How to use Night Mode

Night runner and night mode
Sports Tracker Night Mode feature helps you at dark times.

Sports Tracker Night Mode feature is developed for iOS devices and helps you make nighttime workouts smoother and better than ever. The black background is designed to be easy on the eyes during nighttime exercising, so that you can check your stats without the headaches. Night mode also saves the battery so you can use the app longer.


Sports Tracker night mode


Here’s how Night Mode works:

  1. Go to Home screen.
  2. Start an activity.
  3. Choose the Night mode by taping the moon icon.
  4. Start your workout.
  5. After finishing your workout if you want to have “Day mode” back go to that moon icon and tap it again.


Sports Tracker team – sports tracking enthusiasts of Finland

Tip: If you need support with the app please contact our customer service.


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