Real life stories from Sports Tracker users: Mika from Finland

by Timo Toivonen, Team Sports Tracker

Many of you probably don’t know me, expect those who have contacted us. I’m the one who solves mysterious problems, ok, most of the problems are quite simple and solved with one reply, but at least I like to pretend that I’m the smart guru.

A few days ago I was in the phone with one of our users, 43 year old Mika. After a short dialogue (and trust me when I said that the phone call was short, two native male Finns in the phone – normally there is more repartees in early silent films than in our phone calls) Mika wanted me to pass word to our developers.

Well.. we get this a lot so I asked what kind of message I should pass to them and Mika replied: “Let them know that since I started using Sports Tracker I have lost 53kg and I just want to thank them.”

Normally I’m the one who has always something to say but now I couldn’t answer without stuttering “h-h-how did you do it?” and so Mika told his story about his astounding project.

Mika’s story: Changing my life with Sports Tracker

In late December 2010 Mika realized that something needed to change. He had a wife, two small kids and a career in the Finnish Defence Forces. During the years he had gained some weight, serious weight, 130 kilos to be precise. After his long workdays he didn’t have enough energy to play with his offspring or do anything else.

Mika realized that he needs to start exercising on a regular basis in order to change his life. As if by fate Mika got a new mobile, a Nokia N8, around the same time. He noticed the Sports Tracker app in the Ovi Store and downloaded it.

First training sessions were short walking sessions with an easy pace. Suddenly walking was Mika’s daily routine and after a few weeks he started running. Few months later he started cycling, then mountain biking and after that he added gym workouts to the list. During his first 48 weeks Mika lost a kilo per week. Mika also started to share his workouts with relatives and friends to get support from them.

Due to his high-speed weight loss, co-workers and friends who didn’t know Mika’s new way of life started to ask lot of questions:  “How did you do it?”, “Are you ill or something?”, “Did you get lipo on your vacation?”. After few months these questions started to have a really annoying tone, but Mika had an easy task in proving that this transformation had happened without quick fixes or scalpels.

Nowadays if you ask Mika how he did it, he has a simple answer:
“Find my profile on and follow my workouts. If you think that this change came without breaking a sweat think again and check my burned calories :)”

Facts about Mika:

Age: 43
Weight: 77kg (down from 130kg)
Favorite Sports: Running, Cycling, MTB and Gym.
Cooper’s test 2010: 1700m
Cooper’s test 2012: 3300m

Facts from Mika’s Sports Tracker account:

Total workouts: 595
Total distance: 5169 km
Burned calories: 280922 kCal

Did you lose weight or improve your results with Sports Tracker? How did you do it? Share your Sports Tracker story with us in the comments below!


  1. Chrisbiker750

    Congratulations Mika.

    Sports Tracker is the best App I have found and wouldn’t be without it. It helps me to keep track of targets and motivates me to run and cycle on cold mornings when previously I would stay in bed for an extra hour.

    Thanks to the team at sports Tracker for such a wonderful project.

  2. grim80

    As I continued my workouts since end of May, now I’m proud to say that I’ve lost almost 20 kilos – from 113 to 94kgs! Bike mostly plus some running and walking :)

  3. Anu

    Hienoa Mika!

  4. magic_d

    hy mikka,

    you are great… this are the results of constance and discipline!!

  5. Loscollies

    I discovered Sports Tracker mid 2009 and ever since it is part of my life. I have been running on and off and I just love it. Also for long traveling by car I am using the Sports Tracker as it perfectly tracks our journey to review in the future. Congratulations to the team and carry on the fantastic work!

  6. Alexander

    After few years of sitting behind the PC I installed sports tracker…
    my first workouts was dogwalks :D but when my bro gives me inlines, my first workout on them was 25km and 2nd day 21km… love the sport tracker, i’m so happy when I can turn it on every day when I’m on inlines :)

  7. Terppa

    I increase my my weight 4 kg and loss 4 % (amount 8% now) fat at the same time while using Sports Tracker. This is THE BEST application in any mobile phone.

  8. grim80

    A few years ago I was about 115kgs. I broke my hand and had to stay at home 4 a monts. Started to workout – exercycle + abs – doing everything I could do with broken hand. Went down to 89 kgs!
    But several months later I was back 110+. Since now – I met my college mates. Many of them very healthy, fit. Running marathons, riding bicycles, ect. Versus me – 3 minutes on football field and I was almost dying. I decided to get back on the right track, starting with leaving my car if only there’s no rain, and going to work by feet. Hope to be a two-digit-weigth again :)

  9. inselbasti

    Well, I can not report such a big change in weight but “sports tracker” definitely helped me getting my a.. to the park and jog some laps. As you always can compare your current workout to others in terms of distance and average speed it is easy to see the progress. And for me it is motivating at the same time. Why not repeating an achieved performance next time or hopefully being better? Now after 2.5 months and 18 jogging workouts I increased my distance by 170% meanwhile being 30% faster compared to my initial training (4.2 km -> 11.1km & 8.2kmh -> 10.9 kmh). Surely I am not the fastest runner but as long as I improve my physical fitness I do not mind. In combination with a more balanced food I lost 10kg so far and am close to my ideal weight. Thanks for realising this incredible programme and sharing it for free!

  10. Sikanauta

    I started my training with Sports Tracker 2 years ago. My first run was 7.35 kilometers, and I hardly survived it. Two days ago I run Stockholm Marathon, and I´m pretty proud of myself. I’ve shared all my workouts in Sports Tracker and from there to Facebook, and I´ve got a lot of cheer and support from my friends that way.
    Sports Tracker is a great motivator!

  11. Markku

    I am really hooked into Sports tracker.

    My trip to job with a bicycle is 26 kms; and now I feel motivated to do it in same time with traditional bike and with an electric assisted bike !!!

    I can do it !

  12. Jacquelyne Tagaca

    bonjourje suis raviheureuxd’avoir vuvotre blog je le trouve très interessant

  13. karol

    It’s great to hear stories like this.

    Congratulations Mika!

    Best wishes from Poland!

  14. Vincenzo

    Congratulations from Italy Mika!
    Great motivation!!!

  15. syahiran

    i just started using sports tracker for a month now and lost about 10 kg. its friendly and awesome UI give me more energetic to use it everyday

    find me on sports tracker : syahiran

  16. Annett

    Congrats to you! thats an amazing story :))) I been running a few years on and off, only started using sports tracker last year but from that moment on I got serious and as a result am fitter than ever before in my life. Sports tracker is brilliant, best motivation to go faster, longer, stronger!

  17. Konstantin Zaporozhtsev

    Looks like fake. Mika’s full name needed for proof.

    1. SsgtJ

      Mikas profile name is “kessu69″ w/o caption marks.

  18. Konstantin Zaporozhtsev

    Sounds like fake. Mika’s full name needed for proof.

  19. One poor boy, but happy!

    Having some sorrowful times in my life when I’m going to get divorced etc.
    The sports tracker keeps me alive and not loose my mind; helping me to go through all this!!!

  20. Alistair

    A hip replacement and then recently, prostate cancer meant my ultra-running stopped dead. Twice. But I didn’t. I downloaded Sports Tracker and strapped on my shoes.
    Last Saturday I did a tough 2 hour trail run with your app applauding every step.
    When I look back through my Sports Tracker Diary I see my times improving and the length of my runs increasing again. What a buzz. I can’t wait for my next run in the hills.
    Sports Tracker’s photo upload and comments means I have a record of my recovery and a diary of my achievements. Thanks and keep developing this app, it’s the best.

  21. PsychoTracker

    I lost 12 kgs in 4 mounths too, with running and diet. Not only for the SportsTracker but it had a good role in motivating me! I wait some Symbian updates! Peace!

  22. Emma

    I’ve just started with sports tracker and already loving it! The best apps come from Finland it would seem, both Angry Birds and this one. Now I’m even happier to use it, kiitos :)

  23. Charles

    Mika, congratulations!!! I can’t find your profile either (200 Mika’s in Finland) but I’m pleased to read your story. Judging by the response comments, the Sports-Tracker guys should be as proud as you are!!! Happy Trakking!

  24. Peter

    I’ve lost over 20 kg (at this moment 21,5 kg) in less than 3 last months on Dukan’s diet. Now I’m trying to keep my current weight – I ride on a roller skates or bicycle 2 times a week at least. I think that Sports Tracker is the best app of this type on market at this moment. I can recommend Sports Tracker for everyone who want keep fit and stay healthly.

  25. haba

    Great!!! Congratulations :)))))

  26. Marjo

    WOw. Hard work. Congratulations of endorphines that you have got. :-)

  27. Eero

    Wow, amazing story. Congrats Mika, what a change to the better. I really envy also your result in Cooper :) and you give me extra inspiration to get in shape. I agree with the other that Sports Tracker is the best mobile app ever done!

  28. Angus Marshall

    I have a similar story to Mikas. 15 years ago i was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. I tried for a long time to get myself into better shape but lacked discipline. Around 2 years ago i found the sports tracker app. Iam now 20kg lighter and my cardiologist has said my heart is fine and to keep doing what Im doing. Sports tracker helped me discipline myself. Its clear visible stats, especially the week on week percentage comparison helped drive me to good health. So I would like to pass on to the developers my thanks and to keep doing what they are doing as their developing is helping people change their lives. Kiitos.

  29. Gert

    “Find my profile on and follow my workouts”…….HOW????

    1. SsgtJ

      Mikas profile name is “kessu69” w/o caption marks.

  30. Rhipkin

    Lost 16kg’s blood pressure down from 160/90 to 134/80, still have 6kg’s until ideal weight. Fitter, stronger and healthier. All thanks to Sports Tracker!!
    Congrats to you Mika, you have enabled your kids and wife to enjoy you for a lot longer ;)

  31. Sa64ka

    I lost 40 kg in 4 months without Sports Tracker )))

    1. kunivanu

      Congrats for that :) Let’s hope those lost kg are not from a surgery ;)

  32. Eve

    I lost 12kgs in four months with the help of sports tracker! :) this app is simply the best.

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