Tilen’s story – How I started a healthier life with Sports Tracker

Tilen Majerič, a Sports Tracker user from Slovenia, has shared with us his really inspiring story, the story of the beginning of his new life. Tilen showed us that with strong will and passion anything can be achieved. No matter how tough the path may become or how many obstacles you may find on the way to your goal, the real challenge is to face yourself. “Now I feel great! Beyond great. My self-confidence is on a totally new level and my spirit is at peace” (Tilen).

Tilen 8 months ago and now. Source: Instagram @tilenm84

“I played football (soccer) for years when I was a teenager, but then I started working and over the years I just forgot about myself and didn’t realize I wasn’t 18 anymore. 10 years of wrong eating made me fat! So, during my last doctor’s appointment, the doctor told me I weighed 130 kg and that was the breaking point for me.

During the first weeks of exercising I went through hell! Moving around daily is one thing, but doing sports is something else. Only then I really realized that I was in such a bad shape. My MP3 player was full of motivational songs and speeches. I’d say I was in some kind of trance and giving up was not an option. I also watched all Rocky movies over and over again. Whenever I was feeling  down, those movies made me strong. What also kept me motivated was that I wasn’t working out alone. My friend also lost more than 10 kg, so we kept on pushing each other forward.

The most used word back then was “tough”. I remember the second or third time we went hiking with friends and I was the last one. But that made me even stronger! Now I overtake them all! I worked out on two, three different routes and within weeks I noticed that my times were getting better. When I learned how to use power and energy, I started to break my personal records.

Now I feel great! Beyond great. Eating healthy and working out is now part of my day, or to be honest, it’s my whole day. Even with working out 2-3 hours daily, you can still find time for friends and family. The best option is to have your closest as your workout mates. Then you can talk and burn calories at the same time. My self-confidence is on a totally new level and my spirit is at peace.

Sports Tracker changed how I work out. Now I can track my progress, set my goals and see what I’ve achieved. And for every 500 km tracked, I award myself with something unhealthy. A sin for every 500 kilometers☺.

To all the people in my initial situation, I’d advice you to first make peace with yourself, then set your mind so that success is the only option. Even if you fail, and believe me you will fail, fail forward. You will stumble two, three, four times, but by the fifth time you’ll be walking, and you’ll be walking with your head high!


Well done Tilen and thanks for sharing your story with us!

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Happy tracking!

Team Sports Tracker

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