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We are releasing the long-waited routes features to the iOS version and at the same time, the Android version is being updated. Now you will have:

  • HeatmapsView the most popular roads, trails and tracks anywhere by activity type.
  • Route plannerTap or draw on a map to create the perfect run or ride beforehand.
  • Route followFollow your previous routes or try routes that your friends has created.
  • Route export, import and sharingExport your route as a GPX file to any GPX supporting device for example to your watch (Garmin, Suunto, Polar) or import your favourite route and share it with the world.

Remember to update your Sports Tracker app so that you can start discovering new routes!

How it works for iOS


Go to the Map screen, then tap the three squares on top right corner. Select a heatmap for an activity type. Now you can see the most used paths and might also discover some hidden gems.

Route planner

Go to the Map screen. Tap on the map to set a starting point. Tap the icon that has three lines. Select a routing that you want to use. Draw your route by tapping on the map until you are satisfied with your route. Tap the Done button, give your route a name and save it. You can also select heatmaps and browse most used paths and then draw a route top of the heatmap.  Save it and try your new route later!

Route follow

Start a new workout and tap the Routes icon. Select a route, adjust your activity type and press GO!

Route export & import

Go to the Map screen and press the three lines to see all your routes. Export your route by tapping the Share icon on the route. Select the device or channel you want to export. When you import a route from other services you can find it here at the Routes view.

How it works for Android


Go to the Explore screen, then Map tab, tap the three squares on top left corner. Select a Map type and Heatmap for an activity type. Now you can see the most used paths and might also discover some hidden gems.

Route planner

Go to the Explore screen, then Routes tab, press Plan a route and then select from the bottom bar the routing mode. If you want to plan your route based on heatmaps tap the three squares on top left corner and select a heatmap for an activity type. Now tap the map at that starting point where you want to begin your route. Continue drawing your route and when you are happy with it tap the green button, give a name to your route and save it. 

Route follow

Go to the Explore screen, then Routes tab, select a route that you have saved and tap that green follow route button. Or Start a workout from the Home screen, tap the Follow route category, select a route, press continue and start. You can also browse publicly shared or your friends routes and try them by following the route.

Route export & import

This feature will be available soon also for Android devices! Please follow the app updates.


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  1. Susheel Riyar

    The distance in the app is not telling the distance.

    1. Sports Tracker

      Hi. Could you please contact our support from the app settings so that we can help you better.

  2. Deian

    When following route it would be great if we have audio announcements for the direction – “turn right”, “turn left” etc. I use other app for audio announcements – RunGo, but I’d love to use just Sports Tracker.

    1. Sports Tracker


      Thanks for the feedback, will forward your request to our development team.

  3. Jacek

    How to save last, new run/route as the Route?

    1. Sports Tracker

      For iOS this is going to be possible but in Android you just need to go to the workout and start following the route.

  4. Peyman pirmoradi


  5. Mauri Kymäläinen

    Helpottaisi käyttämistä, jos netistä löytyisi video, missä opastetaan suomeksi sports trckerin käyttämistä ja ominaisuuksia. Toistaiseksi on mennyt ihan OK oivalluksen ja erehdyksen kautta.

    1. Sports Tracker


      Kiitos palautteesta! Laitamme toivettasi eteenpäin.

  6. Roman

    Great upgrade but with last update of android there are seveal points to be fixed othervise everything is useless.

    1. Buttons constantly get pressed while phone in my pocket due to forced background running or something.
    This means when I run and lock the phone screen the app constantly unlock the screen and buttons are being presed by mistake. App than stops, get paused… really annoying.

    I tried to used app lock screen but it doesnt lock all buttons… sorry to tell you but its frustrating to use your app now.

  7. Esko Illukka

    On sieltä ennenkin saanut ohjeita suomeksi.

  8. Esko Illukka

    Ei toimi puhelimessani Espanjassa, vaihdoin puhelimeni ennen espanjaan lähtöäni hawein P 20 prohon, eikä siinä toimi sport tracker, lopetin premium jäsenyyteni ainakin siksi aikaa kun se toimii, kun laitatte jotain ohjeita e pitää olla SUOMEKSI.

    1. Sports Tracker

      Moikka. Kiitos palautteesta. Täältä voisi löytyä apuja ongelmaan: Valitettavasti ohjeet on englanniksi.

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