How Esa from Finland lost 50 kilograms with the help of Sports Tracker


Read how Sports Tracker can be as natural part of weight loss as a diet or working out. It can be your companion that motivates you on daily basis and pushes you towards your goals.

The wake-up call

Exactly one year ago Esa from Finland woke up to the reality. The game he loves to play was fading away from his reach as his physics had gotten to the point he couldn’t play it anymore. Basketball is a game where being tall is an advantage but being too heavy is a disadvantage – at least to your body and like in Esa’s case, to the knees. Esa is tall, 2 meters exactly but the weight had grown into too large figures, close to 160 kilos. He had two options, surgery or losing weight. Esa chose the latter.

First losing, then winning

To lose weight you need to start losing or reducing in different areas. Esa started by skipping the stand-up meals and eating home cooked food at work. BOOM Eight kilograms gone in the first month. This-thing-works – he thought. But it was also time for the next steps. Diet just wasn’t enough. He stopped smoking and decided to start working out regularly. That’s when he found his partner to the journey –  the Sports Tracker app. Esa set the bar high and aimed to a challenging four workouts per week and knew he’d need a good tracking app with easy to follow diary. Esa’s approach was smart. He continued playing the game he loves once or twice a week and then started hiking. The results started showing fast. The length of the hikes started growing and weight started to drop. And it dropped fast.


The bet

Esa made a bet with his friend that he’d hit the under 120 kilo barrier before mid-summer 2017. Following the weekly goal in Sports Tracker he kept meeting it week after week and redeemed his bet already by the end of February. He wanted to keep the momentum and thought: “Why not drop a whopping 50 kilos now that I’m on it?”


The reward? A whole new life.

Esa has made it to a habit. He started walking and cycling as much as he could. He says that he couldn’t have made it without Sports Tracker. That’s the place where he sees what he has done. An empty diary is not something he wants to see. “I just don’t want to stay still. I need to get going and Sports Tracker pushes me forwards.” In May Esa had lost the 50 kilograms and his team won the national title in basketball in the masters league (men over 40). We rewarded the guy with a heart rate belt that he has been using a lot lately. “It takes my workout analysis to another level. It’s actually very hooking. He’s not trying to lose weight anymore and the next step is to lose some skin. It haven’t been able to keep up with the weight loosing pace!

A proud man with a gold medal in the middle of the back row


“Working out is just the best. You get to enjoy the fresh breath of air and I go out in every weather possible. It’s a dressing thing. I’m keeping the four times a week goal and checking Sports Tracker daily if I’m on it or not. And I’ve got my friends there too motivating and cheering as I go. Life is wonderful!”

Have you lost weight with the help of Sports Tracker? Share your experiences in the comments below.


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