Improve your outdoor training with detailed maps!

We all have routines. They help structure everyday life, provide direction, and reduce the need to make decisions – whether that’s the order we put our clothes on, the time we go to bed, or the route we take when working out.

It’s not that routine and habits aren’t important, in fact we recently shared the power of habits, but relied upon every day they can cause boredom and missed opportunities.

Think about taking a run or a bike ride. You most likely take the same routes time after time. It could be the route you take to work, the trail you run at the weekend, or your favourite downhill run. But what happens when you go that little further or turn a different corner?

Making a small change can open up a whole new world of possibilities. To do this without knowledge of the area may cause you to get lost, but fortunately Sports Tracker’s detailed maps have you covered.

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With Sports Tracker premium you have access to several types of high-detailed maps (OpenStreetMap standard, landscape, outdoors and cycling, and terrain maps for Spain, Norway & Finland). These detailed views show the layouts of cities, cycling routes, the topography of the land, and types of terrain to help to take your outdoor training to the next level.

No matter whether you’re roller-skating in the city, hiking in the countryside, or carving up the mountain, we have a map to help you discover new trails and places and leave your old routes behind.

Even better, if you’re heading to area without mobile internet, you can use these maps offline. Simply browse the desired areas beforehand when connected to the internet and it’ll be ready for you to explore when you’re out on the peaks.

What are you waiting for? Get off your circuit and try something new. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and share your favourite routes and workouts.

You can trial detailed maps and other premium features by upgrading your Sports Tracker app for a free month’s Sports Tracker premium through our Android app.


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