Hiking and filming in the Nordic landscapes

Hiking Sports Tracker Truc Truong
Truc Truong enjoys hiking in the Nordic landscapes

Hiking in the nature, beautiful Nordic landscapes and a mesmerizing atmosphere. Truc Truong sure knows how to capture the moment in the inspirational videos he started to create after finding a passion to the outdoor life.

Truc moved all the way from Vietnam to Finland in 2011, after hearing about Finland’s reputation as one of the leading technology countries in the world. Now Truc is finishing his Master’s degree in Computer Science in Aalto University. In fact, the friends from university first sparked the idea to go hiking in the Finnish national parks.

“At first I was a bit hesitate about all the “what if” fears, but still decided to give it a try. I then joined some overnight hiking and camping trips to Nuuksio and Porkkala. During these trips I started to look at the landscapes around me and was stunned how peaceful and beautiful the Finnish nature is.”

Since then Truc has become a true lover of outdoor sports, which are a way for him to unwind and take some time off from the busy school life.

“When I’m hiking in the forest, all thoughts about the pressure of work or studies disappear. It’s very motivating to me. I’ve always found something new during the hikes, which brings me joy. Besides, hiking is very cost efficient.

He didn’t only want to enjoy the beautiful experiences himself, but to share them with others.

“I realized how much I’ve missed out during my 6 years of living in Finland. I wanted to capture those moments in video and share them with people who were like me.”

The chill vibes definitely come across in Truc’s videos, which have received great feedback and encouraging comments from the viewers.

“I have received a lot of valuable feedback as well as questions from people with whom I rarely talk to. It makes me very happy. Many encourage me to keep doing my work. Some even asked my advice for hiking and camping places. All that means a lot.”

Sports Tracker is a must-have in the hikes

Truc is an active tracker and says Sports Tracker is a must-have for every hiking trip.

I use it to track the routes I have been through and the calories I have burned. It’s also nice to see how much time we have spent on a certain route. Some routes may take longer than others because of the beautiful things we found on the way and had to stop and enjoy.

He appreciates the effortless usability of the Sports Tracker app and loves the fact he can use it for sharing the experience with others.

“The app is so easy to use, it takes less than 1 second to start tracking an activity. Then I will just leave the phone in my pocket and enjoy the hiking. I can share the routes that I have gone through in a certain place so my friends can follow and enjoy the landscapes as seen in my videos. A feature I’d love to see is the capability to add point-of-interest to the app. For example, a place where one can get water or just a shelter.”

Truc’s next adventure will be a hiking trip in Northern Sweden, where he wishes to challenge himself in new way.

“I have heard that the landscapes are amazing so I am looking forward to seeing it.”


Minna Kansikas – Lover of sports and new technologies

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