Heart Rate Training Continues with Alternative Fat Burning Method

Time to Burn Some Calories with Strength Training

Last month we introduced Heart Rate Zone based training with two simple aerobic exercises. We got lots of positive feedback that this sounds really interesting, so we are continuing straight away by extending the theme of fat burning.

There are people who don’t especially enjoy doing long duration aerobic training but would like to lose weight more efficiently. Luckily there’s an alternative.

Currently we have a 5-scale Heart Rate Zones on iPhone and other of the phones are using 3-scale model. The Zones 5 to 4 correspond to High, Zone 3 to Moderate, and Zones 2 to 1 to Light. If you missed our previous lesson, read here. More information on Heart Rate Zones and adjusting your HRmax, read here.

More Functional Alternative: Anaerobic Fat Burner 500

500 kcal in 1:20:00

Best suited for: Kettlebell training, lifting weights, and group classes focused on strength training (commonly including word pump in the name)

Strength exercise with moderate intensity. Focus on burning body fat effectively. Requires some basic skills depending on the chosen activity.

Target Times (on iPhone) Target Times (other phones)

Durations & Instructions

Preparation: Choose 6-8 strength training exercises that will together activate whole body from legs to arms.

  1. 15 minutes: Start with easy aerobic warm-up, on Zones 2-3 / Light to Medium.
  2. 50 minutes: Strength training part. Heart rate varies greatly by person and by selected exercises, but mainly should go up to Zone 4 / Hard on sets and lower to Zones 3 to 2 / Medium to Light on short breaks.
      • Perform the first exercise. 3 sets, 15-20 repeats in each set, and short 30-45 seconds rest between sets. Use such weights that the last set feels demanding.
      • Short break, 30-45 seconds. Take some breath and enjoy the feeling.
      • Perform each exercise as above until you have done all 6-8 exercises or 50 minutes is full.
  3. 15 minutes: Easy aerobic cool down on Zones 2-3 / Light to Medium. Pay attention: this is the part of this workout when the fat reserves actually burn. So don’t skip this even if tempted – otherwise muscles recover by using other sources of energy than fat.

Proper warm-up phase is important for the safety of your body and the effectivity of this workout. Keeping the breaks short force your body to keep the fat metabolism active. If you need to keep a longer break at some point, keep one 5 minute break in the middle rather than start prolonging all the breaks between sets. Check also that you are not doing the workout with too heavy weights or pace – this is not a maximum effort workout. Furthermore, the recovery part is essential for fat burning but also for the metabolism and recovery of your muscles.

If you are totally new to strength training or find it hard to know what kind of weights to use, it could be best to ask for an advice first. You could try out a group training class or simply ask an experienced friend to help you – on most activities the skills are not that difficult to learn. And if you happen to be a “weekend warrior” personality that has to do everything with maximum effort… don’t push yourself too hard. The idea is not to break yourself!

And remember: always consult your doctor or physician before starting exercising.

Required software and hardware

  • Sports Tracker application on Android, iPhone or Symbian. Download at your phone’s application store (App Store, Google Play, Nokia Store). Currently Windows Phones do not support Heart Rate Monitors.
  • Sports Tracker Heart Rate Monitor – available at Sports Tracker Shop


  1. Ferdinando

    It’s possible to convert the file workout.dat in the Smartphone to another format: csv, gpx,…. with a program in the pc ?

  2. Ferdinando

    We noted that the data of fc in Smartphone are not the same in the profile (HR) and also in the file workout.gpx, why?
    Many thanks in advance

  3. pool

    Hi,my Lumia920 makes some trouble.Could I get any solution from Katja?It’s problem is don’t support app.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi pool, what kind of trouble? Do you mean you can’t download the app?

  4. Saku

    Any updates for Nokia N9 coming?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Saku, don’t think we have resources for N9 anymore, sorry!

  5. tobbes

    it is possible to compile such for example for
    skiing when the season is over
    the cycle when the season is over ?
    It vood be good to compile ex how many km I have been skiing last seson?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi tobbes, you can do it on our website, by going to “diary” and then “choose activity” and then you can either select all workouts, or choose a period by placing your mouse on the first workout you wish to have in the comparison and drag until the last one you want to have in it (kind of painting the area). Let me know if this isn’t clear enough and I’ll send you an email with screenshots. Cheers,

  6. Velipekka

    I was also very dissapointed to find out my Lumia 920 does not support HRM2 or any other belts. Hoping the update comes out soon!

  7. Gerry Walsh

    I thing its time to start looking for another app / service that will not have the issues I’ve being having for the last 2 weeks.

    my last 3 workouts have not synced in a reasonable time .

    I did a work out 2 hours ago , saved and synced immediately and it still has not appeared in my sport tracker account, on my facebook or twitter.
    I can’t share my workout with my friends some of whom are not using your service.

    My last workout ( a week ago ) took 18 hours and several posts to your facebok page to eventually show up , and that was the same for my previous workout.

    Why is this problem continuing , can you not just fix your servers.

    I’m using the latest available IOS for iphone

    perhaps you can recommend another service that is reliable, while you continue to improve your service.

  8. kostas1252

    Sarebbe molto utile se ci fosse un modo per l’utente a determinare la distanza del lap. E’ possibile?

  9. Nick

    I’m finding that the ST app on WP8 has major issues getting locked on and staying locked on to GPS. When I finish my route, ST sometimes thinks I’m 100s of metres away. Nokia Maps and other GPS based apps on the Lumia 920 do not have this issue.

    Really disappointed.

  10. Nick

    Does anyone know if the ST HRM will work with the Runtastic Pro WP app please?

  11. Nick

    Switched from Symbian (Nokia 808) to WP8 (Lumia 920) and it seems that there is little distinction between Sports Tracker development for the platforms. The 920 and WP8 has been out for a while but still no hrm support. The app itself is very basic and lacks any indepth analysis of the workouts. The Symbian version is much better but hasn’t seen a release for well over a year.

    Kinda regretting spending money on a hrm which has little use to me now.

    Other WP apps have some amazing features so why is ST lagging behind so much?

    Thanks and hoping that things change soon.


    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, the current app is built for WP7 devices so that’s why it’s so basic. We’ll build a separate app for WP8 during this spring which will also have hrm support. Unfortunately our server issues have forced us to put all efforts into a new backend system but we’re nearly done with that work so then we can start concentrating on WP8. Sorry for the delay!

      1. Nick

        Thank you for the reply Katja.

        I appreciate that ST have had some issues but I’m still a little disappointed with the lack of support for WP. It seems that your iPhone app has all your attention for the time being. :(

        I have since discovered Runtastic which looks pretty good. It has loads of features and a compatible HRM. The only downside, I have to pay for a second HRM. Their app seems to be very well supported so I may just take the plunge. My partner still has a Symbian phone so I may give her the HRM to use on your app which doesn’t look like it will see any more updates.

        It’s a win, win situation for all :)

        Thanks again..


      2. Nick

        A couple more questions…

        When (if) ST do release a WP8 app that supports HRM connection, will it be compatible with the original Bluetooth HRM which I purchased in September 2011 (just a couple of weeks before the last Symbian version)? When paired, it shows as ST HRM11.01.

        Or, would I have to purchase HRM 2 or something else that you release between now and then?


        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Hi Nick, I do understand your frustration. We’ll release an app for WP8 during this spring/ early summer and it will have hrm support. Unfortunately it’s too early to say which belts will be supported but as soon as I know I’ll let you know.

          1. Nick


            Options are pretty limited for WP8. The Runtastic hrm doesn’t use Bluetooth so requires a receiver to be plugged into the device which makes an already large phone (920) much larger so isn’t very practical.

            It looks like I’m going to have to wait to see if Runtasic release something a little more usable or of ST’s upcoming app and belt will be better.

            Thanks for the replies and please do keep us posted :)


          2. Nick

            Hi Katja…

            Well, it’s early summer….although the weather disagrees :)

            Do you have some good news for the many WP8 users who would love to see an updated version of Sports Tracker?



            1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

              Hey Nick, sorry for the late reply. Yes unfortunately we had to put the development of the WP8 app on hold as we need all our forces to the new backend, as all our apps and service as well depend on that. Hopefully in a few weeks time that is done and then we can continue the work on the WP8 app. I’m really sorry for this long wait!

  12. ronen

    hi, first of all i would like to say that ST is a great app. are you planning to add interval? willing to pay for an pro vs. tnx.

    1. Alexanderoz

      Me too otherwise I will have to move to other products, unfortunately …

  13. Robert

    I think sport tracker is going to die.Nothing realy important is going on .still no ascend and descent on the app no skitouring in the selection.i use this app for years and I have no problems if you make a paid pro but please awake Robert

    1. Alexanderoz


  14. Eero

    Hi, I have a HRM and Nokia E7 phone. My heart rate shows sometimes so huge numbers that I think that I’m supposed to be dead already. It jumps up to 200 when I’m walking, then it falls down to 70 walking or running, then again to 190 – 200 and so on. I have changed the battery, but no help. Cannot trust it at all. What can I do?

  15. Tobi

    Hi, my Heart Rate Monitor makes some trouble. How can I get Contakt to sports tracker to change it? Always when I send a message to them, they diddent answer.

  16. Cristian Perez

    What about the new website Katja? When are you releasing it?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, we’ve had to postpone it due to more urgent tasks like the new backend system. It’s now planned for 2nd half of this year. Sorry for the delay.

  17. Elvio

    Does it work with the Polar Wearlink with bluetooth for android?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, not sure what you refer to when you say “it”, but yes, the Polar Wearlink works with our Android app. The Android app itself doesn’t yet have all the same heart rate features as iPhone.

  18. remus78

    Hey SportsTracker how about an update on the WP8 app? Lots of people are asking and have had no reply.

  19. MatSil

    I’m little worried WP8 user. Firstly it was informed that WP8 heart rate will be released Q1/2013 but now the latest news says spring 2013.

  20. reebi

    Any update on the Windows Phone version with HRM support? I’m considering swapping to Runtastic Pro as they have a windows app with heart rate support – Why is this taking so long?

    Come on, I’m very disappointed with how slow Sports Tracker are being.

    Please support the Lumia920 ASAP.

  21. Juho Äännevaara

    So, I’ve had the belt already for a year. Last half a year I’ve been waiting for the version 1.4/WP8 version to get it into use. Any GOOD news except the ones saying “we’re really close on publishing it, any day now”?

    1. Alexanderoz

      Waiting for real news, is ST is going to die? no news for half year

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Hi, sorry for the silence in the blog. However, we aren’t dead, we’re just really busy working on several things at the same time. We’ve built the Android app from scratch to make it more stable, the new version is currently in the hands of our beta testers and as soon as they’re happy with it, we’ll release it. On the web side of things, we’ve been working on a new backend system to avoid the somewhat frequent sync issues we’ve had. That’s also in the end phase, so soon ready. We’re building a new html5 site which has been delayed as the Android and backend are more urgent, but that’s also coming along nicely, more on that to follow. The iPhone app has already seen quite a few new features (like the heart rate zones) as well as bug fixes. And to top all that, we’re working on a brand new app for WP8 which will support heart rate monitoring. We acknowledge some of these improvements are taking longer than hoped and we’re sorry for that. We believe however that this year will be a good year and we’re pretty excited:). I promise also to start writing blog posts soon again. Thanks for your patience. -katja

  22. Kari

    would it be possible to add more activities in indoor section ikons, like martial arts, and wallcliming, or some page where u could add your self those ikons what will serve you.
    thank you.

  23. Marek

    Could yuo also add ski touring to the activity selection list.

  24. davidmmm

    can not login?

  25. MiltonGQ

    I think it would be great to incorporate audible alarms that indicate changing areas, or perhaps to fit a range of work and that the software will alert you when you leave him.

    Greetings from Chile
    Saludos desde el culo del mundo, Chile!

  26. Erik

    I work out with a Kettlebel and have a Sports Tracker heart rate monitor. I haven’t been able come up with 6-8 different Kettlebell exercises to activate the whole body. Can you guys recommend anything?

  27. Isaak

    Can you guys add snowboarding as one of selected activity workout.

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