Android developer

We’re looking for a talented person with years of experience in software development. Specifically, skills in following areas are required:

  • 5+ years of software development experience.

  • Excellent Java programming and debugging skills combined with a drive to learn new things.

  • Knowledge of Android platform is a plus.

  • Experience with version control systems (e.g. Git).

  • Strong software engineering, architecture, documentation and design skills.

  • Ability and flexibility to work and communicate effectively in a multi-national, multi-site environment.

  • The courage to ask for advice and share information.

Being able to work effectively in a small and energetic group is a must. We also appreciate if sports plays a part in your life so that you can also help us develop the service concept by understanding the mindset of our users.

We are a small but highly energetic team that approaches the development of Sports Tracker with immense passion. We offer a fun, dynamic and open working environment with motivating challenges for each and every day.

The position is based in Helsinki.

If interested please send us your free form CV.


  1. Ricardo Anacleto

    Recent or final student of university not applicable?

  2. Richard Bowers

    When will this app have a spinning application?

  3. Virve

    Vaihdoin kännykän Nokiasta Iphoneen. Sports Trackeriin en voi enää puhelin muutoksen myötä laittaa valokuvia matkan varrelta. Missä vika?

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hei Virve, ota kuvat sovelluksen sisällä olevalla kameralla niin ne päivittyvät. Jos ei, niin olet luultavasti evännyt meiltä oikeuden käyttää kuviasi, tarkista siis asetuksesi tai yritä asentaa sovellus uudelleen niin pystyt sen hyväksymään (katso että kaikki harjoituksesi ovat synkattuna nettiimme ennen sitä, sillä ne katoavat puhelimestasi).

  4. Hyeong Ho, Cha

    I’m Korean and I run a company.
    I like to develope translated version of Sports Tracker.

    1. Katja/ team Sports Tracker

      Hi, thank you so much for offering help. At the moment we don’t have resources to update the app to Korean. Even if we’d get the translation, it means a lot of work for us. If we get a lot of demand on Korean language, we’ll of course reconsider the need.

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