Sports Tracker for iPhone v.1.7.1 with fixes out now!

We’ve just updated our iPhone app to version 1.7.1 with a few crucial fixes to crash and sync problems introduced with the latest update last week.

A BIG thank you to all the active users who shared their device info with us and helped with bug tracking – without you we could not have gotten this update out this fast!

Release notes for Sports Tracker v.1.7.1.

  • Fix a crash when opening some workouts
  • Fixed a crash in friends list with empty friend name
  • Sync improvement
  • Additional empty lap removed when using manual laps

Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker


  1. kostas bossinas

    please add ant+ connectivity for this awesome app. i think thats the only thing its really missing.
    keep up the good work.

  2. stephen tomkinson

    hi great on nokia maps are great but on iphones you have google maps no good at all as no paths when you going to get open street maps on iphone i have nokia but other half has iphone

  3. Suljo iphone 4

    I have ios 5.1.1 on iphone and new 1.7.1 sports tracker but it crashes on startup every time.
    What to do ? Its the best tracker

  4. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

    Hey all of you who still have problems syncing or loggin into the service with iPhone. Could you please contact us through our support and report the issues in detail (and tell us which iPhone and ios version you have) so we can try to fix these issues to the upcoming update. Many thanks, Katja

  5. Anri

    Comment to my previous post: it works indeed! Just logg out and in from the app and web – information is there! Love it!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Glad you solved it! Happy tracking, Katja

  6. Anri

    I have got iPhone 4 and it doesn’t sync. I’ve the new version 1.7.1., I’ve logged out from the app & logged in again. Now, I can see manually added activities on my phone, syncronizing works from web to app.
    App does not inform any longer of any problems with sync, however, the activities do not appear on the web.
    What to do?

  7. Mario

    What’s up guys with the 1.7.1 iPhone app? It doesn’t sync since last saturday? I’ve tweeted to you with no reply. :-((

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Sorry Mario my bad, I sometimes miss some Tweets:(. Have you tried to logout and in? Please could you contact us @ so we can get more detailed information. Cheers, Katja

  8. Agustin

    Great app, but currently with too many bugs!
    – Cant sync with website. I logged out and in many times. Every time it tries to sync but then appears a sign saying that there are some maintenance jobs.
    – Duplicate distances in some workouts
    – New straight line between the start point and the finish!
    – I logged out but now I can’t log in again! (wrong pass ¿¿??)

    1. Karl

      Same here can’t log in on the Iphone

    2. Cecilia

      Getting duplicate distances also and the straight line from start to finish.

    3. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, could you please contact us @ so we can get more details from you. Thanks, Katja

  9. alexia76m

    It doesn’t sync!!

  10. Kenny iPhone4S

    Hi Katja,
    I just updated to version 1.7.1 on my iPhone 4s (iOS 5.1.1). My latest workout today 27 May didnt synch. I tried logging out and in on my iphone. Still doesnt sync. Previous version 1.7.0, i had to manually delete my workout and enter it manually into the website before the app started working again. Please help. Getting annoying.


    1. Kenny iPhone4S

      The message I keep getting is “Service Maintenance: service is being maintained but you can track your workouts and get them synchronized to after the maintenace is over”.

  11. Patrick Kearney

    Iphone 3Gs. it still wont sync and it has also doubles the distance on 2 of my work outs and increased the avg speed by a factor of 2 as well

    1. Patrick Kearney

      the information has now been synced to the web howevere the problem is that on two of workouts the distance and speed has been doubled and the time remains the same. going by the stats i am completing 60km in 1hr 30 min. i wish i could do that speed lol

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Hi Patrick, thanks for the info (and sorry I’m a bit late with the reply). Could you send us links to the workouts that have doubled the results? If you don’t want it public, you can send it to us here:

        Many thanks,

        1. Jussi

          I upgraded my iPhone 4 to Ios 5.1.1 and for me also it doubled 9/10 workouts I have there. Is there a fix for this?

          1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

            Yes this is fixed in the next release.

  12. Roland

    Herewith I am backing up Milan’s request (above). Can you pls let us know if there are any plans to add support for ANT+ sensors?
    Ah yes, and can you also add a “Swimming” category :-) ?
    P.S. Otherwise it is the best Ap I used so far. Thanks for all of your development efforts.

  13. Milan

    Hello ST team,
    thanx for this awesom app!
    May I have a question about HR monitor?
    I belive Im not the first who is asking that but where is the problem?
    Do we all have any chance to use it in this app in the future?
    Be sure that HR figure is much more important than figures currently available in app :-)

    Thank you.

  14. Linda

    It don´t sync anyway:(

    Iphone 4s

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Linda, do you mean you updated to the latest (just now) and it still doesn’t sync? If so, try to log out and in again and see if that helps?

      1. Radomir

        Hi Katja,

        I have the same problem/experience as Linda. Since May 16th all my new workouts ( currently 5) do not sync from iPhone to web. Even not after today´s update. Of course I logged out from website and loged in again. I am affraid to log out from iPhone to get lost all my previous workouts. Do you have any recommendation?

        Thanks a lot


        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi, you shouldn’t loose any of the workouts even if you log out. Currently it’s my only advise but we’re looking into this. Which iPhone do you have?

      2. Linda

        It was after the latest uppdate, and I have log out and in and doesn´t help. I have/had only 5 workouts and after I logged in I have 9???

  15. peter egon schumacher

    Hallo, Sports-Tracker!

    Kann ich nur empfehlen! Funktioniert einwandfrei, ist viel genauer geworden, sieht unübertroffen gut aus und die Stimme der Ansage ist einfach klasse! Macht richtig Spaß das Teil!

    1. Linda

      It doesn´t work/sync anyway:(

      Iphone 4s

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