We’re hiring!

We’re looking for a brilliant talent with experience in both iOS (primary skill) and web front end development.

Specifically, skills/experience in following areas are required:

• iOS version 5 and 6

• Knowledge of Location API, Bluetooth API is a plus, but not mandatory

• Modern web technologies. Keywords: REST, jQuery, HTML5

Being used to working effectively in a small and energetic group (remotely or in the same location) is a must. We also appreciate if sports play a part in your life so that you can also help us develop the service concept by understanding the mindset of our users.

We are a small but highly energetic team that approaches the development of Sports Tracker with immense passion. We offer a fun, dynamic and open working environment with motivating challenges for each and every day.

We are located in Helsinki and Tampere in Finland but working remotely is also an option.

If interested please send us your free form CV.


  1. Lauri


    confused about the comments regarding anything but open position. Did you fill the position already?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Lauri, no we didn’t. If you’re interest and think that you’d be the right person for that, please contact us:)

  2. fUfsgFeN

    It is only rarely that workouts get synced or I can login to service anymore, used to be just sometimes, but it is now standard and to be able to log in is rare opportunity.

    Latest tweet is about server issues and is from 4 months ago, problems have been around far longer, I’m sorry but I really have no faith to spend on HRM belt while this service is struggling this much.

    At least for me this is giving impression that soon there is no sports-tracker at all, so I have had to begin search for alternatives. Hopefully things improve, but right now I don’t see sports-tracker as reliable service.

  3. Nick

    Hi Katja and the rest of the ST team..

    Just wondering if there is any news regarding an updated WP8 app please?

    Summer has been and gone and the GDR2/Amber updates have been rolled out to the masses. An update from ST along with a working hrm would be great news for a lot of people.


    Nick :)

  4. Rich May

    Any plans to actually get the Windows Phone 8 version released? Still use Sports Tracker as my app of choice but getting some of the other features etc into WinPho 8 would be fantastic.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, yes it’s still in our plans but the new backend is now our priority. As soon as I have some ETA I’ll let you guys know (once the backend is up and running). Thanks for your patience:)

      1. mato

        just keep in mind that you losing users each and every day. as they come to wp8 and your app is awful there, while others are pretty good. and it’s been like that for a year. it’ll be hard to get those users back.

  5. Antti Miettinen

    I like sports tracker a lot. But I’ve been quite frustrated about the stability of the web service. Please consider hiring someone who is able to keep the web service online. Right now I (yet again) cannot login..

    1. Antti Miettinen

      Just FYI: now I can login.

      1. Antti Miettinen

        Grr.. login error again..

        1. Hants

          Time to write all your password somewhere..

  6. Tobbe

    What happened to the non-Flash version of your site? No information. No development. Flash is old and useless on iOS devices.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Tobbe, it’s in development and our Android beta testers are already testing it (the new Android version is linked to the new backend). So please be patient abit longer, it’s on its way:).

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