Finding your passion of sports takes you a long way

Sports Tracker Lukáš Vaculík
Sports Tracker Lukáš Vaculík found his passion in mountain biking.

Inspirational story of Sports Tracker Lukáš Vaculík is a true reminder that you don’t have to start off as a sports lover in order to become one.

As Lukáš is now a professional outdoor athlete with over 700 shared trainings, it’s hard to imagine that he always wasn’t a sporty guy. On the contrary, gymnastics lessons weren’t his thing at school and first working years in IT-company didn’t exactly support an active lifestyle. However, Lukáš always liked cycling, which ended up kick-starting his journey of becoming fit and healthy. “My weight began to grow fast and I felt bad, so I started with a plan and a simple target – to lose weight and win.” Lukáš says.

Eventually Lukáš found his passion in mountain biking and wanted to become more professional. That’s when he realized he needed a tool to track his progress: “I tried some races, but realized my time was not yet. I wanted to have some records to see my progress.”

Sports Tracker Lukáš Vaculík passion is mountain biking

Following progress and sharing your journey as keys to success

By exploring different tracking apps on the market, Lukáš started using Sports Tracker that had features fitting his needs. “I’m using ghost targets to follow my last result. When I’m done, I proceed with analysis, because this part of training is obviously interesting and important for me. Information about regeneration is (unfortunately) useful; even though you would like to continue immediately a break and recovery is needed for your body! I also have few sensors to record heartbeat, so I know my intensity of training and I can play with difficulty of workout.”

Lukáš also greatly values the social aspect of Sports Tracker, as it keeps him motivated. “After activity, there is the social part and I’m sharing my happiness with the rest of the world, the Sports Tracker community and friends. We are doing some sessions together and they are also interested about results. Some comments are funny. They keep my mind and motivation on a good level. I like social impact or performance tracking of others athletes on the map.”

Sports Tracker Lukáš Vaculík passion is sports

Lukáš’ first Sports Tacker record is from 2011. He has been pleased with how the app has developed. “Sports Tracker application has changed for the better in recent years.” he says.

Hard training and tracking his progress have obviously created results. During the past year Lukáš participated roughly 30 racing competitions and his best result was second place in his home town. “Currently I’m beating my records every month. You can trust that my trainings are very intensive on daily basis. My goal was successful. I lost 25 kilos and started with other activities like gym, running, hiking and team sports. Mountain biking is still my major activity and will always be.” Lukáš describes.

Sports Tracker Lukáš Vaculík passion is also running

Goals as high as the queen of mountains

Even though Lukáš has come a long way from where he started, his goals haven’t definitely become less ambitious: “I still have enough of what I want to achieve. My new goal is to continue and endure at the current pace. It would be fine to get up on highest peak of the Earth one day, because Mount Everest is my dream and I want to vanquish this mother of mountains in 2022. I want to be good mountain biker, so everything I do is directed to that and doesn’t matter what it will take.”

Sports Tracker Lukáš Vaculík passion is also mountaineering

It’s also safe to say that his original goal of losing weight has transformed into a lifelong passion of outdoor life and sports. “I really like nature, discovery, photography, people, so I can merge all hobbies together. When enjoying time spent on your bike, you don’t need motivation, you need nothing. Same for running. It’s between the world and you. This is freedom and finally this is the real passion.”

Boost your motivation and follow Lukáš’ journey in his Sports Tracker profile.


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