Sports Tracker app for mountain biking and cycling

You can use Sports Tracker app to track all your cycling activities.
You can use Sports Tracker app to track all your cycling activities.

Sports Tracker is an app with GPS tracking capability. For a cyclist, mountain biker, gravel grinder, cyclocrosser or any other discipline done with a bike there’s a lot what a tracking app can offer. There are differences between the Android and iOS versions of the app but both work really nicely for every two-wheeler.

From on-ride statistics to the sports diary

Tracking your workouts with a phone is very convenient. It’s in your pocket almost all the time. Just grab it, open Sports Tracker and start a workout. Easy as pie. It’ll track your workout from the bottom of the pocket or backpack. With great bike mounts like Quadlock now available the phone will stay in place even in the roughest rides and you can follow your progress live on the go. In Sports Tracker the tracking view can be customized so you can choose the live stats you prefer and the map is of course always there. We’ve optimized the battery consumption to the lowest level possible so tracking a workout with your phone isn’t a battery eating process anymore. Tracking all your rides and all other sports you do your diary in Sports Tracker will stay up to date you can easily see your progress. The diary is also good motivator that keeps you going. If it’s empty you know who to blame.

Earn ‘em bragging rights – share a picture or a video from the app

I like to keep my eyes open for what the Mother Nature has to offer when I’m riding. Snapping a pic from the beautiful sunset or the white-tailed deer on the field will be a nice memory in the workout diary when you scroll it later. There’s always time for a short pause and you’ll get to relive the moment later. Now the diary will look even cooler when we can add also videos there. Trying a new rocky downhill section might earn you the bragging rights or make an instant hidden camera hit if gone wrong. When shared from Sports Tracker to Instagram for example the app will add the crucial stats of the ride. You’re fellow #mtbr’s or #roadcyclists will get a better view on what you’ve been doing. It’s all about context as we know.

GPS tracking a cycling workout with Sports Tracker app

Motivate and get motivated

I like getting those likes. I like to give them too. Doing sports is a mental thing and when you get cheered by your friends or community you want to get out of the sofa more often. If others are pushing themselves I want to keep pushing too. It’s like being in a team or in family. That’s what the Sports Tracker community is – one big happy sports family.


Juha Lauhamaa – Sports Tracker by heart

Tip: If you need support with the app please contact our customer service.


  1. Suprith s agashe

    Sports tracker app is not capturing the cycling workout properly. Any settings that I need to change?

    1. Sports Tracker


      Thanks for your feedback! Could you contact our support from the app settings or here:, so we can investigate and help you better.

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