NO MAP DATA.
        Before update i see map and route.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Ok thanks! I’ll tell this to our developer.

    2. thelovell

      I have exactly the same problem….it is worse not better !!

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        You mean the same crash problem? Did you send an error report to us? We’ve found one bug that we’ve already fixed. A new version will be out in around a week (after Apple has approved it). We tested the app intensively but unfortunately apparently we didn’t find all bugs. Could you let us know which iphone model and ios version you have?

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