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Adventure traveller Kate Middleton shares 5 tips to create your own personal adventure travel lifestyle.

Freediving, rock climbing, snowboarding, trail running and yoga, Kate Middleton (not the royal one married to Prince William) travels the world doing it all. She’s currently in Portugal, where she’s exploring trails and climbing. Before that she was doing the same on the island of Crete, and before that she ran a long distance hiking trail in the Scottish highlands.

Travelling the world for adventure in this way is relatively new for Kate. Prior to this she lived on Gili Trawangan, an island neighbouring Bali, for 10 years. There she ran a yoga and freediving school, and trained for competitive freediving competitions. She has won national freediving and world records. Why, you might be wondering, did she leave all that behind?

“It’s great living there if all I want to do is freedive and yoga,” she says. “I guess I accepted I’m one of these multi passionate people. I used to envy all the freedivers who were so monofocused and could put all of themselves into one sport. It’s just not me. I realised a lot of my passions are outside the island.”

Many of us dream of escaping our own figurative islands to experience something more exciting. We see the Instagram posts, feel the travel envy, and wonder if that could be us. But somehow we feel bound to stay on familiar shores.

“Familiar doesn’t necessarily mean healthy or enlivening,” Kate says. “I think it tends to mean convenient more than anything. Whereas adventure for me brings up newness. It’s experience that really makes me feel alive and heightened, and in touch with my human potential.”

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Here are Kate Middleton’s five tips to find your own personal adventure travel lifestyle.


1. Connect to your “why”

Take a long walk and think about what most inspires you about adventure travel. Search out what is really calling you. Try to be as specific as possible, rather than vague. “When I’m really clear on my why, then I’m alive with energy and enthusiasm,” Kate says. “That is a catalyst for me to take action, and it’s something I can come back to when I’m having moments of doubt.”

2. Start where you are

Never forget some of the best adventures you can have are in your own backyard. Sometimes you just need a bit of imagination to see them. You don’t have to travel to the other side of the planet the first time. Do stuff in your own region to get the ball rolling. “Start off with wicked weekend adventures,” Kate says. “Think of the coolest thing you could do in a weekend, that is only a few hours drive away, and do it. Fill up your weekends like that first and see what excites you. It will help to clarify your why.”

3. Keep the job (for now)

If you like your job Kate says it’s important to recognise that a nine-to-five and adventure travel can coexist. There’s no need to quit your job. “But if it feels like a drain and it’s going against what you really want to do then that’s when I would say go for it,” she says. “Just take the leap!”

4. Listen, read and learn

Follow people living the adventure travel lifestyle on social media. Listen to podcasts made by digital nomads where they discuss their lifestyle. Read adventure books. And conversely, tune out the naysayers. “There might be a lot of people who doubt you and who want to offer advice that goes against your dream of an alternative lifestyle,” Kate says. “Hold that lightly.”

5. Find your tribe

Meeting people and groups already doing a lot of adventure is bound to set a fire under you. Sport clubs, meetups, local adventure sport shops are all places worth visiting to get ideas and inspiration. “I personally love solo travel, but community can be really fun and exciting, too,” Kate says.

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