Welcome to our new blog! (+new release is out now!)

So here it is. The much requested Sports Tracker blog!

We have wanted to launch this for a while now but the success of the app and the service took us by a bit of a surprise and we’ve quite literally had our hands full with just making sure everything runs smoothly and that we get all the kinks out of the system. It’s been quite an amazing 8 months since the launch of the new app :) Thanks for the ride thus far!

The role of this blog is to act as the central hub for the official  information related to the service and app releases as well as the planned updates and developments. Our Support Site will continue to be the best way to share your feedback, bug reports and ideas. Keep ’em coming :)

So to kick off that flow of information here’s the lowdown on the latest updates!

Web service update launched today

  • GPX import for importing data recorded with other devices
  • Heart rate support for workouts without GPS data (select Indoor to switch off the GPS)
  • Email notifications: Received and accepted friend invites, comments to your workouts, comments to workouts you commented and new shared workouts by friends
  • Settings for the Email notifications (in case the notifications aren’t your thing)

In addition to the new features we have also adressed a number of small bugs and jinks.

Minor Application update launching next week

  • GPX export to include heart rate data
  • Heart rate zone calculation fix (addressing this issue reported via our support site – thanks all!)

Have a great weekend everyone and try the latest web site release at sports-tracker.com!


Your Sports Tracker Team (& the Silverman)


  1. john p

    I just moved to the iPhone (corporate requirement) and miss my sports tracker badly. Any future for an iPhone app from you guys? With the bluetooth heart monitor?


  2. David

    Now please make a forum too.
    That way we could report bugs, suggest features, etc. or talk between each other.

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi David!

      Check http://support.sports-tracker.com and join the conversation! :)

  3. Teuvo Väisänen

    I like the program, works quite well with my N8.
    Few things to mention:
    – please check the formulas that calculate calories in a workout. I receive roughly twice as big amounts from Sports Tracker than other recources. 1 hour nordic walking gives 883 kCal in ST and many other resources say that 1 hour walking is about 250-550 kCal

    – more activities would be welcome or the one should be able to add your own and name them other than “Other 1” etc.

    – I’d really appreciate other phones support than Nokia too, it would be a bit more social that way.
    Maybe some extra feartures for Nokia’s but basic functionality to other brands too

    Otherwise nice, keep up

    1. Lars Mikkelsen

      Regarding the calculated calories, when using a heart rate device, much more realistic numbers (roughly the half for biking) is comming out in ST. Maybe the algoritme calculating the calories without using a heart rate device should be modified or able to be userdefined e.g. as userdefined calories/hour on each specific activity.

  4. francesconuma

    Wellcome ST Blog!
    Tried Import Function and works ok.
    I’m Also Very Happy to see the
    “”””Minor”””” update launching next week
    * GPX export to include heart rate data
    (I can’t believe :) )
    * Heart rate zone calculation fix
    Some trouble with the Connect with Facebook button in here (maybe a Facebook problem?)
    Very Happy for the developments.

    1. Francesco Umani

      Facebook Connect is now working

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  6. Clinton Jeff

    Way to go guys! I’ve been a huge fan since the very beginning :) Great to see y’all evolving so quickly.

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