Sports Tracker has started collaboration with Samsung Electronics Russia

Samsung Electronics Russia and Finnish Sports Tracker have started collaboration in the Russian market. Samsung customers who purchase the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or the Samsung Galaxy Alpha will get a 1-year (Note 4) or 6-month (Alpha) Sports Tracker Premium subscription for free.

Sports Tracker – the original GPS-based fitness app- offers high quality service to sports enthusiasts who want to benefit from the latest mobile technology. Sports Tracker is among the top 5 health and fitness apps in 25 countries with millions of downloads and users from more than 200 countries.

– The CEO of Sports Tracker, Jussi Kaasinen, considers the Russian market as an attractive growth opportunity, “Sports Tracker has always been the first to innovate reliable, easy to use and motivating features to follow your workout activities through your smartphone. The collaboration with Samsung Electronics Russia gives us an excellent opportunity to bring Sports Tracker services to users in a new market.”

Turn your Samsung phone into a personal motivator!

With Sports Tracker you can track and analyze your performance, share workout data and photos with your friends, and most important of all – get fit and stay healthier! Wherever you move, Sports Tracker measures the route, speed and follows your progress.

New Samsung phones offer users Sports Tracker Premium features

As a Sports Tracker premium user you can track progress by setting weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Count your weekly calories, measure the total duration of outdoor activities each month, or track your progress towards cycling 1,000 miles this season – the goal statistics view makes it easy to see the big picture or drill into the details.

Additional maps! Enjoy detailed foot and bike paths with four new maps: OpenStreetMap standard, landscape, outdoors and cycling.

Ghost Target boosts your motivation by spicing up your workout routine. You can now race against any targeted workout you aim to overcome and receive constant voice feedback based on your real-time performance. Beat your records!

Visiting a new town? Shake up your training with your friends’ top routes or get out there and discover new local tracks.

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  1. Jen

    Now that Sports Tracker is collaborating with a release of Android devices, does that mean Android users will finally get the heart rate zones functionality that iOS has had since 2013?

    Considering the vast market for wearable devices that now track heart rate, it would make sense for Sports Tracker to work with them as well as show this info.

  2. janne


    Was looking to comment on the post about the new website, but wasn’t able to – maybe you have disabled the comments.

    However, I’d like to post some feedback to the new site.

    First of all I think it’s harder to find statistics now than it was with the old site. I miss the feature where I could just click the weeks on the calendar and get summaries right away. Now it reqiures a lot more steps to find the summaries (time and distance) for each activity.

    The overview at the top of the site also seems at bit messy to me. Again, a strict calendar would’ve made it easier to see and understand.

    I get that users wanted the site to be flash-free (personally I never had trouble with this), but it seems that some of the great features had to give place due to this. I’d love to have the calendar back, with the simple and useful look, or some easier way to find the summaries.

    The iPhone app still looks quite the same as it did when I took a pause from my training, and I like that.

    Plus, I’m wondering: how can I unfriend users? I have users that are no longer active on ST, I’d like to remove them and clean my news feed in the app.

    Thanks, and keep up the good work! :)

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