Sports Tracker service is offline (update)

Update: the service is now back online. Thanks for your patience and support and happy tracking!


Unfortunately our service is down at the moment so you won’t be able to login or sync your workouts. We’re trying to get the service back online as soon as possible. 

We’re sorry for the inconvenience and frustration this causes! Remember that you can still track your workouts, they will sync automatically once the service is back online.


  1. maria

    hola, me gustaria saber porque no puedo ver las fotos de mis rutas,entro en el ordenador y se puede ver la ruta pero las fotos no..solución y una explicacion por favor..gracias

  2. Руслан, Вінниця

    It`s free – good.
    It`s not supported (new solutions, updates) – bad ^(

  3. Robinfinland

    I must say, when it works it is good, but SO often it happens I am not able to loggin. I am sorry but I am seriously considering going to endemondo. It just happens too often :(

    1. Mika

      Taas login error. Tämä on jokaviikkoinen ongelma, ollut kesästä lähtien. Aivan arpapeliä toimiiko vaiko ei. Harmi kun tuli ostettua sykevyö joka myös vaihdettu kerran takuuseen. Saatanpa ostaa polarin vyön ja siirtyä sellaisen palvelun käyttäjäksi joka toimii.

      1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

        Moi Mika, pahoitteluni näistä palvelinongelmistamme. Työstämme uutta järjestelmää, joten toivottavasti hyvinkin pian pääsemme näistä ongelmista eroon.

  4. Liija

    Heips!! kokeillaan nyt tätäkin kautta…puhelin onsamsung gio ja gps toiminto ei toimi!!! eniten hämmästyttää kun reilut kaksi viikkoa sitten toimi moitteettomasti ei auta vaikka laittaisi missä päälle ei voi johtua sateliiteista. Puhelimen toiminnot navi, maps ym toimii moitteettomasti. Gps ei lähde päälle vaikka olisi tunnin valmiudessa ja puhelimen kaikki mahdolliset liitokset on tehty…sykevyö toimii moitteettomasti ja ohjelma näiltä osin tallentaa harjoitukset….matkat olisi mukava saada näkyviin erityisesti kun hiihtokelit lähenee, hiihtokilometrit on tärkeitä…

    1. joe255

      Hi, I’ve got trubles with log in – all day long…

    2. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Moi Lilja, pahoitteluni tuosta ongelmasta. Emme ole ihan varmoja miksi osalla gps on lopettanut toimintansa, sillä emme ole tehneet muutoksia, mutta uusi versio tulee ulos ennen hiihtokelien alkuja ja uskomme sen viimeistään korjaavan nuo ongelmat.

  5. filipe russo

    Still waiting for a solution…

  6. JardaKastyl

    Hi S-T team!
    It is really pity that service is not running again :-(
    It is due to your maintenance/update or any error happened? Could you please inform about it on main page if something like this happens?
    Is there any way how to support your team?
    Thanks for providing the services.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. Yes I’ve taken up the information on website with our team again. You can support us by being patient with us some few more weeks, there’s light in the end of the tunnel;).

  7. Thijs82

    Hi there i’m trying to share my run on Facebook, it says its sharing, but there is nothing on FB, only on the dashboard from the site of sports-tracker.. Is there still a problem with sharing??

  8. caesarmauro49

    Il Servizio non funziona. I downloads non vengono caricati. Vogliate informarmi quando sarà possibile caricare i percorsi da me registrati sul telefono. Grazie.
    Cesare Mauro Cotto

    1. JardaKastyl

      Ciao Cesare,
      Servizio ancora non funziona, ma il secondo agosto ha funzionato..
      The service is offline again but it worked two days ago..

  9. Kari Karhu

    Hei vaan !
    Onko Sport Trackeriin tulossa päivitys Win 8 puhelimiin?
    Tosi hyvä ohjelma mutta nyt kun vaihdoin Androitin WIN 8, eipä toimikaan taustalla vaan muut toiminnat katkaisevat harjoituksen…??
    t; Kari

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hei Kari, kehitämme oman sovelluksen WP8:lle heti kun ehdimme kiireelliseltä backend työltämme. Nykyinen sovellus on kehitetty WP7:lle, jonka vuoksi se ei toimi täydellisesti WP8 puhelimissa. Pystymme lisäämään myös sykevyö tuen tuohon uuteen sovellukseen.

  10. Joana Cruz

    My last workout isn´t been shared and it is not showing up on the website,only on the iphone… :(

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, try to logout and back in on your iPhone.

  11. ZioSergino

    perché non riesco più a caricare le foto durante i miei allenamenti e non riesco a condividere i miei lavori su Facebook???

  12. Darcy20

    I have 18 workouts on my phone, and each one has been synced (according to the phone), but the last 9 are not showing up on the website. tracking is great on the phone, but would like to have them on the website also.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Darcy20, which phone do you have? Have you tried to sign out and back in on your phone?

    2. Joana Cruz

      I´m having the same problem! :(

  13. gerrimoto

    ….synchronisation doesn’t work – what are you doing in the meantime??

  14. Michael Cox

    Website synchronization is down again. It is 2157 pacific time July 23, 2013.

  15. Luuk

    My last workout was synced on June 2nd. All my workouts after that date are lost/not synced! They are still on my phone but they do not appear on the website so I cannot shere them with my friends!

  16. Mihai Cherana

    Hello Katja! Since your server problems this month, you broke alot of my maps!! Can you fix that because it sucks! all my mountain biking and running it’s gone… No profile data available!!

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi Mihai, answered to you on our community forum already, but we’re really sorry for that and we’re investigating the cause and will try to find a fix asap.

  17. gerrimoto

    Hi, the workouts still don’t sync, though I logged in and out and so on….Greez Gerri!

  18. slog

    I cleaned cache and changed browser but still didn’t work.
    Did ST apply some changes before last service down? Afraid those changes led unstable.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, we haven’t made any changes. Please be patient as it sometimes takes awhile to work for everyone. Did you also clear this:

      1. slog

        Hi Katja,

        Yes, I followed the exact what you propose but failed to login via IE or Chrome. Anyhow, it’s ok now.

        My another question is after I ticked facebook in sharing options then save and sync on my android phone, it still didn’t post on my facebook. And I followed procedure but still didn’t work.

        1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

          Are you logged into Facebook with your phone? What if you disable FB sharing on the website, then logout from Facebook on your phone and then try to share a (new) workout on your phone. See if that helps?

  19. Frank Wiley

    Hi all,
    I cleared the browser cache and it works again :).
    German test Time: 22/07/2013 at 12.52 a clock.
    i can also sync from my Samsung Gallaxy S3 again :).
    I tried with IE 10.0 and Firefox 22.0…

    If you have still Error 2048, maybe it helps to restart the internet router (try to reconnect internet) and to clear browser cache :).

    Thanks ST Team, for fast help.

    Best regards from Germany
    Frank Wiley.

  20. Ian L


    I am still getting error 2048 and have cleared cache / flash..again.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Then please be patient, sometimes it takes a while before everyone can login. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  21. MX_Allan


    I have a lot of #error 2048, i can’t loggin me.

    I had clear the cache of my browser. (IE9, Flash 11.7)


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