Ghost Target: the workout buddy in your pocket


We all know a little friendly competition never hurt anyone. In fact, it often provides the motivation and drive to helps us achieve our goals.

Competition, in one form or another, is at the heart of all sports. It pushes us further and harder, and if we’re not competing against someone else we’re competing against ourselves.

When running, cycling, skiing, (or anything else for the matter), everyone wants to shave a second off here or add a mile there. Trying to achieve this is easier when you have a friend next to you, but what happens when a sports buddy isn’t possible?

That’s where Ghost Target comes in.

With Ghost Target you can race against a route you or a friend have previously tracked.

Using Ghost Target you can turn your phone into a personal motivator with real-time performance against your target. Our voice feedback will let you know whether you are ahead or behind your ghost and your current performance. This can be customised for each activity, by the kind of information you want to hear (distance, energy, pace, heart rate, etc.) and how often you want to receive it.

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These features will help you maximise your performance and set accurate goals to help push you further and harder, even when your workout buddy takes a day off!

Best of all, you can trial Ghost Target and other premium features by upgrading your Sports Tracker app for a free month’s Sports Tracker Premium through our Android app.

Interested in more Sports Tracker Premium features? Read all about them here.


  1. sbobet

    If you have a sporting event, professional or not, or would like a scout program put together, I would love the opportunity to work with you.

  2. Amolie

    Thanks for sharing. Really nice to see.

  3. Jason

    Would love to have this in a standalone Android Wear app

  4. Werty

    I have the premium version, but I only can compare my workouts with the phone. I think it would be interesting to have the same option the the web!!

  5. Anne

    I am just wondering how this would compare to the Rem-fit band? ( i have really liked it and was wondering what the bonus of switching would be?

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