Sports Tracker Starts Halloween with a Ghost Chase!

Compete Against Phantom Athletes with New Premium Workout Motivation Features

We’ve added new features to the Sports Tracker Premium for iPhone, incorporating more personalized and customized adjustments to improve user experience. This Halloween Sports Tracker unleashes the Ghost Target for users to catch. Now you can experience the thrill of chasing or escaping your ghost!

Turn your phone into a personal motivator!

Ghost Target boosts your motivation by spicing up your workout routine. You can now race against any targeted workout you aim to overcome and receive constant voice feedback based on your real-time performance. Beat your records!

Sports Tracker - Ghost Target

With Custom Ghost Target you can plan your exercises in your own way. Select a route and set the type of target you want to focus your training on. You can choose from distance or duration to energy or pace. Now it is easier to track your progress!

Sports Tracker - Custom Ghost Target

Ahead-Behind Graph is a great tool for evaluating how you performed against your target. It gives you an easy understanding and a wide comparison between your workouts, shown in a graph. Who said analyzing was complicated?

Sports Tracker - Ahead-Behind Graph

Finally, with the fully Customizable Voice Feedback you can choose for each activity the kind of information you want to hear in your audio feedback (distance, energy, pace, heart rate, etc.) and how often to receive it.

Sports Tracker - Customizable Voice Feedback

All new designed features are meant to help you maximize your performance and set accurate personal goals. “The feeling one gets from making progress simply never gets old. We are tapping into that emotion and hope to inspire people to both create and maintain an active lifestyle,” Jussi Kaasinen, Sports Tracker CEO said.

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The free Sports Tracker app can be upgraded to Sports Tracker Premium on Android and iOS platforms with a monthly or yearly subscription for $3.99 and $27.99, respectively.

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Happy tracking everyone!

Team Sports Tracker

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