Sports Tracker Santa presents: Xmas update

We decided to crunch in some updates to both the web service and the app to help you burn all the Xmas calories :)

Both updates are now live and the details can be found below. Try the latest web site release at To get the latest version of the app to you device just launch Sports Tracker, click ‘Accept’ and the update will be downloaded and installed automatically.

Updates to the mobile app

  • heart rate data added to GPX export
  • heart rate zone calculation fix

Fixes to the web service

  • bug fix: map type selection (map, satellite, hybrid, terrain) was not persistent from session to session
  • bug fix: GPS import with heart rate data, max heart rate was 1 bpm too high
  • bug fix: extra front page map loading removed when logging in
  • bug fix: fixes to comments editing
  • other minor tweaks

Have a great Christmas, a fantastic New Year and thanks for the past year everyone – it’s been hectic but in one word amazing!

Your Sports Tracker team

p.s. We’re only getting started so stick around for some exciting stuff in 2011…


  1. evai284a

    article writing is somewhat dull, it’s always definitely worth the time frame that you will devote.

  2. Tepeviott

    I located your blog and get recently been looking at along. I spotted a variety of unusual commentary, nevertheless in most cases My partner and i clearly believe the different rewiewers are saying. Witnessing a lot of nicegreat assessments of this web site, I assumed i would probably furthermore jump in in addition to tell you that I really loved looking over this post. Thus consider this might generate my own very first opinion: “I assume you might have produced some really interesting factors. Not really more and more people would in fact think about this the method that you just did. I’m just truly impressed that there are a great deal about this subject that were revealed so you achieved it thus effectively, with the much class!”

  3. heiunphuncso85

    Features Thank you for all of what man.

  4. Harry

    I cannot get my update on my phone

  5. Alan Wright

    i know you wont like this but ive found a place online that sells the polar bluetooth a little bit cheaper £54 shipping the up took 1 day works brilliant i would recommend get a hr monitor

  6. Joaquin Rodriguez

    Para cuando en español please

  7. Laurent


    Could you tell us why the Polar WearLink®+transmitter is only available in bluetooth and at such a high price (2 X) compare to the normal Polar Wearlink, and only on your site (I didn’t find it in web sports shops) …?

    Despite this, I really love your product and I am happy see nokia catching up with the iPhone.
    When will you get a link with RunKeeper users …?
    At least geographically … we are not against running with iPhone users (It seems there is a greater number of them!!!) :o))

    Yours truly,


  8. Juanjo

    Please, sportstracker in other languages, spanish please.

    In sesion data agree acumulated desnivel.


    Good work!!

  9. Gantulga

    Also, track back function on mobile app would be great! and the heading (bearing) information shown as a compass is highly appreciated.

    Regards Gantulga

    1. Jussi Solja

      Thanks for the idea! Please add it to our Support / Development community at to make sure it makes it to our roadmap :)

      /jussi – ST Team

  10. Gantulga

    I need the heart rate monitor. please help me ship it over to Mongolia.

    Regards Gantulga

  11. David

    Thanks for the update!
    I’m thinking in buying the hr monitor in February.

    Some suggestions for the web:
    (1) Option to export the workouts just like the mobile app (dat, gpx, etc)
    (2) Get rid of flash where possible. It just slows down the browsing and besides some mobile phones have trouble with flash.
    (3) Add options to batch process the workouts: e.g. setting all selected workouts to “Private”.

    And for the mobile app:
    (1) Translations to other languages.
    (2) Option to download your workouts from the website to the phone (in case you formatted the card and lost all of them).
    (3) Option to use OpenCycleMap when cycling.
    (4) Pre-download map data of your region over wifi (without having to pan/zoom over a map). Just select an area and download all detail levels.
    (5) Update map data more often (I contribute to OSM regularly and found the maps of ST very outdated).
    (6) Surprise me! :)

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi David!

      Thanks for the long list of ideas! Please add them all (some of which might already be added by other users = you can add your vote for them!) to our Support / Development community at That way you’ll help us to keep all the ideas you guys have organized and prioritized :)

  12. Wayne

    Bravo! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the GPX export with HRM data. I also noticed that my 5800XM syncs up much more reliably with my HR transmitter than previous releases. Good work, team!

  13. Peter Marko

    certificate error. contact the application supplier

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  15. sandro

    great software..the best!! i have buy a n8 (after n78)only for keep in touch whit you sportracker!

  16. Daniel Bacelar Pena


    Thanks for Xmas updates!!

    I have a little problem.. My first City in “My Settings” was Valencia(SPAIN). I recently changed it, now is Santa Cruz de Tenerife(SPAIN), but the “my friends” map still shows me as Valencia. Is there any way of changing it?

    Merry Christmas!!

    1. Jussi Solja

      Hi Daniel!

      Could you report your issue to our Support Community at so that we can get our support-team to help you out!


      – Jussi / Team ST

  17. Bert

    Great Program! Never ever stop ;)

    1. Jussi Solja

      No we won’t :) Thanks!

  18. Clodomiro

    Auguri di Buon Natale e felice Anno Nuovo.
    Buon lavoro.

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