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During three months we will be bringing you stories of Sports Tracker employees. They are the ones building the products you love from scratch, putting countless hours into them and overcoming challenges just to deliver great user experience and make your life easier.

Last time we brought you an interview with Ramon from Android team.
This time we talked with Petra Rosvall, HR manager at Amer Sports for Suunto and Sports Tracker.

Please tell us your story. Who is Petra and what does she enjoy doing aside from his daily job?

Petra1I enjoy diversity in all of its forms. As far as hobbies go, I enjoy a variety of activities from biking, hiking, swimming to more relaxed things such as gardening and reading. I’ve never been focused on just one sport or had any serious ambitions in sports, it’s more about feeling good and having fun. Sailing is something I love, it enables me to go with nature and slow down my inner clock a little bit.



What do you do at Amer Sports and how does your day usually look like?

I’m the HR person for Amer Sports Digital that includes Sports Tracker and Suunto. My days vary a lot, and that’s something I really like. The days almost always include things connected to transformation and change. It can mean new recruitments, team development or on a bigger scale developing new ways of working or even shifting and clarifying our culture. Every job has parts that aren’t so great, for example I don’t enjoy dealing with receipts, but sometimes that’s what’s on the menu.

What is something that really motivates you to get up every morning and do your job?

I love the people I work with. The best part is that I get to create win-­win situations, which means people are developing and growing while also business is benefiting at the same time. Motivated people who are progressing make a successful company and I’m very happy to work in that intersection.

What kind of technologies are you working with?

This question might sound redundant for HR but it’s not! I get to work with different social media channels, video tools, intranet publishing and all kinds of HR tools.

Are there some interesting projects you’ve been working with at Amer Sports?

Lots of them. Recently for example we’ve been working to clarify Sports Tracker mission and Suunto purpose, these dialogues are for me highly motivating and give me a strength as they provide direction and intent. Sports Tracker joined Amer Sports a bit over a year ago and it’s been an interesting task to get to know the team, service and start building the way forward together. Seeing progress is always super-motivating.

It’s exciting to be a part of something new, a kind of startup inside of a corporation… I’m happy.

What is the favorite thing about your job and working here?

People. I like to think my job has positive effects on people’s lives.

I get more feedback here than ever before. Last year I received an honorary award from my colleagues and it came as a huge surprise to me. Many people showed warmth and encouragement and this served as a validation that I’m doing the right things.

If you were to recommend working here to your friend, what would you say?

With all the complexity, brands and opportunities, Amer Sports is an incredible place to be at this point of time. Anyone who is curious and with passion, this is the company you want to work for.

At Sports Tracker and Suunto it’s all about people, so if you’re interested in people and want to be a positive influence in the world, then this is a great place to work. It’s amazing to be a part of an organization that helps and inspires millions of people around the world. I don’t mean just top athletes or professional adventurers, a few months ago for example, I had a chance to talk to a young man in his early twenties, who had suffered a stroke and had to learn to walk again. For motivation he started tracking his walks with Sports Tracker ̶ first 10 meter, then 20 meters and eventually longer and longer until he could walk where he wanted. There are so many different stories of how we have been a part of someone’s life and each time I hear one, it makes me more excited and motivated to work here.

What kind of people do you enjoy working with?

It’s great to work with people who are committed, motivated and understanding of other people. That said, I enjoy a very wide variety of different types of colleagues. Being interested in people is a major part of why I chose to work with HR in the first place; I love the fact that we are all different and it’s great to see when people use their unique personalities and strengths to bring the whole team to the next level.

I believe it’s important that we can be our ‘true selves’ at work, because we spend so much time here… I can be a real dork with stupid jokes sometimes, but people seem to accept it, because it’s part of the package.

I don’t enjoy people who deliberately sabotage the team’s success, it’s the only thing I can think of that I can’t tolerate at all.

How has your job changed since you started working here?

Not only my job but also the whole organization has evolved a lot. The tech world is fast-paced and ever changing, so we need to change with it. I’m committed to enabling opportunities for success and that means always thinking of better, smarter and more effective ways of moving ahead.

We would like to encourage people to fail and try better next time and also to prove we’re all humans who make mistakes and learn from them. Therefore, what is your biggest mistake?

It’s probably not the biggest mistake ever, but I made a survey for the organization to get final feedback about an 18 month development program we had just finished. People answered and all looked well, until I realized that we had changed the survey tool and all the information vanished when the license to the old tool expired. Very embarrassing and also annoying as people had used their time to give me feedback. What I would do differently ­is that I would put a calendar reminder about the tool expiration date.


Do you have some questions for our employees or something you would like to know about Amer Sports? Let us know!



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