New year, same awesome me – tips for a joyous sports year

2020 Sport year

Turn of the year is usually the time when people feel the pressure to start latest trend diets, set ambitious sports goals or commit to other kind of lifestyle changes. However, we in Sports Tracker encourage everyone to take a look at the past year and appreciate those moments when sports and moving your body brought you joy and lifted your spirit.

Whether you aim to keep going or want to start from the scratch, here are some tips for the upcoming year!

Find your own thing

In case you would like to find a new sports hobby, beginning of the year is the time to start looking. Explore what kind of courses, boot camps or events are arranged in the nearby area and join in! Often sports centers and other service providers offer free trial classes so try different options without having to make long term commitments. Joy of sports starts from finding your own thing!

Work out together

Sports is a great way to meet up with friends and family in the busy everyday life. Set up a day in the week when you go jogging together or take a dance class with your significant other. Social media is also a good platform for finding groups where you get to meet new people and socialize.

Remember the health benefits

Countless studies have approved how being active supports your physical and mental wellbeing. Abs are great but there are several other aspects you might want to focus on, such as enhancing cardiovascular endurance, releasing stress, gaining strength and getting more flexible. Also, moving your body in the middle of the workday is a great way to get more energy and avoid stiffness.

Track your progress

Obviously we in Sports Tracker encourage people to follow their progress and record the precious moments when taking time to take care of yourself.

How did I feel after working out a certain amount of times per week? Have my runs been longer than last month? Which were my favorite running routes? Use your sports diary to plan and organize and you’ll have more time to do what you actually enjoy!

Most of all we would like to wish everyone wonderful and active year 2020!


Minna Kansikas – Lover of sports and new technologies

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  1. Kenneth Arce Navarro

    Thank you sport tracker because you share whit me, running days.
    God bless You staff.

  2. AJ Flaman

    Wondering if you have a Canadian subsidiary? Would like to see one that doesn’t use an American designation. Let me know and I will join. Otherwise no thanks

    1. Sports Tracker

      Hi! Thanks for the feedback. If you mean the company we are a Finnish company and if you mean the tonality of Sports Tracker all feedback is always welcome!

  3. Leo Emmanuel

    Sport is feeling alive and kiking
    Have a very good 2019

  4. Anna

    Great advice, well put, and a lovely antidote to all the diet culture nonsense around at this time of year. (Really appreciate you not mentioning weight/size-reduction, thank you, applause.) Here’s to joy in movement!

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