Meet the Team – Operations Specialist Petra

During three months we will be bringing you stories of Sports Tracker employees. They are the ones building the products you love from scratch, putting countless hours into them and overcoming challenges just to deliver great user experience and make your life easier.

Last time we brought you an interview with Petra who is our Human Resources Manager.

Today, we had a nice talk with Petra Abu Raed, Operations Specialist at Amer Sports/Sports Tracker.

Please tell us your story. Who is Petra and what does she enjoy doing aside from her daily job?

Petra 2 (1)I’m Petra Abu Raed, Operations Specialist at Amer Sports. I’m a family woman and I have two already grown-­up kids. When I don’t work, I’m a Zumba instructor and giving classes in Vantaa. This is my hobby and something I really love. I’m also very happy to see that all of my classes are always fully booked and that people enjoy coming there. When I’m neither at work nor in Zumba classes, I enjoy spending time at our family cottage in Luumäki, that’s how I relax and recharge.


What do you do at Sports Tracker and how does your day usually look like?

At Sports Tracker I have a role of Operations Specialist. My biggest task so far has been to establish an operational model for the marketing team. This role also entails a nice variety of other tasks such as establishing reporting systems, meeting practicalities, communications and documentation. It’s a fairly new role in the company so I got a chance to create it from scratch and to some extent influence what I’ll be doing.

What is something that really motivates you to get up every morning and do your job?

It’s people. People here are great to work with, they are relaxed and happy and at the same time collaborative and professional in what they do. They make all the difference!

What is the favorite thing about your job and working here?

In my work I get different challenges every day and these challenges are great opportunities to grow and develop. Support system is in place and whenever I need something or I have some questions, there is always someone who helps. Also, there are always interesting tasks to be done.

If you were to recommend working here to your friend, what would you say?

You should come here to work in a dynamic and very positive atmosphere. You won’t only work and learn new things but also have nice colleagues and enjoy every moment of it.

Besides people, our company has great products and brands and there are always some new interesting things happening.

What kind of people do you enjoy working with?

When it comes to my colleagues, I prefer to be surrounded by people who are open ­minded, who welcome new ideas and who have positive attitude towards both life and what they do as their job.


Do you have some questions for our employees or something you would like to know about Sports Tracker or Amer Sports? Let us know!



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