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In the Holiday spirit of doing some good, here is your chance to give some recognition to your favorite restaurants! Sports Trackers are a special community and we would like you to benefit from the learnings and inspiration shared. So, browse through our list of favorite restaurants and share your own with the community of millions of Sports Trackers – it may just mean a nice gift of new customers to a place that deserves the attention.

We all know that exercise and food go hand in hand – good nutrition is the key to achieve your workout goals. It is the fuel that gives energy for training but is also essential to your recovery. So that’s another reason why we thought it would be nice to share some of our favorite restaurants to all you sporty travelers out there!








Here are our recommendations:

7. New York – The Loeb Boathouse: The New York Central Park is a great place for a run as well as for all kinds of outdoor activities. On your way to this restaurant check out all the training inspiration and find a piece of tranquility in a city that never sleeps.

6. Dubai – La Parrilla: Great views & fantastic stakes combined with tango dancing (if you are up for it). Remember to dress for the occasion!

5. London – The Palm: The first Palm restaurant opened its doors in New York already in 1926. This restaurant has great service & huge variety of dinner choices to fuel you for any sport London has to offer. Quite accessible on short notice, but never hurts to make an advance reservation. Enjoy spotting some local & global celebrity caricatures drawn on the walls.

4. Helsinki – Doner Harju or Villetta: We couldn’t decide what to highlight in this city of sports crazy people, so here are two great options. Visit Villetta for great pasta, for example before the famous Helsinki City Half Marathon that starts from the close by historic Olympic stadium. For a bit heftier meal or just simply a great lunch we recommend Döner Harju. Not the usual find if you are a tourist. Delicious food in authentic surroundings in the heart of Helsinki. Probably best if you are not planning to work out the day after.

3. Barcelona – Cerveceria De Catalunya: An absolute gem amongst all great tapas restaurants in Barcelona. Always busy, but the food is worth the wait if you have not booked a table in advance. Also a great place for casual meetings and a sip of beverages after a tour of the city or before a visit to famous Camp Nou.

2. Los Angeles – Selanne Steak Tavern: This is a personal favorite of our marketing director. The owner is Finnish ice hockey legend Teemu Selänne. He has a passion for life & great food, the newly opened restaurant at Laguna Beach will not disappoint with its warm atmosphere and fantastic steaks. Make sure to earn a good appetite with some LA-training before indulging!

1. Tokyo – Jiro’s Sushi: Sushi is great food for active people looking to eat healthy. It can also be an outmost fine dining experience. To enjoy the genuine 3 star(!) Japanese work of art, it is a must to plan well in advance.

Bon Appétit!

Team Sports Tracker

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