Mobile app update: Italian & Finnish languages + bugfixes (naturally)

What a start to a new year…our Support Site is buzzing with great ideas and feedback, the Sports Tracker Facebook Page (Hope you Like us already!) is getting more and more comments and more and more trackers are joining the “ST Team” and sharing their workouts via Sports Tracker. It feels good – and for that we owe a big thank you to all of you!

Let’s keep it up…we’ve got a feeling that 2011 will be a big year… ;)

Sports Tracker v. 4.12 update

As usual we have been busy putting together updates for you guys and this time it’s the mobile app’s turn to get some new features and bug fixes:

  • Kicking off the localization of ST with language support for Italian and Finnish!
  • Support for a memory card in devices with large mass memory (e: drive) such as N8 and C7. This also fixes photo scanning from the memory card in such devices. Bug reported by Filo Filippo via our Support Site (thanks and sorry that it took this long to solve and fix!)
  • Numerous other small bugfixes

Keep the feedback coming and don’t lose hope if we don’t reply immediately – we read everything and try our best to respond as soon as possible to all requests / bug reports / ideas!

How to get the update: As usual launch Sports Tracker on your device and accept the update when prompted to get the new version of the app. Sports Tracker detects the language setting of your phone and will automatically switch to Italian or Finnish where applicable. The updated app will also be added to Ovi Store within the next 4-5 days.

Your friendly neighborhood Sports Tracker Team

p.s. Stay tuned for another post later this week…we need your help with something… :)


  1. google

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  2. Renato Lima Santos

    when for the patch with portuguese (BR) language ???

    quando teremos um pacote com a linguagem em portugues do Brasil?


    para cuando se va ha poder importar rutas de otros usuarios en nuestro terminal. seria lo unico que le falta a esta aplicacion , por lo demas es de las mejores, simplemente el poder importar un track, gpx o kml, para que se pueda seguir la ruta por encima.

  4. antonio

    Os recomiendo el emisor de pulsaciones bluetouch conectado a nokia, es muy completo.

  5. Jeremy Rouot


    Your website are lying about the compatibles mobiles !
    The nokia 6700 slide doesn”t support Sport tracker.

    1. Alan Westwood

      Not really true, Jeremy. Sports Tracker will run on the 6700s, but you will need an external gps because you phone doesn’t have an internal unit. There are some posts in the support site on this subject.

  6. Didier Verlet

    when for the patch with french language ???

  7. Charly

    I own a Nokia N95 8GB (S60v3) and the distance calculation is still inaccurate. It’s about 20% more than it should be. Has anyone the same problem? Other apps in the same phone work OK!

  8. szzpd2

    Pero hay algún pack para Español o todavía se está a la espera ???

  9. Karl Johan Olsson

    Sports Tracker for Android? When?

    1. Antti

      I did ask Android version end of January. No reply. When is Android version with Polar heart monitor available?


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  11. Jean-Marc Lang

    l’icone de l’accus ( à coté pulsation du coeur )n’apparait pas chez moi ?
    Personnellement je trouve qu’il ne manque qu’une chose à Sports-Traker,c’est le calcul du cumul de dénivelé,le D+ en plus éventuellement du D-.
    Bonne continuation.
    Merci ^_^
    The icone of batteries (in quoted(esteemed) pulsation of the heart) does not appear at home?
    Personally I find that Sports-Traker misses only a thing(matter), it is the calculation of the accumulation of made uneven, D + in more possibly of D-.
    Good continuation.
    Thank you ^ _ ^

  12. Davide Bologna

    Fantastic program!! But i have a problem.. My mobile (Nokia 5230) is only in english and russian languages. I actually use it with english language, but i’d like to use SPORT TRACKER in Italian. I saw an update last week with italian language, but i can’t find a setting where i can switch the language. It’s ok if i have it in english, but i prefer to have it in italian :D



  13. Jorge

    Why the new release doesn’t have route Route as an option?

  14. Juanjo

    In spanish please, and if its posible, calculate in cycling – acumulative increases –

  15. Gus

    Creo que la traduccion al spanish es cuestion de pocos dias. Segum veo en la web de soporte: spanish will be first. Pero primero han hecho italiano y finlandes

  16. Antti


    When you guys are going to support Android phones. I’m looking for HTC or Samsumg touch phones and I would like to use Sports tracker with them? Does Polar heart rate monitor work with these phones?


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  18. stefanosera

    Is it possible that if your first version of SP was below of 4.0, the uptade (4.12) don t work and the ap will be unusable?

  19. Marcos

    Para cuando en Español. No puedo introducir los datos de las pulsaciones en mis sesiones. Podría ayudarme algien????

  20. Mark

    Seems like a solid update otherwise but application icon is now missing from Task Manager. Cheers!

  21. Paul


    I agree with Jani. IMHO development efforts should go to fixing issues and improving functionality.

    The social aspects of the app is good, but secondary to what is the real purpose of it, which is get fit, and train better.

  22. Robin Kluth

    Nice, but other language-packs would be very usefull :P

    Maybe in the near future?

  23. broko

    Espero con interes la traduccion en español

  24. fjtorreira

    Para cuando en españo, y tomando ruta patron comparar sobre la marcha si mejoramos o empeoramos el entreno

  25. Filo Filippo

    it is working in half, a short workout, 2 pictures, both recognized on phone, only 1 uploaded to service (instead of 2), but upload was successfully completed on phone-side…

  26. David

    Wonderful news!
    If you want to support Spanish I can do the translation in no time. Just send me the strings in English together with some context (i.e. Where the string does appear).
    I’ve translated open source apps before in my free time.
    Or alternatively you can open a forum discussion with the strings to be translated and we (the users) can send you new translations. That way you don’t need to bother developers with such mundane tasks and they could focus on the really important things. I’m sure people will gladly help.

  27. Satoshi Numa

    Waiting for the Brazilian Portuguese version.

  28. javi

    para cuando una version en español?

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  30. Jean-Marc Lang

    Bravo super boulot .

    Personnellement je trouve qu’il ne manque qu’une chose à Sports-Traker,c’est le calcul du cumul de dénivelé,le D+ en plus éventuellement du D-.
    Bonne continuation.
    Merci ^_^

    1. Didier Verlet

      il manque une autre chose !!…….c’est de le mettre en language “Francais”……

      @+ que le monde est petit avec “sport tracker”

  31. Filo Filippo

    thank you guys, i’ll try it tomorrow!

  32. Jani

    I have to say that I see localization as waste of time :P Italians can learn English, and next there’s going to be French and German languages, I think.

    You could use that time to make ST app better. With kind of simple changes. Having possibly to put limits to HR/speed which would vibrate/play sound when being over/under given limits.

    Also having somekind of vibrate/sound in specified intervals would be great, intervals being distance or time.

    Those should be editable on the fly also, but without on the fly editing they still would be better for me than localizations :)

    I’ll hope to see those in next update!

    1. Sérgio Luiz

      Having possibly to put limits to HR/speed which would vibrate/play sound when being over/under given limits.

      YES PLEASE!!!!!!

      and the option to select a specific sound for over/under HR…

  33. Seph Swain

    You guys rock so much!
    Without Sports Tracker, it’s genuine and playish look & feel, it’s easy sharing capabilities and it’s video game attitude I would have never accomplished so much in 2010. And it will be even more in 2011.
    I owe you one.

    Thanks STrackies!

    1. Francesco Umani

      Grazie mille per il rilascio della versione italiana.
      Thanks you all guys for this release. Keep working on.

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