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As users we only see a finished and polished product and don’t think much about the process of its development and even less so about people behind its production.

We wanted to give you an insight of how life at Sports Tracker looks like. In the following three months we will be bringing you stories from employees of Sports Tracker, people who are just like you. They are the ones building the services & products you love from scratch, putting countless hours and overcoming challenges just to deliver great user experience and make your life easier.

This time we had a chat with Juan Rodriguez, Technical Operations Manager at Sports Tracker.


Please tell us your story. Who is Juan and what does he enjoy doing aside from his daily job?
I’m originally from Mexico but I came here to study for my masters degree and then I stayed. In Finland at first I was working in gaming industry dealing with programming and operations.

Then I met Marko from Sports Tracker and got very interested in not only the job but also the overall idea of the company.
Aside from my job, I’m really passionate about music and sports, especially football. I enjoy learning more about my job and trying to continuously educate myself about latest trends and improvements.

What do you do at Sports Tracker and how does your day usually look like?
Currently, I’m a one-man-team, managing technical operations, setting up the procedures and making sure our systems are as safe as they could be. My biggest task is to have everything up and running and smoothly so.
I’m also looking for two enthusiastic and ambitious people to join my team- technical operations engineers for Microsoft and Linux.

What is something that really motivates you to get up every morning and do your job?
I believe what I do enables other people to work easier, faster and better. That is the reason I really love to do what I’m doing.

What kind of technologies are you working with?
I enjoy using latest technologies and one of the best things in this whole company is that we are aware that the world of technology is evolving daily and are trying to keep up with the pace.
We’re using newest technologies and I’m personally working a lot with containers, cloud computing and various tools for process automation.

Is there some very interesting project you’ve been working with at Sports Tracker?
At the moment we have 3 big projects running. Two of them are meant to help our users to track development and progress of their training using technology that makes it easier for them. Third project, called Sally, is meant to revolutionize the way we work here. We are building an ecosystem where multiple brands will coexist and grow together.

What is the favorite thing about your job and working here?
We are in a very exciting process all the time because we are creating all these new ideas and platforms. There is a lot of potential with all the things we are doing and of course a lot of challenges.

In a technical sense, there are also many challenges we are solving daily so it never gets boring. We are here to revolutionize sports and that’s a big and exciting goal.

If you were to recommend working here to your friend, what would you say?
This is undoubtedly a motivational place to work. No matter what you do, you have a chance to make a great impact, move things fast and learn all the time.
No matter how much you give, you will get a lot in return- new learnings, new projects and opportunities. We’re all part of something bigger and it’s great how everyone of us can contribute to building great products and reinventing sports.

Do you have some questions for our employees or something you would like to know about Sports Tracker? Let us know!


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